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  1. Is possible see this picture and don’t cry?
  2. Assalamu Alayka ya Fatimah bint Rasulullah Az-Zahra, assalamu alayka ya Sayyeda An-Nisa'I al'alameen. Assalamu alayka ya habibt almustafah as-sadiqah al-kabiraa. I received a good Shia book from Kuwait called: فاطمة بين النبوة و الإمامة
  3. I think it keeps growing very fast, but ummah here is still small, like 1,5 million of Muslims here.
  4. Sayyed_Splinter

    Your favourite national anthem?

    Well, I think the anthem of my own country, Brazil.
  5. Sayyed_Splinter


    What are the rewards for who recites salawat (according to hadiths of Ahlul Bayt [ع] )? Please if possible, cite sources.
  6. I know Redha Shirazi (RH) almost became a marja, but was killed. So, who is the next marja (of family Shirazi)?
  7. Sayyed_Splinter

    Who is the next marja in the family Shirazi?

    sure brother, but I mean, someone know who will be the next great scholar of this great family? When the current, Sadiq Shirazi (ha) is no longer among us.
  8. Sayyed_Splinter

    Yajuj Majuj/Barrier: Location Discovered

    Lol no, my grandfather was a freemason, mason means bricklayer, free bricklayers. Its because of the society's origins.
  9. Like a khorasani, you have to explain, Tawhidi doesnt have something with Shirazi (ha). Everyone can visit Syyed Sadiq (ha), and to be honest, before "Imam tawhidi" looks more a smart guy, but in the end, he is just a stupid takfiri and doesnt have akhlaq, like yasser alhabib. Sayyed Sadiq reject these guys.
  10. I'm a example. Im brazilian, and when I converted to Islam, I became Sunni, but with some months I became a Shia.
  11. Sayyed_Splinter

    Who is the next marja in the family Shirazi?

    I think we could now close the ruffles, and get straight to the point, I still hope for a serious response, not insults or indirectly to myself or to my marja, that's foolish. I really appreciate @2Timeless @Khadim uz Zahra and @Abu Nur for helping me to back to the main ask. I just want know who is the next Great Scholar of Family Shirazi.
  12. Sayyed_Splinter

    How become a Mujtahid?

    I have a doubt, and I know that to become a mujtahid we have to join a hawza, but I want know what subjects does a student go deep in? and how old does it take to become a mujtahid?
  13. Sayyed_Splinter

    How become a Mujtahid?

    don’t mix discord with the subject, discord is something that I want forget. U're defending him just because of his ideology. He is chasing me just to insult my marja.
  14. Sayyed_Splinter

    How become a Mujtahid?

    @Ashvazdanghe "Yes of course". The most amazing thing is that you are the only one who is using answers to change the subject and criticize my marja. It is unfortunate that someone like you wasted so much time thinking that your non-recognition of the marjaeiat of Sadiq Shirazi (ha) is important to me
  15. Sayyed_Splinter

    #57 How is Your Diet?

    Is it diet?
  16. Sayyed_Splinter

    How become a Mujtahid?

    @Ashvazdanghe Stop insulting my marja. If you do not like him, stay away from my questions, and look for something useful to do instead of creating struggles in shiachat. I do not like Khamenei, and still I don’t have to chase you with insults and ironic jokes.
  17. Sayyed_Splinter

    How become a Mujtahid?

    Yes shirazis are maraji, they studied in Hawza of Iraq and/or Kuwait
  18. Sayyed_Splinter

    How become a Mujtahid?

    stop with this insults, please. Im sure Khamenei (ha) never teach this.
  19. you're being unfair to the interpretation, simply means that the Imam Mahdi (ajtfs) will be very old, but as a young man under 40
  20. Sayyed_Splinter

    Who is the next marja in the family Shirazi?

    Ok, but I mean, in family Shirazi (ha), always have a marja, like a family habitude or tradition, the current marja of shirazi family is Sadiq Shirazi, I just want know who is the next to become a marja (great ayatullah) in that family.
  21. Sayyed_Splinter

    The Prophet did sujud on soil

    The source is Ighaathat ul-Lahfan fi Masaa'id Ash-Shaytaan is a true book "anti-bid'ah" , Sunni book. It says in the page 218: "and the Prophet (sawa) never prayed on any rug, and no one gave him any rug to pray. And he did sujud on Earth, stones, or soil. " And on the page 268: "and he(the Prophet [sawa]) prayed with his forehead on soil" So, brothers and sisters, praying with forehead on any rug is bid'ah, and praying with forehead on soil/Earth/stone is the right way of sujud.
  22. Sayyed_Splinter

    Who is the next marja in the family Shirazi?

    Well, I mean, the family of Muhammad Shirazi, always a member of the family becomes a prominent marja. The current is Sadiq Hussaini Shirazi (HA). And Redha Shirazi (RH) should be the next marja, but he was killed.
  23. Sayyed_Splinter

    Server discord

    Invite link: https://discord.gg/EEyehqg
  24. What do you think about Hezbollah/Hizbullah?