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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. One is in lahore is in thokar niaz baig . . . Also known as "Jailaa'n wali sarkar"
  2. Salam . . . as i always try to explain in my posts that i am just a beginner in research on shiasm in the search of truth as i will never want to hurt someone's feeling at any level and if you find anything hurtful from my side i apologies in advance as my intention is just to know and learn + please avoid my bad english as well as i am not too good in it . . . so the question that i mostly asked about is MATAM . . . yes i do know that EVERY human being will cry after listening to masaaib of Karbala and after that . . . but i am unable to understand the current form of matam . . . beaten urself in deep grief looks fine to me but the way people do matam in sub-continent is it good? is there any hadiths about it?
  3. Thats exactly what i want answer for . . . Even in sunnis why even a man want a "murshid" to teach them religion and spirituality while we have Quran and hadith and the guidance of people of the house of the prophet? and for more why a shia would do that like them when there are some strict riwayaat against sufism? And one care-taker of mausoleum behave like a "murshid" and do bayt type of stuff like sunnis do? I dont think that is acceptave is shiasm so what are they representing?
  4. 1 mausoleum is in Lahore, Pakistan of the buzurg Hazrat Ghulam Haider . . . 2nd is in Sahiwal, Pakistan famous as Dar -e-Abbas named Syed Masoom Ali Shah . . I have personally being on these two mausoleum for attending Majalis and azadari that make sure to me that these buzurgs related to shia school of thought + there is an nationally known mausoleum in Sehwan, Sindh, Pakistan of a buzurg famous as Lal Shahbaz Qalandar and he is a well respected buzurg in sub-continent by sunnis and shias both . . .
  5. But i have seen some mausoleums of shia buzurgs ( atleast 2 that i remember just on local level ) like the sunnis build for sufis . . . How will you see this?
  6. ofcourse it was not an open session + i didnt hear anything till yet about celebration on the day of death of the enemies of Ahlul Bayt SAW . . . do they celebrate openly?? and does it happens in specific countries???
  7. Salam . . . i want to know that is there is any concept of Sufism in Shiasm as well??? if yes what are the steps of it?
  8. Thanks alot brother . . . This will help in many matters . . ..
  9. I think it does matter . . . You cant say this as an argument to someone as i said i have to answer someone about this as standing of shia point of view + they will quote bunch of hadiths from sunni refetences that shows that ayesha was on a high rank on piety
  10. W Salam . . . And in this context maybe we can add that thats why all of them didnt have any biological children from the Prophet SAW? Except hazrat Khadija SAW? Because these all marriages was to establish ties amongs the tribes OR the people want to give their daughters in the Nikah of the Prophet SAW so that this can be beneficial for them in the world and in Qiyamah too???
  11. Salam . . . Normally i belong to a sunni school of thought and doing a bit research about Shiasm in the search to find the truth as i can see flaws in sunni hadiths and in other things . . . the questions i ask here are those which i want to be answered + questions that people ask me so here is the another one . . . what were the reasons and circumstances that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) got married with ayesha according to Shia references ???
  12. Salam . . . i want to know from shias aspects that what is the reasons of Imam Mahdi's Major Occultation ??
  13. lol its just destroy the whole thing in "HIJAB" . . . islam does allow women to work with keeping the hijab on . . . but why one will have to breast feed men to work among so called mehrams??? Islam gives you a whole of life style in it and i didnt find any commandments of islam which goes against logic as well . .. so whatever i will find illogical in their so called FATWAS i will be throw it on wall . . .
  14. KnoXbar


    So there is no quran available now that Imam Ali (as) offered at that time?
  15. Salam . . . why does the Quran is not in his revealing position?? like we all know that the 1st ayat that was revealed was from Surah Alaq . . . then why it is in the present form???
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