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  1. Would you go to the gym with your wife/sister/mother? How comfortable would you be? I know some religious people that don't like the idea of women going to the gym. If your that type of a person would you mind the ladies going with you?
  2. Alaykum Salam, Weather it's your mother, wife, or sister or anyone else they have to stand at some distance X behind you. Left side is recommended but not Wajib. Allahu A'lam ~ Office of Sh. Ali Heidar
  3. - Buy them an Islamic movie called "313". Its kinda cheesy but it works - Buy them a prayer mat with their favorite artwork embedded on it - Buy them a shooting video game. Every time they kill someone tell them it's Sheitan. Good intentions count right? - Buy them Islamic books - Buy them calligraphy pens and ask them to draw Islamic calligraphy but yeah
  4. Dude I love your profile image.

    1. Wholehearted Shi'a

      Wholehearted Shi'a

      Thanks friend, I like your profile image as well.

  5. Here's what I did in school: During finals I had a whole 2 weeks off. I slept during the day and woke up all night studying. This was by far the most effective method. There's a saying that a Mu'min is a lion on day and a monk at night. Well I reversed it. The key is coffee. Drink plenty of coffee at night time. People will tell you not to drink coffee. Forget them. Drink plenty of it. I know this defeats the whole purpose of fasting (feeling pain of hunger to remember the day of judgement) but hey at least you're going by Ahkam rules.
  6. I thought guys and girls are all equal. Didn't we just have a conversation on feminism? Jokes aside, I think it all depends. My experience (flipped): Back in high school I once politely rejected a girl that terribly loved me. She would freaken write notes and give them to my brother to pass on to me. It was super awkward. She thought I was too shy to admit it. But I never had a feeling for her. As an obedient servant of God, I could not tolerate the painful punishment of hellfire so I immediately rejected. Actually the real reason why I rejected her was because 1. I wasn't attracted to her and 2. My dad would kick my behind real hard had I entered the relationship. Mostly 2. But yeah she was bummed. But to be honest I felt really "cool" deep inside. I felt like I was the king of all kings... Rejecting a lady. But yeah.
  7. Because it brings them closer to their God. It makes them spiritual and enlightened. It boosts their Taqwa. Sheitan is their God so it all works out.
  8. Brother, the key is confidence. A little bit of confidence mixed with a pinch of charm will go a long way. You'll have sisters running behind you in no time.
  9. Sister, you can't just look at the definition. When you talk about feminism, most people don't think of it in terms of definition. They think of the movement. You gotta look at the entire movement and where it stands today. Even secular non-Muslims have lost their respect to the movement. Are they all misogynists? No. They just don't agree with the movement. You don't have control over terms like that. For example, there's this Iranian terrorist organization "Mujahideen-e-Khalq". By definition it sounds great. But it's not so great. "Taliban", by definition, is beautiful. But it's a terrorist organization. Same thing with "Islamic State". Which Muslim doesn't want a proper, peaceful Islamic State? But nobody likes "ISIS". You're getting upset with terms. Ummm that's like saying "Alex is gay... He's happy.". Sure but most people think of "homosexuality" when they hear the word "gay". Again, you're getting all caught up with words and terms here. Most people in the world don't think of ISIS when they hear Islam. Sure a few potheads here and there will. But most people don't. Islam as a movement is still legit. Feminism as a movement is not. Because radical feminism has consumed the entire movement. Many former feminists themselves no longer like to associate themselves with the movement. Modern feminism sucks. That girl from Harry Potter... nope. Not buying into her ideology. The biggest problem with feminism is that they don't have a system of Wilayah. That's where it contradicts with Islam. Islam has a notion of Wilayah. A man is a Wali of his wife. A father is a Wali of his children. An Imam is a Wali of the believers. Unfortunately, feminism doesn't have that concept. Men these days are so feminine that women won't accept them Walis anymore.
  10. You cannot compare salaries of two different nations. Not even two different states within the same nation. Engineers in California, for example, get paid a lot more than Engineers in Oklahoma. Location, location location. There are several factors that determine salaries of an occupation. Productivity, supply and demand, and many more factors. Again, if a billion dollar corporation needs someone to manage their assets, they're going to hire someone that can do the job - and they're willing to pay that person a lot of money. How come surgeons get paid so much more than nurses? The owner of the hospital is not stupid to throw away cash for nothing. They're making calculated decisions. As I mentioned in my previously, government shouldn't be super powerful for a good free market model to exist. This isn't corporation's fault. It's the government's fault. If you allow government to make every kind of decision, then obviously the guys with a lot of money will use government's power to get things done. You should be pointing fingers at corrupt politicians and powerful governments - not corporations that simply take advantage of status quo (why wouldn't they?). Brother, this article fails to answer the fundamental point: Total number of people in a given household has been decreasing over time. Let's suppose that an average family of 6 (household) were making $100,000 (adjusted for inflation) 20 years ago. Let's suppose that today a family of 3 (household) make $70,000. That seems worst than income stagnation! Thats $30K less than 20 years ago! But guess what? You're counting the entire household. Individually, people are making much more today than ever. People have more purchasing power today than 20 years ago. It makes much more sense to compare individual income than to compare household income. Don't fall into these potheads that want to make the world look gloomy. The fact is - most people move up and down from the income brackets over time. It's rare that an entire population stays in the same income bracket forever. Young and inexperienced people typically start in the lower income bracket and then increase as they gain more experience in the workforce. People living in poverty line today are much better off than people living in poverty line 20 years ago. You're pessimistic about our economy. Cheer up - the world has never been better off economically! I used to ask myself that all the time until I read an intro to economy book that changed my perspective. Theoretically it sounds great to give out free education and healthcare to everyone. But intention does not always result in the expected outcome. When you fill the belly of schools and healthcare system to provide free services for everyone, why would they care to innovate? I know this is off-topic but take a look at Nasa vs SpaceX. The amount of accomplishment that SpaceX has done in the short period of time is unbelievable. What about failed non-military projects like Solyndra? Anything that governments do sucks compared to what private corporations can do. If they're going to do anything, let them do what private corporations can't - and shouldn't - do. The government has been giving student loans and etc to these morons that major in useless topics like "gender studies" or "international culture". They end up flipping burgers at McDonalds. Half of these majors are utterly useless and don't necessarily provide jobs to graduates. First, why should the government fund people to study something that will have no impact on the economy what-so-ever? Second, these universities will never lower the price simply because they are guaranteed money from the government. Why should they lower their price due to competition if they know that everyone will get free money from the government? Now what will happen if these loans turn into free money? Well... instead of students paying for the money after 20 years of flipping burgers and driving Uber, the government will pay for it. That still means that Universities will continue milking money from the government. That's still a waste of money. Solution: Government should stop giving out loans, period. They should stay out of education. Then see what happens. Universities will be forced to lower their fees because students can no longer ring Uncle Sam's doorbell to pay for the education. Then Universities will start competing and will actually change their programs to provide practical education for people to enter workforce. You'll have a lot less potheads in the world. Sorry buddy, but Marg bar Amrika. I love the corporations that provide high quality iPads and beautiful laptops. I hate the government that makes people stand in terrible DMV lines and submit a thousand documents to start a small business - and bombs innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan. India protected their automobile industry for a long time and look what happened. Their cars sucked. Then when they opened foreign companies to compete thats when innovation took off. Tata is now one of the most powerful companies in the world. They sell just about anything. The best way for the government to help people is to stop sleeping with the corporations. Let'm compete yo. For every one company that bloomed due to government's protection I can name a thousand other companies that doomed because of that. Look at the sugar industry in America. It's so expensive to buy real sugar because of price floors. No wonder why all these companies use High Fructose Corn Syrup in their drinks. If governments stopped protecting these sugar people then it would've been dirt cheap. I agree that there hasn't been cases that governments did not protect businesses. But that still doesn't make it right - economically. That's wrong. I'm not going to comment on that because it's going to lead us to another long discussion but read this.
  11. My favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93ynejPCHss
  12. Dear sister Hameedeh, the noble lady of ShiaChat. The mother of ShiaChat believers.

    This humble servant of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى is asking for a small favor. If possible, please communicate with the Leader of ShiaChat to allow an upgrade for my insignificant account so that I may ask private Ahkam questions to Mu'mineen in this website.

    Your kindness, generosity, love, and motherliness will not allow you to reject the small favor of this humble of Allah. May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى bless you and grant you the highest Maqam of A'rifeen.

    Your little brother/son (if you're old enough), Ali

    1. Hameedeh


      @Ali Heidar You have 15 posts now. Only 10 to go. Sorry, you can't get special treatment. 

  13. Dear brother Khadim uz Zahra Al-Moderator Al-Skull Al-Dark One with 2,791 points of excellence,

    I seek refuge in Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى from the evil Sheitan. I begin in the name of the most High. The One that created mankind. The One that shall immortal humans to hell or heaven. He is the creator of the best of the best, and the worst of the worst. He created both Imam Khamenei (hfz) and the evil Al-Trump, guardian of Ale-Saud. He shall send the former to heaven, and the latter to hell.

    May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى bestow His blessings onto you and your family. Oh Moderator of Moderators. Oh leader of thecurrent.wordpress.com. I implore you to accept a small request. Your generosity and kindness will not allow you to reject the request of this humble servant of God.

    Dear Moderator ibn Nabi Adam,

    I implore you to upgrade the status of this humble, unworthy, and insignificant member to a rank that will allow me to send private messages to the believers of ShiaChat. I've been using ShiaChat since 2005 without an account. I was stateless. After long hours of contemplation I decided to join this website and become part of the Great Cause. When I was a kid 13 years ago, I used to visit Shiachat to read Ahkam questions for kids reaching Buloogh. I didn't have anyone to guide me so I resorted to ShiaChat. Now that I am old enough (well over the age of 20), I feel that I have now reached to an age where I can directly communicate with brothers and ask them Ahkam questions privately.

    From what I understand, the rule is to post 25 messages. I, an unworthy servant of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, am not able to satisfy that number quick enough to be able to get my questions answered. Therefore, I ask you to kindly accept this small favor so that Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى may add more of His blessings onto you and your family.

    Wassalamun Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

    - Your little brother, Ali

    1. Khadim uz Zahra

      Khadim uz Zahra

      I must say, you are really, really good at flattery.

      However, the rules about posting were put into place for a very good reason and I can't really circumvent the rules. If you're looking to ask ahkam questions, you can ask them here. Only I can see what you post here and I'll answer your question. If you don't want me to answer your questions and wish to specifically address someone, then I can act as a messenger between the two of you.

      Beyond that, I can't much help you. Plus, you're only 11 posts away from the target, which is not a very large number at all.

  14. I mean to show this video. Jesus Christ why am I not able to see edit buttons.
  15. Did anyone else see this video? The comments were hilarious.
  16. Brother there are tons of Moulanas in Bangalore. Just to go Masjid Al-Askari and ask the Moulana there.
  17. ^ I mean "You can read the translation along with the Arabic recitation.
  18. You get thawab for reciting the Qu'ran even if you don't understand it. You can read the translation along with the translation.
  19. Salam Ms. Moderator. How do I send messages to people? It's saying that I have 0 messages left to send.

    1. Khadim uz Zahra

      Khadim uz Zahra

      You can't send messages until you have 25 approved posts. In order to get to that number, please refrain from spamming the forums with one word, or one-line responses as they will most likely not be approved. Use the forum normally, and responsibly, and you'll get to the 25 posts yardstick in no time.

  20. If you're a founder of a $10B company and want to bring in a CEO to manage billions of dollars, you're going to look hard to find that person. There simply aren't too many talented CEOs in the world. I'm sure you wouldn't mind paying that CEO millions of dollars to manage billions of dollars. Sure millions of dollars can be a thousand times more than what an engineer at the company might make -- but the engineer also had a choice to pursue a different path to become a CEO. Wages are simply an indirect result of productivity + supply and demand. In America (and perhaps the world), there are way more janitors, secretaries, engineers, and etc than great CEOs. So to hire that CEO you're gonna have to pay a lot of money. But since your company needs a world class talented business guy to handle large amount of money, you're willing to throw the guy tons of money. As a software engineer at a startup, I'm making 5x more money than the technician that fixes our computers. He works a lot harder than I do. Is that fair? Well there simply are a lot more technicians than software engineers -- so the hiring team is willing to give me 5x more money to do the job. I was just throwing out a random example to demonstrate that economic equality doesn't - and shouldn't - exist. It's simply a result of different choices that people make. Household income stagnation is nothing but a myth. The average number of people living in one more 50 years ago was a lot larger than today. You can't compare the two. You gotta look at other factors to determine the progress of a nation. On average, Americans have a much higher standard of living than 15+ years ago. Most countries have better standard of living than 15 years ago. Income stagnation is a myth that liberals like to throw out to make the world look depressing. None of the economists believe in that theory. Why is the student debt so high? Because the government wants to help students go to universities without having to worry about paying fees. What's the result of that? Universities receive cash from the government all the time. So what's the incentive for universities to compete, innovate, and bring down the costs? None. The government has their back. Same applies to health insurance. So what's the solution? Government should stay out and let the people decide. People aren't stupid. Socialism is the idea that people are too stupid to make good decisions. In reality it's a lot better for individuals to decide for themselves than the government deciding for them. Look what happened in Soviet Russia. My parents grew up in poverty. They had to work hard to get here. When my dad came to the States, he had nothing but $500 in his pocket. He worked hard, sent his kids to school, and now he's benefiting in retirement. Believe me, hard work pays. In a developed country like United States, there's really no excuse. Sure, there are many cases where people genuinely get poor and have no way out. But for most people living here, that's not how it works. Nowadays you can rent out your room or drive Uber or work at McDonalds to eat. That's actually a big deal because 20 years ago you couldn't do that. You can argue and say that the money you get from Uber or McDonlands doesn't contribute to a "livable wage" (whatever that's supposed to mean). But again, hard work counts. Norway and Finland's population combined < 11 million. That's around 27% of California's population. Ask an average American if he wants to live in Norway or Finland. They won't hesitate but to say here. You can have the best welfare system in the world, but quality always triumphs "free stuff". I rather pay for great service than get crappy products. It gets better in a free market. You pay a little for a great product. Unfortunately because of pot head liberals in America its really difficult to have great health and education. They want the government to pay it all. United States - although the best example of a free market - is still not implementing what it can because of these liberals that don't understand economy. Politicians like Bernie Sanders just want more votes from the left so they're willing to destroy to economy to get their votes. I agree. That's why we shouldn't let the government get so powerful. There would be no need for corporations to sleep in bed with the government if the government is so powerful. Government should stay focused on what they're good at doing. Protection their people and build beautiful roads. The US government has become so fat that it's really hard to start a business now compared to 15 years ago. Again, I'm not sure where you got that from. Most American families own a car. A lot of people have bad spending habits too. They want to buy a fancy car they can't afford so they rack up their credit card bills and cry about it. Again, household income stagnation is nothing but a myth. -- I know I sound like someone obsessed with America but believe me I'm not. I have a big picture of Rahbar in my home and always chant "Marg bar Amrica" after my prayers (a habit I developed while living in Iran as a Howzah student). I used to think that capitalism is a poison. In some ways it is. But if you extract the economic aspect of capitalism then it's actually wonderful. Look how it transformed poor countries. Look at Hong Kong and other Asian places.
  21. Mexican food recipes with Middle Eastern twist!!
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