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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Put salt in the water when boiling eggs so the shells come off easily
  2. I recommend you do a quick google search on any terms you are wanting to discuss to ensure you understand what they actually mean. Classic example of not doing your research is this post. Thanks eloquence for helping him understand.
  3. If you're asking superstition wise, as in "is this person born on 10th Muharram doomed for the rest of their life because they were born on a day when our Imam was martyred?", then let me tell you, there is no factual basis for this kind of causation. I hope people aren't treated differently because they happened to be born on some day that coincides with another event.
  4. Brahhh, you don't need to know details and specifics, but if your wife wants to talk about it with you, then you should be willing to listen. Also, your point about not buying her pads but buying her roses is the exact problem I have with your mindset bro. You're just not willing to talk about those things with your wife, and want to brush the whole idea of it under the rug.
  5. I'm not saying knowing these things will make or break a marriage, but it's more your attitude towards things like this. You choose to be oblivious and ignorant about certain topics, and not for a valid reason. For example, you could say I didn't find sex ed enjoyable because it affected my goal of abstaining from watching porn. But instead you choose not to engage in such topics because you find them useless. Your attitude towards women's issues put you in this position about having to make a thread to warn guys not to judge women who are eating during Ramadan, and to be honest, I read your post assuming you were 13-15 years old. You may not be interested in these topics, but being open minded about things relating to basic biology will make you more knowledgeable and less judgmental (if it comes to that). Also, change your attitude so your wife feels comfortable around you when she's on her period rather than having to be awkward about it/reinforce the whole "periods being shameful" aspect that is quite prevalent in our culture.
  6. I created an account just to reply to this thread. Your comments about you not needing to know about menstrual cycles, and you finding sex ed weak because you won't have a use for it in your future are a few of the most problematic things I have come across about our culture. I am a man but I find that it is my duty to be well-informed, especially on topics that relate to half the world's population (more or less, depending on what the current sex ratio is in the world), just so I don't remain ignorant of what's going on and point fingers at people for things that should be common knowledge. I know menstrual cycles are an incredibly taboo topic in our culture, but you will definitely come across it if/when you're married, and without a doubt you will be confronted by some of the sex-ed content that you find irrelevant for your life. I really hope you change your outlook on such topics, because by how it currently sounds, it doesn't seem like your wife will feel very comfortable sharing things with you.
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