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  1. Asslam o alaikum everyone.i am 27 years old and my partner is 37. I had muta with him 6 months ago for two years. i met this guy we fell in love and everything looked so charming.He drinks, and does drugs and does not pray and keep fast. In start these things didnt bother me because i was also not very clean. I drank n took drugs with him sometime.. But later on when i quit my job i tried to be a good person.this guy always wanted to know my past. I was emotionally tortured and blackmailed to reveal my past life and i did so later on he used my past mistakes and weaknesses to torture me. Day by day he told me am a bad girl. And he is very pure.. Although he isnt. I know him very well since i have been living with him for more than six months now. All love from my heart has gone.but he still says that he loves me and never wants to leave me.i moved from pakistan to malaysia left my job and started praying and asked touba for my past life. He still is the same person. He told my family that i am his mankuha.didnt tell about muta as considered inappropriate in our society. I dont want to live with this man anymore as i feel he is just using me and insecure because he is not well educated and good looking. And he cannot make love in proper way without taking drugs. Although i dont demand sexually anything. But he feels complex himself.. He has another wife and 3 kids.I feel unsafe with him. My future is not secure. He has also physically abused me and bowed me to his knees when he is drunk. After his this new face which was not seen in start i started to became cold hearted and now i dont feel anything but i am always scared about my future if i leave him my family is not going to accept me the way it was. And i dont want to work anymore. And i have no legal rights of being his wife. He is rich but cannot give me much if i leave him.please i need your suggestions and help. Jazak Allah