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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You make very valid points about the soul as my point was figurative, however I don't think you would need to have a high profound , spiritual.... to have the love in your heart so when if there be a time we need to fight for the right of islam. That it is simple we fight and if that means dying for it. The. So be it. I just honeslty don't understand you pray to Allah don't you? you love your religion don't you ? In the time of our Imams normal people gave there life's up. Don't take this out of context, I'm not saying we're in the times of our Imams. We're in the 21st century isn't that even more of a reason to be willing to fight in the of Islam as there is so much blasphemy about Islam. Now the odds of there being a fight is rare but everyday we bear the greatness on our shoulders we are put ourselfs on the map. We are wearing a target and this just an example, don't quote me on this saying this sister is saying wearing is like doing in the name of Allah. I'm just saying its one of the ways we are fighting the evils out there against islam. As for dying for ur Lord, why would you not ? With a Lord so Amazing as ours how could we not ? You may also bear my sword against me and say you are on here asking such and such you are no where near that position. Not saying that you will just in case you do, Im on here because I trust the words of my brothers and sisters in Islam. I want to guarantee that what I've chosen in my mind ( to remove myself ) is what the brothers and sisters say. This is our Ummah. Brother is not only directed towards you, I'm just tired of trying to answer the same things for everyone. So inshallah that answers the divergent path this queire brought up.
  2. Not immgration just the matter of the situation I guess. I think the whole change from going through this whole journey has made my heart weak. However it is true that many woman are very indecisive as I learnt from a lecture I listened to. So what I was feeling at the time is truly just normal. I mean I have spoken to him but it's not the same as when your face to face. I didn't think/want to separate there is no need to. I just need reassurance as to how to deal with this and surly I have delt with it. Thanks to helpful people here.
  3. Oh thank you for the explanation, in that case no I haven't done that. So yeah cultural I'm just engaged then.
  4. Hello, yes I completely understand what your saying. However, as you may know there is 2 main types of speech are used in English. Literal and figurative, I'm using figurative language as in I wish/ am exaggerating. How can you say that no one on this entire forum has love like that?
  5. Need I repeat myself? Thanks.
  6. I think you're jumping to conclusions here without any type of basis or answer. I'm not saying that I'm leaving my husband or that I wanna go with "some random dude." Aren't you being abit too forward in your response to someone else's post? Aren't we taught in Islam to not judge without knowing ? I appreciate your involvement . However, it really saddens me to read this and think about someone who might actually be going through something similar or even worse and be affected by our post. I say our because we all do it maybe unintentionally but we do it. Thank you.
  7. Salam sister, I think your first question is quite irrelevant to this but if it makes people understand then no I didnt do anything but I guess admire from a far kind of thing. As I answered before we live in different countries because of occupancy. I kinda could agree with you as the western society is quite you know open and what not. I had no such thought of leaving my husband so your advice on separation from the non mahram was very good i just I needed some reassurance/ guidance as it's not a topic you can easily speak about to anyone. Definitely will try those when we are together. Thank you very much.
  8. No brother this doesnt offend me what so ever. In fact I feel greatful that I have met such a amazing man like my husband. Honestly speaking if I were also in this mentioned position I would want to leave. Slowly but surely by Allah's guidance I'm building my Iman and my character so thank you for your input. It is definitely be helpful.
  9. Um... I don't know what ruksati means. In terms of doing my nikkah. I did my nikkah but didn't stay there for that long. Yes Alhummdulillah he is a very loving man and I'm blessed by Allah. Of course I am a, I meaning hopefully everyone would be right ?
  10. Yeah I guess I just didn't think it was necessary to state such a thing but if it's important . It's because we reside in different countries due to our occupations. I would like to be with him but our schedules do not really mesh well. Inshallah this year I will stay there for a longer time. Thank you sharing your thoughts.
  11. Thank you so much sister. I love it when sisters stick up for each other especially when times are rough. Even though you may not know the whole story. May Allah bless you with happiness and luck throughout your life.❤️
  12. Hello there sisters and brothers, I'm a fellow sister who is in the dark right now. I love Allah with all my heart and soul and wish nothing but for his blessings. However I am in a bit of a conundrum right now as this topic is very touchy and quite unusual. Please do try to understand that I'm looking for solutions so I would appreciate if you would not attack me. I don't know what else I am supposed to do at this point in time. 2 years ago I had my nikha done with this man that is wonderful. However I really don't know what changed in my heart but after leaving for overseas my actions became regretful to me. Ever since I have not talked to him and have fallen in love with someone else who is a non Muslim. My thoughts of wrong doing has been consuming me and I'm not so sure what I should be doing at this point. If any brothers and sister could give me possible advice as to how I should approach this. Thanks.
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