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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Once I was about to walk into the wrong path, actually thrice, and every single time the thing would be delayed for absolutely stupid reasons. Once I even just sat down and cried that what the hell is happening, not even ten days later I realized, it was God's plan.
  2. I agree, I very much dislike the first advice about treating men like clothes. I think what she meanr to convey was that don't put too mucu effort into someone who you'd end up moving past thr next month. But the way you replied is honestly so rude. So, she can't have opinions on who she would like to get married to? She should just get married to the next guy that shows up because they both have the same focus: Day of Judgement, even though they don’t have anything else in common? She'll make it work only because she's thinking about what will happen on the day of Judgement if she gets a separation or divorce and so she sticks to someone she's not happy with? I understand where you were trying to come from, but everything doesn't have to involve the Day of Judgement. She's not choosing someone with non Islamic qualities, so I don't understand why you have to put her down so much. Other than that, Guest Interstellar, just a reminder to keep in mind that he is religious. If he's a good religious guy, who wont push you into religion (if you're not thay religious) but you will eventually naturally feel the need to be more religious because of how he is, then he's a good guy. Looks do play a part, and I'd tell you to walk carefully through this process and to not let looks get to you before the personality once you do sit down and start chatting. May Allah help you in this journey. Ameen
  3. @Sirius_Bright can you please open the link and also answer about other things he has written?
  4. There was a post that caught my eye, and as I went on to read posts, another one talked continuously about how horrendously the Qur'an wants Muslims to treat non Muslims, especially Hindus (polythiests) so I replied with the same chapter of the Qur'an to clear any misconceptions for others reading. Then the Hindu (priest from the information) went on to ask about further detail about the attrocities of Islam on its followers (since I also expanded my answer to showing how merciful Allah is) https://www.quora.com/Can-I-read-the-Holy-Qur'an-as-a-Hindu-without-any-intentions-of-converting/answer/Rami-Sivan?ch=10&share=d8fd28af&srid=j4EH0j4EH0 Well, he's not exactly a friend, but imagine he is. He's been answering very calmly and friendly, and I would like to answer the same way, so please don't show any hostility in the replies below. The only reply below this post is of mine, so the one he has replied to in return is me as well. I haven't yet revealed to him that I am a Shia, and so triple talaq is out of the question, however for the rest I don't feel that as a teenager I am well reversed enough to reply. Can someone please educate me more, with references to The Qur'an and Sunnah (maybe Nahjul Balagha as well) so that I can answer these questions truthfully and clear the misconceptions. Thank you!
  5. Aoa I've een looking for the past half an hour and maybe I can't find the right word. Please guide me. Jazakallah Khair
  6. Gosh this is so annoying. What the hell does it mean the country stops the woman from divorce? That's ridiculous. It's a right from Allah, not government. This is why Islam is viewed so disrespectfully. Again, I'm sorry for the situation you are in maybe one day one of you kids can grow up and take your mom to another country and get a citizenship, and then file for divorce through that government?
  7. It should be, shouldn't it? But it's not. Not where I live at least, and never in my family.
  8. I agree. This sounds very wholesome and true. I believe that it is an agenda. However there's a pressure to never leave here, "till marriage". And honestly that messes it up for alot of young women. Also the situation where it's like your a cattle(women) in between hyenas (men) is impossible to over turn unless we stand up for it together. But I don't see that changing in the next decade either. I'm from the south east.
  9. Exactly the same here. I'm from Pakistan but this situation can also be related to other South Asian or even Western countries where Muslims live.
  10. Kind of made me laugh. From Pakistan. By magic I don't mean Hocus pocus. But I think you know what I mean when I wrote what he said. Exactly. It's so easy to say, ignore them. Be patient. For what? Till they stop saying " I fear Allah and that's only the reason why I don't go further, or else" and actually end up finishing 'or else'? Thank you. For understanding.
  11. 1. Yes I know. I couldn't do it here anyways. It was a very emotional and quick decision to think of such a solution but I couldn't ever carry out with it. Mainly because of the reasons you've named. 2. Nope. We live in one of the best cities of the country and I don't have any close relatives in the other major cities. 3. Yes. I have been ignoring. For 18 years. It's so easy to say "let them handle it" it's what my best friend tells me. It's not easy to see your mother's reputation be dragged through the mud by someone who you look like, by someone whose own flesh and blood you are. It's not easy to see her walk out of the washroom pretending she didn't just silently cry her heart out in there. It's not easy to see her do everything right, and much Much much much more, and still be treated like a donkey. Even they're respected and given rewards. All she's given is pain. He does this openly infront of us, what does he do behind closed doors? 4. Yes I have time. I always have time. Please post it
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