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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As I know you have to cover your awrah when performing Salah (and of course whenever you’re surrounded by non-maharams) and I even think that you have to cover your whole feet and arms as well. The awrah for a man is from between his navel to under the knee, which means that you have to cover your knees. If I’m wrong then please educate me. Otherwise to be sure you could just search after where the awrah for the man is. On the other hand for the tucking part I don’t really know. I’ve tbh never heard of it. And with tucking your hair does it mean to tie it up with a hair tie? As I understood the reference was referring to tucking your clothes while praying which will show your skin? If so then yes because you shall not expose your body skin/awrah while praying.
  2. Salam alaykum sisters and brothers and Ramadan Kareem! Yesterday I found out methods of Istikhara and how to perform it by doing tasbeeh (counting beads with a rosary). I performed the same night the same method given out by imam Al Mahdi (A.S) and the first time I got an answer telling me to do it (what is on my mind). I performed again (the same method) after and it instead said to not do it. I then a few minutes after performed another method given out by another imam (A.S) which I forgot whom it was and my answer came out to be to do it. And now a day later i performed istikhara a few times with the different methods by different imams and some of the answers were to not do it while others were to do it. I then performed the istikhara given out by prophet Muhammad (A.S) which you get an answer from by opening the Quran after following some other steps and then seeing which sentence you get. I don’t remember which sentence/verse I got but if I would translate it to an answer I would say the answer were to not do it or like to not do something without Allah allowing it. I’m now very confused, shall I do the thing in my mind or not. I don’t remember if I got “do it” most or “do not do it” most. But I think I got “do it” maybe one or two times more than to not do it. Please if anyone knows what you shall do (based on knowledges) can you please advise me? And please brothers and sisters avoiding telling me to not do it only to be on the safe zone because I really want to make my decision but of course seek Allah the almighty’s knowledge and permission first. Jazakhum Allah Khayr o3alaykum alsalam o rahmat Allah o barakato! Here is the link to where all the methods that I performed are: http://www.duas.org/istikhara.htm
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