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  1. I was wondering, if a previous rapist or murderer or zalim(abuser) (already Muslim, not revert/convert) dies in the forces fighting for Muslims, or dies and they knew they were going to die but did anyways for the sake of Allah or Islam (some people are ready to give up their lives for religion and Allah but don’t give up their very bias views and/or accept the wrong acts they committed in accordance to those views). What would happen to that person? According to normal views, all previous sins are forgiven, but isn’t that injustice with the abused? The same question for the non Muslims turned Muslims. Things that they did that harmed others severely during the time they were non Muslims, if God says that all previous sins are forgiven, how does he balance out the injustice being done to the victims?
  2. AOA, I was thinking of writing down places in the world i'd love to visit; it came to my mind that why not asking people of the certain areas! So, what's the most visited or most popular city in your country (open to suggestions of people living in the countries at the time, and of your own home countries). Can't wait to hear from you all! Jazakallah Khair
  3. Zellali

    Prophets of dark complexion?

    ya i guessed that. but i mean as in genetically dark.
  4. Zellali

    What is your Academic Stance?

    I just finished highschool, and now im going to what you can call college. I'm going to persue engineering, though im still unsure which field im going to choose.
  5. Assalamo alaikum, I was wondering whether there were any Prophets that were black or of very dark colour? If there were, who they were, and how do we know for sure about the colours. Also, what about the prominent Prophets, such as Hazrat Isa (A.S.), Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.), and others, what complexion where they of? It's just a general curiosity, and I'm not targeting any sensitive topics or such, just want to gain some knowledge because as i've grown being taught about such personalities, but for some odd reason i'd only think of them as white or fair prophets, i guess its just how we've been wired to think, even as children, even though i don't remember my parents or teachers ever specifying such a thing. Looking forward to all the feedback,
  6. Zellali

    How old are you?

    im 17 nearly 18 in a few months
  7. @Ashvazdanghe thank you so much!!!
  8. AOA @starlight i dont know about others but I've heard Ammar Nakhwani is not really someone who should be taken seriously on all the topics he covers. I do agree that some things he has explained and talked about are correct, however ive heard some things are not. Just like the tattoo topic, which i do think is a bit controversial since temporary tattoos are not allowed accordning to the sayings he takes support from and ive always thought, isnt henna just that? although i do agree , islam al-org is amazing!
  9. AOA, i just wanted to know if anyone could recommend any good shia scholars videos, or channels, in english. i'm trying to learn more about my religion, and hope that you'll all comment some good ways i can expand my knowledge. i will be learning through reading the Holy Quran, and Najul Balagha, but also wanted to listen to some good meaningful lectures, or short videos, you know how theres 'mercifulservant' and 'theprophetspath; on youtube. Are there any shia based channels like this? They make short videos and tell beautiful stories and very nicely relate things to tell about the topic they choose. Thank for the help in advance!! Jazakallah Khair <3
  10. i was wondering why The Ahlulbayt TV videos dont have as much recognition as it should, since it is very informative, gives opinions on almost most major and minor issues? i dont see as many views nor comments,you know? it even has life story videos, that can be motivating and helpful for different careers or things people would like to do in their life https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChPH7BL0XBUytQCq7KYaqlA
  11. I was in a really helpless place, and couldn’t stop crying after holding a very strong front for what seemed to feel like a very long time. I started asking Allah for mercy and help, and started repeating “Ya Rehman Ya Rahim” After a while I realised I’d suddenly calmed down, completely. But then everythint struck me again and I started crying again, and started repeating the words again. Once again suddenly, it felt as if suddenly I was completely okay. That there was nothing to worry about, and I dont even know how to explain it. It was like I couldn’t cry any more because as if there was nothing to cry about. It was so beautiful, and indescribable
  12. Zellali

    Recite Fatiha

    So sad to hear Inna lilahe wa inna elahai rajeoon. May Allah grant her one of the highest places in Jannah.
  13. @rkazmi33 sorry about the misunderstanding, I was just trying to highlight that even if my dad can and does financially support us, my mom helps a lot in making that support look bigger. Im Kazmi too haha that’s why I was wondering. Insh’Allah I will go out. My brothers don’t know what he accuses her of. She’s just been telling them it’s how he is because it’s how he was raised. Everytime her and I talk about it, she tells me to quiet down as if she’ll be embarrassed or his saying will degrade Her in front of my brothers. I dont know. He always compares me to other excellent students, and while I may not know what goes in their lives wholly, you know you can just tell by the certain freedom give to them or a certain carefreeness they have around themselves that they’re not in such an environment that their studies would be affected. Alhamdullilah things have gotten much better today. See, now I just feel bad that I posted this because he’s being so nice to everyone. It’s like we’re in a rollercoster ride, one moment we’re exhilarated and the next we want to puke. Anyways, thank you so so much for all your advice. InshAllah things will be better soon.
  14. I know my mother would be as well. But she can’t financially support use as much. Right now he may have financial issues but it’s not like he never brings anything. Sometimes he brings more than expected. It’s just that it’s not a stable thing, and he knows that but he doesn’t know how to overcome it (because jobs here can’t pay for the expenses our family has, even if we cut down on them, unless you’re in a very high level job or business).