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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. W/a I don't know if I can advise but I can just say that I am in a similar yet different position as your sister. I wonder if she's the oldest in the fam? I am the oldest, but alhamdulilah, no pressure from anyone and actually no talks of marriage which is quite great. One has to figure out what they want in life first. Do you want to go to med school and practice-- that's awesome. Do you want to start a family early-- that's your choice as well. Also one must never forget the Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) is the best of planners. I personally enjoy not knowing about the future an
  2. I've always wondered how Muslims in those countries deal with that? Is it even more awkward than what Americans have to deal with?
  3. Great replies. As far as contacting interviewers directly at least in health profession settings, they do not notify you on who's going to interview you unfortunately. Also wearing gloves does seem kind of awkward as usually I see people take their gloves off (winter etc.) before shaking someones hand (it may imply that someones hands are dirty thus I wear gloves etc.. of course that would not be the reason why one wears the gloves but people make assumptions.) . But I certainly understand that when ones a doc for example they should certainly wear gloves before examining patients
  4. Salam everyone: I am interested to hear your experiences during interviews and the like where a person of opposite gender extends their hand to shake. I usually apologize and place my hand near my chest and with a slight bow I say "Sorry, I can't shake hands due to religious reasons". Is that response sufficient nowadays? What about for interviewing for health professions where people who don't know about Islam will think that if I can't shake hands, then how can I treat patients? I have consistently wondered that if jobs/careers/health professions etc. endorse diversity in their mi
  5. True, in HS they had uniforms of shorts and shirts, but I would wear sweats, long shirts, and long sleeves---> quite modest in my opinion. I still play soccer, but I don't need to wear leggings, shorts or whatever to play like Mo Salah. . In all honesty it is possible to play soccer in a dress too, but for basketball idk. I wouldn't do swimming of course in public.
  6. Yes that's is a good thing. Sports etc. is very good in my opinion-- advocating for human health etc. I am quite proud of that, but not advocating makeup, seriously :P
  7. Surprisingly, I am in the same year. Nothing wrong to take time off its called "gap year" in the states. As a "futuremedstudent" they seem to keep instilling all students to take a gap year to explore the world or whatever (fundamentally to develop as a wise person). I think of it as wanting to take a gap year. In my opinion though I would take a gap year after graduation but that might be useless if one does not graduate (due to whatever reason). Double major/ minor? Backup plans is a good idea of which I do not have one other than gap year . Or open a business as a hobby using computer engin
  8. I'll be lying if I said I know 100% of anything. That girl in of itself is not promoting fasad- that is a bit absurd-- the ideology is promoting fasad-- the notion that anyone can choose what to make permissible and what is not permissible is fasad. I definitely understand that you are confused which is completely alright, by all means I understand why you are confused because in reality everything is confusing. I question a lot of things, but when given facts and logical evidence I become sound. It is not good to stay confused forever. I would never tell people what is the proper hijab b
  9. One is not forced to become a "hijabi". There is no compulsion in religion there is Quranic evidence to back that up. If one does not want to wear hijab their choice. As for equating to fasad-- yes of course. There are so called Muslims causing trouble around the world because they call themselves Muslims-- even though any rational person would not think of them to be Muslim. Fasad or corruption in English terms can be something really simple or huge, because simple issues rise to larger issues-- that is overall the concept of corruption. There are actually you tube videos online where people
  10. Interested to know what your interests are in academia/ line of work! Personally I study science as a Futuremedstudent
  11. That is also possible, it is actually best to study oneself and find the truth. But, I hold in believing in experts or I wouldn't study years to become a doctor if no one took my word for anything.
  12. These are certainly good questions and iA the ones that will lead you to the correct path as well. Please check out this link: http://www.islamquest.net/en/archive/question/fa1078. Of course there are probably many more sources for more info on this. A questioning nature is great is we should all reflect and follow the correct path iA. Edit: the best analogy I found here is that people always go to experts for whatever cause; if for medical reason one goes to a doctor and I presume people take their word for it.
  13. Don't think that I don't know about drugs and mental illness-- that is my specialty and i'm not going there. My point was made.
  14. First research how corruption starts look into history then you will know. Do you think Islam benefits in any way whatsoever in this matter? Is it not oppressive that silent Muslim women out there are unable to publicize what their version of hijab is? This particular contestant is exercising power and oppression over other Muslim women to act like her to be successful and that is what tyranny is. It sets standards for what other Muslim women should act and be like which the majority of Muslim women disagree with if I must say so myself.
  15. Partly right, the offensive aspect is on point. Although, I believe it promotes western's ideology of fasad though that is my personal opinion--as I have previous explained in past posts. Fasad could be subjective for people with differences in beliefs so I would not oust people on it.
  16. That is right. Anything can really be called into question of ones faith in reality. I did repeat many times that judging is bad. And of course a lot of people including myself have done stupid stuff but at least not publicize for the whole world to get influenced by it. There is a reason why Allah swt sends down tests. Reflection never hurt anyone and if anything that model should reflect on what she has done-- agree?
  17. Same thing no matter how trivial something seems. The concept of tyranny and corruption is there. You know what if it was not publicized I don't think anyone would give a danish.
  18. If an action is wrong it certainly brings up the question of ones faith. I'll bring an analogy : like Saddam does wrong actions, so we "accuse" him of his faith which is quite legitimate I would say. If someone does haram drugs I would question their faith etc. and so on. It is common sense. I would definitley not consider that slander. The last thing people would want to do is damage ones reputation for no reason. One can't keep a shiny reputation for long if they do wrong actions. EDIT: This of course applies to both men and women. Not just Muslim women
  19. This is because "There is a whole other discrepancy on what is right and wrong and I get that and we can all live our lives with whatever we believe is right and wrong". There is also " universal things such as avoid slander, gossip, etc and there are those fine lines". That is a fine line I would say and part of the discrepancy of what constitutes right or wrong. Not my call.
  20. I don't think in any posts I have said fasid-- go proofread my posts if you will. EDIT: or any demeaning thing for that matter
  21. Again, I agree with what you said. I actually do not know how to go about correcting such issues. As for how we know before crossing those dangerous thresholds--only Allah knows I guess. There are universal things such as avoid slander, gossip, etc and there are those fine lines.
  22. Alright, I see your point now, to acknowledge wrong doings with prayers-- alright makes sense I get that. Now we are on the same page EDIT: for future readers; there is a difference between belittling others and finding faults and acknowledging wrong doings. One can definitely pray for others to get on the straight path- nothing wrong with that- but first acknowledge what is wrong and pray for them. I did see some comments especially by some members here who commented on her "beauty" etc. that is by no means guiding people to the straight path. That is actually offensive too. But,
  23. Did you think I was focusing on the model this whole time? Like I previously said, I could care less-- this is about the future. and the Future is a greater issue in my opinion.
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