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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Secret mut'a is permissible but in my opinion it badly affects the nikah. If this man is not happy with his wife he shoul divorce, if not I don't see why he shouldn't share everything with his wife. In some nikah's contract the wife must give her consent for mut'a or other nikah, and I think it's fair. By the way I have nothing against mut'a, I just think secrets have no place between two persons who are supposed to love each other, not for a matter of 'control' but for a matter of 'respect'.
  2. Salam, I have also a very bad relationship with my parents and this makes me sad. Just as you say, the result is a mutual indifference. I'm 44 years old so not a girl and I don't live with them anymore, still I didn't find a way to handle this situation. Nothing special happened between us, I can't say they are angry or worried or that they disapprove me. I feel they don't understand me and this from a very long time, since when I was a child, maybe 10 years old. They are not muslims and don't like the fact I am, but they didn't oppose to that - even because I revert about 30 so it would have been ridicolous. Sadly I know it isn't easy to go there talking kindly and it's very hard to give them a hug, almost impossible. I don't write here to give you an advice but because I would like to get one me too. What can we do? We have to pray for this specific thing, askying god to make it easier to open our hearts to them again. Then I think we have to start from ourselves, changing our way with them. It has become a pattern and we have to break it, without shocking them but firmly. Maybe we should tell them: "Mom (for me mom and dad) I know we didn't have a good relationship so far but I want to change it, probably it's my fault and I want to do my part." No matter how this started but we have to state our will to change it. We should tell them the main problem we have, for you the loud tone of voice maybe or the polemical or judging attitude. Another thing could be, as suggested by our sister Hameedeh to ask them how can we confort them, to ask about their prblem and let them know we care. Because we do care but we are used to ignore them to be no hurt, right? Well, if someone have a good advice for this, I'm also definitely interested. Being kind with parents is important!
  3. Ramadan is painful for me this year but I learnt something at least. Now I see how wrong I am. I thought I was right just because I used to give less importance to the wrong things I do and more to the wrong things I don't do but popular among others. It isn't between you and the others: it's between you and yourself (or you and god that's the same). Wrong things are not wronger because avoiding them is easier for me, nor less wrong because I'm used to them and find them hard to avoid.Oh god bless me with your guidance! sisters and brothers please pray for me!
  4. Salam... it's a long story. In short I'm lonely, my heart is all broken, but I believe with Rumi that "the wound where the light gets in" so... I'm sad because I still can't understand what god wants by me. I'm praying for its guidance.
  5. Living in Italy I can relate with your experience. I'm wearing my hijab - that I absolutely love - but not always. People living in islamic countries can't probably understand how wearing an hijab in Europe or USA can expose you to a real danger, continous discrimination and moreover make you the target of unwanted attention. A modest clothing and a normal scarf here it's already regarded like something weird. Hijab is not just to cover, in each religion the top of the head is considered sacred and covered or shaved, especially during worshipping. This is the mystical meaning of hijab. When you get it you are fine with it. My advise is: don't force yourself: it would be like fasting without praying. Step by step, you'll get there inshallah.
  6. Bismillah Assalam alaikum Can you suggest me any links to the text (in English, French or Italian) of the Quaran commentary by Mullah Sadra? I only find articles about him or small part of his book. Thank you
  7. Bismillah. Salam alaikum and ramadan kareem. Sorry for the belated reply but for ramadan I'm trying to limitate my use of socisl media and phone in general. I am glad to share how I got back to Islam. I am a moral philosophy scholar so I studied almost all religions and read almost all holy books. I have never been Christian in spite as a child I have been in the Catholic Church as the most of Italians: I used to tell the priest I believe god is just one and Jesus was a saint but absolutely not a 'son" and that basically all people got a messager with the god's teaching. Growing up I thought I was happy with my philosophy and didn't need a religion. When I first read the Quran I felt it was just my book, still I didn't get muslim yet. In 2004 I went to Iran for an international political mission, shi'a spirituality really stroke me but again as a cultural fact. Some years later I was going through a very painful situation, I wad so stressed I couldn't sleep and my back was aching all the time. One night I had a dream. I am a little shy in sharing it but I think here it's the right place. I dreamt the Prophet Muhammad as ! He was sitting on the edge of my bed and he said: "Stop moving like a fly in a glass. The way out is there but if you don't stop you won't find it." I woke up and suddenly my bank was fine, a deep peace was in my soul. I am muslim since that mashallah! I feel really blessed even if I'm still on the way and sometimes I feel sad.... but that is another story.
  8. Salam and thank you for your warm welcome. I will take part for sure inshallah, I am glad to share with fellow brothers and sisters because here I feel a little isolate. I reverted to Islam in 2004 so it has been a ling time, but sadly I can't fast as I suffer from a severe anemia. I asked Sistani office and they said it would be haram for me a complete fast. I love Ramadan too much so my fast is about other than food and each year I read all the Quran. This year hopefully I will find more suggestions on this beautiful forum
  9. Salam and thank you. I know both these associations and sometimes I attend events in Roma, but I would like to find or create a shia community also in my city. I will try inshallah ☺
  10. Salam alaikum brothers and sisters Is there anyone from Firenze, my home town? I used to attend the Islamic center in piazza dei ciompi but shi'a are not exactly welcome...
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