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  1. I don't think by women, it means the gender. I think it's the evil doers of the world.
  2. That's a good question. Not everything that involves risks and money is gambling. For example, opening a business.
  3. How I see it is that knowledge is just facts and intellect is how that knowledge is used. For example seeing patterns in those facts or what do they mean in relation to other things.
  4. Good points guys. Another interesting fact is that the Jews expected the name of the Messiah to be "Emmanuel" and that's one of the reasons Jesus was rejected by the Jews.
  5. What does a high tech lumberjack do?... He logs on
  6. Hahaha don't worry about it. You are not a cannibal.
  7. I would say yes but we also should take responsibility as well. If I speed and get a ticket, that's my fault, I was speeding. But if I apply to many jobs and try my best at the interviews and get shutdown but finally land a really good job, then we know that God was protecting us from those other jobs. I guess a point to take away from all this is to look to the future and be not near sighted and give up because of current struggles.
  8. Cold showers are really good for you. It can be hard at first but you'll adjust. Start warm and slowly decrease temperature. https://www.medicaldaily.com/benefits-cold-showers-7-reasons-why-taking-cool-showers-good-your-health-289524 Everyone is batteling something in their life and I'm sure that you can overcome this. I'm not saying it's easy, specially because we are bombarded by these messages in ads, songs, media and peers. A good place to start would be your own thoughts and the outcome of these activities. Remind yourself of the emptiness you feel afterwards. If you have an urge, just tell yourself that it doesn't last forever and if you ignore it, it will pass but if you dwell on it then it'll get harder and harder (no pun intended) All the best.
  9. Oh okay. Maybe I misunderstood. Sometimes I hear Persians saying "doroud bar shoma"
  10. Doroud is very old Persian, rarely used these days.
  11. najis means dirty? Just wash it again with clean water then.
  12. I don't know the quote but it makes sense. It I recorded multiple times in the Quran that God does not like excess and waste. For example:
  13. At least in the western world, it's more accommodating to people with disabilities. There are sports and other programs tailored for them. They even help them find jobs. In extreme cases, they have a companion to take care of them.
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