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    NoorFatima got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in Al-arabiya: Iran Closed Down Abu Lulu "shrine"   
    Personally speaking, I don’t think that Shrine ever belonged to Baba Shoja3, as history shows, he was executed for his ‘crime’ – The Sunnis Arabs of the Gulf (I’m excluding Kuwait here) are among the most racist, uneducated and idiotic Sunnis I have ever come across, keep on spreading this lie that the man ‘escaped’ by the help of the…..you guessed it, the Jews, to Iran.
    They are the ones who are unreasonable, uneducated, and stupid (since they are de-voided of critical analysis since birth) – After all, we close down A mythical Shrines because they whine like children while they destroy the Prophet’s heritage without a pip from ‘The Islamic Republic’, and the ‘Protector of Shiism’, our beloved Iran.
    Perhaps we need some Anti-Sunni radical Wali who actually can give the Pan-Arabist Sunnis the Middle finger.
    My ‘La’na thons’ take place as I weep before the Holy Gates of Al-Baqee, as I lament its destruction, and lament its control by the true children of Apes and Pigs, the Wahhabis.
  2. Completely Agree
    NoorFatima got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in Al-arabiya: Iran Closed Down Abu Lulu "shrine"   
    I don't think that Shrine ever belonged to Ba Ba Shoja3 Al-Deen Abu Lou Lou Al-Fayrozi - If he escaped after killing Umar, one only thinks of how exactly he escaped from Arabia to Kashan?
    Could it be an inside-job by the Sahaba?
    An interesting thought :angel:
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    NoorFatima got a reaction from Inaayah in Ayatollah Sistani and Wilayat-e-Faqih   
    You're welcome 3enee BBK :)
    This concept was firstly Suggested by Ayatollah Muhammad Muhammad Al-Shirazi; and later elaborated and firmly explained by his grandson; Ayatollah Muhammad Al-Shirazi in his book "Al-Hukoma Al-Islamiya wa Waliay Al-Faqeeh" which basically says that a consensus of the most knowledgeable Fuqaha'a should form a council that over looks the practices of the elected body and make sure that all religious and social needs are meet by the Holy Qur'an and Holy Sunna.
    The official powers of governmental functions are in the hands of the President and the elected Majlis; but as soon as Islam or its laws (which should be founded within the legislation of the country) are broken; the ruling council of Fuqaha'a interferes. Such violations could include government decay within its officials, the denial of democracy and freedom of self expression through peaceful and respectable means, violent excess of force against the people ...and so on (it's a long list and I can't remember all of them).
    The council also doesn't embody the rights of the Prophet, or inherits his rights in any way (as it is so in the model of Ayatollah AlKhomeini) and that is why a body of Fuqaha'a rules instead of just one man.
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    NoorFatima got a reaction from Sirius_Bright in umar's incident with Fatima a.s. and other points   

    I believe I have been quite for some time, and I would love to challenge the concept that the attack never took place, not only so, but Lady Fatima was never personally attacked by Umar or Qunfudh, as some people would like us to believe, "they only threatened to burn the house, and that was it" - I would like to point out here that a lot of people have been effected by such baseless claims, to the point, they began to believe such none-sense. Before we go into this discussion, I would like to point out that religious and historical evidence will be at the bulk of my argument that the attack did take place, and our Madh'hab has made a complete Ijma3 on this issue, even if some turbaned men would like us to believe otherwise.

    I would also like to point out, using our emotions when it comes to this discussion will be a major flaw sense using terms like "Its Fatima, it's impossible that they would attack her", or "She has been pushed, hit, slapped, and kicked, yet she survived", or "Where was Imam Ali? How can this brave soldier and warrior allow this to happen?" - such rude and foolish comments should not be used when coming to an event that is well documented by the Sahaba who witnessed this shameful and disgusting act Umar, Khalid, and Qunfudh led against the house of the Prophet on that fateful day. Let’s not also forget Abu Bakr, who ordered the Attack after Umar convinced him of doing so, so before analysing what ShiaBro_UK said, I would like you all to think for a moment that those who attacked the house of Lady Fatima, are the same people who said on the death bed of the Prophet "The man is Hallucinating", and the same people who accused the Prophet in Sulh AlHuddibiya "Are you truly the messenger of God?" - lets not forget that some people are keen on getting what they want, no matter who they have to go through, and history documented everything that took place on that day.

    Before I begin my analyzying of what was presented by Shiabro_UK, I would like you all to picture this, The True Sahaba of the Prophet, great men like Umar Ibn Yasser, Salman Al-Mohammadi, Al-Meqdad, Abu Darr, Bilal, and Ibn Abbas (Al-Zhubair was in the house as well) were all assembled at the house of Lady Fatima, while a mob, led by Umar is gathering outside, the torch in his hand, and he's yelling " Oh Ali, get out of your hiding place, or so help me God I'll torch your house to the ground" - think of this shameful image, as we look carefully into the points that were made on this thread.

    Brother Shiabro_UK, may I ask you if you have read our Shia History? Have you read what our great scholars, beginning with the great four Sheikhs of their time, Sheikh Al- Mofeed, Sheikh Al-Murtadha, Sheikh Al-Tussi, and Sheikh Al-Qummi, have you read their books in regards to the attack on the house? Have you read Kitab Saleem Ibn Qees Al-Hilaali? Have you read what our great Imams have said in regards to Muhsen? In regards to the broken Rib? In regards to the mesmar/nail? If you have not, then on what basis are you here raising these suspicions while our entire Ta’efa has made an Ijma on this issue? Even though I'm extremely disappointed in this thread, it would not have been a surprise if a Nasibi has began this thread, but to see a person calling himself a "shia" opening such a thread is extremely upsetting. But I would like to thank you for doing so, now everyone here can read and see for themselves, that this tragedy did take place, and I urge that everyone would save this proof when I present it, so from now on, if any Muwali enquires about this issue, the proof would be presented to him with ease.

    First of all, this incident took place after they set the house a blaze, Umar ordered Qunfudh to set the door on fire, while Qunfhudh was trying to place the wood near the door, the Lady of Light stood in Qunfudh's way to prevent him from doing such an act. Umar here raised his hand and said "Oh daughter of Muhammad, move out of the way!" - The Holy Lady refused to move, and said "I will not let you burn down the house on my children, for the sake of Muhammad, leave us alone" - here Umar could not bare it that Lady Fatima has began to cry out load, appealing to the crowed that gathered in the streets to witness this horrible event. Umar then took the whip out of Qunfudhs hand, and hit the side of her Lady until she moved out of the way. Lady Fatima herself testifies to this incident before her death, she says:

    "They have gathered the wood near our door, then they came with a torch to set the house on fire, they wanted to burn us, then I stood before the door, and appealed with them in the name of God, and in the name of my father, I told them to leave, and let us be, Umar took the whip out of the hands of Qunfudh (Abu Bakr's servant), and he hit my side and back with the whip, till the whip tore on my side"

    This hadeeth is narrated by Al-Daylami, and is directly narrated from The Lady of Light, the hadeeth can be found at: Al-Bihar, Volume 8, Page 231 - Also Abihar, Volume 28, Page 51 - Amali Al-Sadooq, Page 118 (I have 20 different references for this hadeeth, if they are requested, I'll translate them for everyone)

    Now this hadeeth was also corrected, and authenticated by Sheikh Al-Mofeed himself, he said that - "this hadeeth is from her Lady, and her sorrowful words are accurate with what the Umma has recorded" - Al-Amali Lil-Mofeed on Pages 49-50.

    It's also very interesting to see that Sheikh Al-Majlisi also reports that before the attack on the house, Abu Bakr wrote a book to Lady Fatima which declares that Faddak has been returned to her, in some traditions, it says that the book was given to Fidha, and others say that it was Lady Fatima who was summoned, and given the book by Abu Bakr after the confrontation in the Mosque:

    "On her way back, Umar saw the Holy Lady, and asked her: "Oh Daughter of Muhammed, what is this book I see in your hands?", the Holy Lady replied: "It is my right, Abu Bakr has returned it to me", Umar become extremely angry, he ordered Fatima to give him the book, and she refused. Umar then raised a whip to hit the Lady, but the Lady was surprised and scared, she dropped the book, and Umar took it" - Al-Bihar, Volume 29, Page 192. Also Sheikh Al-Mofeed has narrated this hadeeth, but in a shorter version - Al-Ikhtisas on Page 185. (I have 7 other versions of this hadeeth and their references)

    The interesting thing about this hadeeth is that Umar was going to hit Fatima Al-Zahra before the attack on the house, he at least managed to scare her to the point she dropped the book, which implies that since it worked in scaring off the Holy Lady, he can do the same thing when he attacked the house. This implies that Umar is willing to use the whip against the Lady in forcefully giving in to these demands, and his actions in taking the Book, are evident against him for his brutal nature.

    I also have ahadeeth showing how just brutal Umar really is, his history (as recorded by Sunni Historians) is tainted by his violence against woman, and I will give you couple of examples to show, that Umar was no Problem what so ever in hitting woman, or anyone who comes in his way, no matter who they are.

    It is reported that Umar himself use to torture the servant of Bani Mu'mal, he use to beat her to the point when he gets bored, he says: "I apologize, I have only stopped because of boredom" - Al-Sera Al-Nabawiya by Ibn Hisham, Volume 1, Page 341, and Al-Sera Al-Halbiya, Volume 1, page 300, and AlSera Al-Nabawiya by Ibn Katheer, Volume 1, page 394, and Al-Muhabar page 184.

    Also, books that deal with history has recorded that when Uthman Ibn Madh3oon past away, woman gathered to weep his death, Umar became angry at the scene and started hitting the woman with his whip, the Holy Prophet took the whip away from Umar's hand and said: "Wait ya Umar, let them cry...." - Mesnad Ahmed Ibn Hanbal, Volume 1, Page 237 and 335, and Mustadrak Al-Hakim, Volume 3, Page 190, and this hadeeth was authenticated by Al-Dhahabi in his Talkhees which is printed in his Hamish, and this hadeeth is reported through Saleh. And reported in Mesnad Al-Tiyalsi on Page 351, and Mujma3 Al-Zawa'ed, Volume 3, page 17.

    I really don't want to go into depth of which woman were terrorized by Umar and his whip, there are numerous examples of woman that were hit by Umar's whip like Abu Bakr's sister. If you guys like me to write the hadeeth down, let me know, I hope my point has been proven by now that Umar has no shame when it comes to hitting woman sense it's in his nature and his "clean" record does show this.

    I don't know if the comment in brackets suppose to be amusing or funny to you, but I would like to say that I feel nothing but utter disgust and disappointment that a Shia would say such a thing. It's also very disappointing to see that this matter is taken lightly by you that you have to resort to side comments that serve no one but our enemies. Anyways, I will show you that our great scholars narrated from our Imams and great Sahaba that the door was broken down, crushing her Lady in the Process, and driving the nail into her chest.

    It is reported by Saleem Ibn Qees, from Abdullah Ibn Abbas, that he said, and Jabbir Ibn Abdullah was next to him: That the holy prophet said to Ali after a long speech:

    "Oh Ali, Qureesh will protest against you, and their word will unite to oppress you and subdue you, if you find those who would help you, rebel, if you don't find any who would help you, lower your hand, and protect your blood, Martyrdom is coming after you, May Allah damn he who kills you. - Then the Holy Prophet turned his speech to Lady Fatima and said: "Oh Fatima, do not become grieved, you are the first of my family to follow me, and you are the mistress of the woman of the world, and after me, you shall see pain and grief , and your dear rib will break, May Allah damn he who kills you" - Kitab Saleem Ibn Qees, Volume 2, Page 907 (I have 8 different ahadeeth about breaking the ribs of Lady Fatima, foretold by the Prophet).

    Reported by Ibn Abban, that Saleem said: "I ran to the Mosque of the Prophet, and I found no one (In Alhalqa) in it except Bani Hashim, Salman, and Abi Dharr, and Miqdad, and Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr, and Amr Ibn Abi Salamah, and Qees Ibn Sa'ad Ibn Ubadah, then Al-Abbas said to Ali: "HAVE YOU NOT SEEN UMAR HIT FATIMA WHILE SHE WAS STANDING IN HIS WAY?' - Imam Ali turned to him, and his eyes were full of tears and said: "It was a hit Umar hit Fatima with the whip, as she went back he broke her rib......" - Bihar Al-Anwar, Volume 30, page 302-303, Kitab Saleem Ibn Qees, Volume 2, page 674, and Al-Awalim, volume 11, page 413 (I have 11 other ahadeeth with different wordings from Imam Ali that Umar shoved the door, and broke her Holy Rib. I also have 102 different Shia references that Umar broke the door, while Lady Fatima was behind the door - If you guys want me to translate more ahadeeths or references, please let me know)

    Before I go on with the nail going through her Lady's chest, I would like to point out that I have more than 50 different narrations from all 12 Imams saying that Umar broke the door, and crushed Lady Fatima between the door and the wall, I just provided two narrations above from the Holy Prophet and Imam Ali, some of these ahadeeth are very long, so please excuse me for not translating all of them, as I said above, there are over 100 narrations explaining the attack, and the crushing of Lady Fatima.

    From Ibi Al-Hassan Ibn Shadhan, From his father, from Muhammad Ibn Al-Hassan Bin Al-Waleed, from Muhammad Ibn Al-Hussayn Bin Al-Saffa'r, from Muhammad Ibn Zyad, From Mofazal Bin Umar, from Yunis Ibn Ya'qoob, from Al-Saddiq that he said in a long speech: "Oh Yunis, my grandfather the Holy Prophet has said: "He who oppress my daughter fatima (after my departure) is damned, and usurps her right, and kills her" - Usool Al-Kafim, volume 6, page 18, Al-Bihar, volume 43, page 195.

    Now we all know who usurped the land, and we know who killed her (may Allah bless her), but how? Was it just the crushing? Was it just the whip? No by God, but it was the nail that was thrusted in her chest!

    Our Philosopher, Ayatullah Al-Udhma Al-Muhaqiq, Al-Sheikh Muhammad Huusayn Al-Asfahani said in his tragic poem: " Oh have I known the news of the Nail – Thrust though her chest, the mysterious volt" , his eminence also reported from Shibl Al-Dawla, Muqatil Ibn Atiya: "and when Fatima came behind the door, to escape from Umar and his party, Umar crushed Fatima between the door and the wall, until she dropped Muhsen, and her chest become the home of the nail in the door, and she scared: "Ya Abatah, Ya rasool Allah!..." - Mu'tamar Ulama'a Baghdad, page 135 (Also this book narrates 26 different narrations about Al-Mesmar, 12 of them are from Kitab Saleem - And I can translate some, if you guys like).

    Before I start with the historical evidence, I think it's extremely lame to say "imagine that", please have respect, and have sincerity, trying to turn this thread into a light hearted "discussion" will not work, If people want to discuss this topic in a serious light, please be serious when you ask, and enough with the stupid commentary.

    Al-Alama AlMajlissi reports in Al-Bihar, and his master, Sheikh Al-Mofeed reports in his book Al-Ikhtisas from Lady Fatima her self Narrates: "When Umar came with the whip, he hit me on my side and back until I couldn't bare the pain, then he came forcefully towards me and struck my face with his hands till my earnings fell!" - AlIkhtisas, page 185, and Al-Bihar, Volume 29, page 192 (I also have 14 different references for this hadeeth alone, also four different ahadeeths with the same meaning as this one).

    So please let’s not act over dramatic here, history points out that this event took place, and the interesting thing is that Lady Fatima herself narrates this tragic incident, and this hadeeth above is correct by our two giants above (Sheikh Al-mofeed, and Sheikh Al-Majlissi).

    Wallhi Ya Akhee Shiabro, I don't know if you're being sincere or not, but your side comments are extremely annoying, and I really suggest if you are sincere, then please avoid using these comments, as I type this reply to you, my heart is full of grief, and full of pain for her Lady, for the past three days, I have been reading extremely painful ahadeeth shows the attacks on her lady, so please be serious.

    First of all, I don't know from where you got that her Lady was kicked by anyone, the ahadeeth and reports that explain the attack on the house didn't mention anything about kicking her Lady, be it Umar, or anyone else. As for the killing of Muhsen, as you can read from some of the ahadeeth I mentioned above, he was killed when her lady was crushed between the door and the wall, and not by being "kicked". As for Muhsen's existence, all of our Holy Imams narrate that he existed, and he was killed when the attack took place on the house. Also our great giants have agreed on an Ijma'a that Muhsen was alive, including Sheikh Al-Mofeed and Sheikh Al-Tussi. So I don't quite see what's the problem here?

    This is why I asked you earlier if you read our history, it seems that you didn't, which makes me wonder why you asked such serious questions without researching first. If you have researched, you would realize that Imam Ali never witnessed the attack on Al-Zahra'a, he was sitting inside the house, while her holiness was attacked by the door. Imam Hasan Al-Mujtaba himself says this when he was talking to his father: "Oh father, no one (from the people who were inside the house) has seen Umar hitting my mother except me, I saw him hit her until she fell on the ground" - then the Imam turned to his father and said: "Oh father, I feared if I told you of what has happened, you would break the promise you gave to my grandfather!" - This hadeeth is reported by Sheikh AbdulHameed Al-Muhajir, in his lecture during the nights Al-Fatimiya, night 6, and he gives the references which include Al-Fal, Al-Bihar, Wasa'el Al-Shi3a, and other books like Al-Ikhtisas and Ikmal Al-Dean (Please let me know if you need the exact references, I'll get them insha'Allah).

    This is the same thing Sayed Fadhullah said to support his argument, and let me say, who are these "hundreds of people" who love Fatima? If you are talking about her attackers, then let me tell you no one there really loved her since they attacked her, if you are talking about the people who stood outside, watched and did nothing, then I ask you this question: "Did not the Muslimeen love his holy prophet? Where they were when Umar said: "The Man is hallucinating?" Why didn't any of those "hundreds" say something to Umar? No one even frowned at Umar, why? Didn't those "Hundreds" love Imam Al-Hussayn? Where they were when they left the grandson of their prophet die alone in Karbala? Please don't say things that have no meaning, if these people cared, they would have stayed true to their Bay'a in Ghadeer, not revoke it, and give another to Abu Bakr.

    Obviously you, and apparently Sayed fadhullah as well never read Bihar Al-Anwar and Wasae'l Al-Shi3a, it is reported that Imam Ali took out his sword, and put on his armor to fight them (Abu Bakr and Umar) , he went to the Mosque to face them, the Imam said: "Ya Ibn Abi Quhafa, I have a pledge not to rebel when my right is usurpt but I never made a pledge to keep silent on what you are about to do (they wanted to dig every single grave they suspect that her Lady was buried in) - The Imam raised his sword, and turned to Umar: "Wallah, I kept silent when you attacked my house, but today, if you do what you're set on, I will fill the earth with your blood, and tear your heads off your bodies, till qureesh submitts to what I have done to you!" - Abu Bakr screamed and said: "By God, we will not, Oh Ali, return to your house, and we will never do what we were set on doing!" - When the Imam left, Umar turned to Abu Bakr and said: "Why have you sworn?", Abu Bakr replied: "Did you see the look in his eyes? Who of your "Asheera"/tribe will avenge your death? - Bihar Al-Anwar, Volume 23, page 254, and Wasa'el AlSh3a, Volume 2, page 120 (other scholars have narrated this hadeeth in their books using other references as well).

    The four points you listed are not only proven through Shia historical and scholarly works, but are also proven in Sunni historical and scholarly works, which makes me wonder where all of these Scholars delusional till sayed Fadhullah showed up and cleared a historical and religious "misconception" that existed for the past 1400 years? Wallhi if that's the case, then Bravo, but sadly this isn't the case, nor is it the truth since all of our Imams have narrated this tragedy, even Imam AlHujja said that the first people he would deal with would be those who oppressed Lady Fatima. Not only the Holy Imams, but our four great Giants of Shiasm recorded and analysed all the possibilities which prove that this incident took place. I also find it repulsive that a Shia would start this thread, I especially find the sarcasm to be offensive.


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    NoorFatima got a reaction from shia farm girl in Proof that Abu Hanifa was a student of Imam Jafar!   

    Even so brother, who in their right minds would deny the greatness of Imam Ja'far Al-Sadiq, even though he learned from the Imam, that doesn’t mean he got "Ijza'a" from him, and this is exactly what UM is preaching here without any sound proof or evidence. Besides, this claims was countered by me in the Muharram forum, some no Sunni replied to yet. So please, let’s not spread false information.

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    NoorFatima got a reaction from 12reasons4truth. in Tragedy Of Karbala For Jewish/Christian Friends   
    Ya Hussayn :cry:
    New years begins Sunday, and so does the tragedy.
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    NoorFatima got a reaction from .equilibrium. in FORT/ KHYBER   

    Lets see what Bukhari says:


    Lets see what Muslim says:


    Please go read your books before you make a fool out of your self HATAF!


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    NoorFatima got a reaction from HamzaTR in Question About Alawites   
    Some of the ancient beliefs of those who dwell among the Alewites include a tritarian belief that God formats a triangle Godhead with Prophet Muhammad and Imam Ali – This theology sinks even deeper to reveal that Imam Ali is God’s true manifestation on earth while Prophet Muhammad is the ‘flesh’ aspect of this manifestation.
    Such a belief is pure Kufr, and no current Alewite in Syria believes in such nonsense.
    The Turks of Anatolia consider themselves Shia Sufis more so than that of Syria. The Arab Alewites have been mainly incorporated into Shiism, while the Turkish ones have not fully – The fusion is a slow and an ongoing process thanks to the Republic of Iran.
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    NoorFatima got a reaction from HamzaTR in Question About Alawites   
    As far as our Ulama are concerned, the Alawites of Syria are considered Shias, and the Alawites consider themselves Shias, and adhere to the Jafari fiqh.
    There are elements of deviation among their ranks, which includes Christian and Pagan elements. However, the current Alewites, which includes the ruling class, consider themselves Shias of Sufi origin.
    I have met many Syrian Alewites in my city, and many of them scoff the allegations pushed on them by their opponents, and very much love and follow the Twelve Imams of Shiism.
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    NoorFatima got a reaction from Doctor_Naqvi in What would you ask Imam Ali (AS)   

    I wouldn't ask a question, but i would request something of him, our prince.

    I would request him to visit me me in my grave, when its dark, when i'm alone, when the angels appear to ask me about my faith, i would say to him "Ya Mawlai, please come visit me with the holy prophet on that day, a day I would be all alone in the earth :cry: :cry:

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    NoorFatima got a reaction from Anisa Bandeh Khoda in A Look Back At Shiachat.com, 1998-Present!   
    How many members do we ACTUALLY have Ali?
    God; I’m getting flashbacks now when I first joined - I was the trouble maker back then :angel:
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