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  1. (salam) With all due respect to you brother/sister, before we look into any Riwaya (story) that has to do with Imam Ali or the Holy Prophet implementing life losing, or limp losing purification laws, one has to look in the Qur’an for the orders of The Mighty Majesty ordering such punishments by us (the Believers) to be carried out on his behalf. Such a thing does not exist anywhere in the Qur’an; it’s been a while since I’ve read the whole scripture, but I have not come across anything that says: “If two men/women admit/witnessed having homosexual intercourse, both must be purified by death. The verses of Qoom Lut profess none of the such. (wasalam)
  2. (salam) Just a heads up to every participant on this thread that any insults or cursing directed to each other or that of the person of Sayed Fadhullah will not be tolerated. If such insults take place, this thread will be closed faster that you can say EID MUBARAK. Spend some time with your families instead of dwelling on this topic. (salam)
  3. (wasalam) Killing gays for simply being gays, or even be they admitting intercourse with other men, is simply unacceptable. I don’t know why some here are acting as if they were ‘law givers’ – No homosexual in anyway has infringed on the life of anyone here, so I don’t understand why bother others who keep their activities behind closed doors. (wasalam)
  4. (salam) This is a testament to the discrimination and racism the Arab Sunnis have subjected the Shia to; yet they have the balls to complain when the Arab Shias align themselves with their Iranian Shia brothers. The day will come when the Bahraini Shias do the same thing to their filthy Monarch like the Iraqi Shias have done to Ibn Umar, Saddam the rat. Allah is truly with the patient. (salam)
  5. (salam) Where did you get it (the Kitab Al-Aqdas) from bro? And in which langauge did you read it? (salam)
  6. (salam) Log on to YouTube and type in "Ron Paul'; you'll get all kinds of awesome videos. Also a full hour with Glenn Beck has been updated to YouTube; both he and Mr.Paul actually agree on 90% of the issues. (salam)
  7. (salam) Just out of curiosity, how many of you guys read ‘Kitab Al-Aqdas’, the Holiest scripture in the Bahai ‘Canon’? (salam)
  8. (salam) The Saudi government must stop both its renegade, and mainstream, clerics from professing and propagating Shias as ‘Heretics’ – This is crucial for a united cooperation against the current American government, that wishes to fully take over the Muslim world economically and politically. However, religious extremism and cultural (self imposed) backwardness must come to an end as well, through promoting the ideas of open minded, and level headed Sunni clerics in Saudi Arabia; this is going to melt the ‘icy dam’ between Sunnis and Shias, and hence will ease any political, military and economical union between Muslim states, and possibly creating a Muslim Union similar to that of the European Union. Also, all Arab regimes must stop their racist rhetoric against Iranians and non-Arabs overall, such behaviour coming from a ‘race’ who claims likeness of the ‘Arabness’ of the Holy Prophet must follow in his Sunna (traditions) rather than only take the name (of his Sunna) and do the opposite. Freedom of thought and the full participation of woman (in politics, the economy, and Academia) is also an important matter that must be promoted in all Arab states (especially the Gulf Sheikhdoms). (salam)
  9. (salam) I’m really curious to why only those three were put forward in this poll and NOT include a true republican like Ron Paul? I’m not an American, and I certainly don’t fully agree with all the domestic policies that Ron Paul propagates, however I do agree strongly with him on his foreign policy proposals. Pulling military from the global empirical bases alone, will save the American tax payer hundreds of Billions of dollars, and such a sum can be directed else where (like for example creating a national health care system). (salam)
  10. (salam) I don’t believe Christianity represents God, let alone his will. As far as I can see (here in Canada & Northern US), Christianity is intellectuality and spiritually dead – Just turn on your TV and visit your local church. Not really; their mission isn’t working, they’re just pissing people off. If you actually place aside your fantasies and actually pick up a news paper, the Christians of Iraq, all one Million of them, have already left the country – So the Baptists or whom ever can hide/disguise (so much for being God’s soldiers and wanting to be ‘Martyred’) themselves as whatever, their efforts won’t work – Just as they can pretend to be something else, so can that hungry Iraqi who simply wants to survive. That might be your interpretation, but that’s not the reality on the ground. Some tribal leaders in Iraq have already said, or theorized, that some churches were attacked because they’re an extension base to the occupiers – after watching this brief documentary, I believe this claim now. Islam is a tolerant Religion, if it wasn’t, there would be no Christian of Jew alive today – If you read history, you would have seen many instances of where a genocide could have been carried out – be it in Europe or Asia – The same thing could be said about the Hindus. To claim that Iraq wasn’t civilized until the American army showed up is quite disgusting, you’re a racist bigot – One only needs to review the massacres your troops have committed, going from the Official Marine corps to privately hired gangs like Blackwater to see who is civilized and who isn’t. That is not only what is happening; feeding and sheltering the poor is one thing, but as the documentary clip showed, that is not what is happening – they are spreading Christian propaganda all over the capital (that is the only place they’re preaching). Muslims are helping their fellow Muslims, but in case you didn’t know, Iraq is a war zone, and much of the despair and lack of protection is because of the American army. This is not only true of Muslim societies; if any one of us here got a missionary, be them Muslim, Christian, some new age religion; assumingly you invite them in, and they, do for whatever reason start insulting your intelligence, your God, and your beliefs – Many of us will show them the door, while a minority (of us) will also kick the missionary's behind as they escort them out. This has nothing to do with Islam or Christianity; it is a simple human reaction when someone’s sacred beliefs are insulted. I hardly find this intolerant; I see many Christians do it to many Christian missionaries, it hardly can be said that to do that, Christianity is intolerant. Yawn… ‘my daddy can beat your daddy’ (salam)
  11. (salam) Piety doesn’t come with the Turban my brother; it comes through scholarly work, doctrine insights, and tremendous leadership in representing the grievances of the masses. I rather have a Shia elected official ruling my nation; if he makes mistakes, he can be toppled in the next election, or the parliament can force a ‘vote of no confidence’, and hence bring his administration down. Can we do this if a cleric ‘drops the ball’? Keep in mind we are running a country here, not a Hussainya – With all due respect. (salam)
  12. (salam) The Christian effort in Iraq won’t work; many of those blood sucking missionaries are going back home in body bags – No wonder the extremists are blowing up churches. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support the murder of these people; but I won’t tolerate some American coming into my home and calling my God an ‘Idol’ or a ‘lie’ – Iraqis won’t take it, and I’m sure any self respecting person won’t either. Those Christians are speaking as if we don’t believe in Jesus, the son of the virgin. Why don’t they focus their missionary work on their own country men? This reminds me of my Mormon neighbour: "We'll baptise you when you’re dead" - Seriously what the Hell! (The man became Muslim, but you know what I mean). (salam)
  13. (salam) Could you please elaborate further on this point bro; could you please briefly explain how exactly has WF worked for Iran? Also who do you mean is assisting the Iranian political leadership? The 'God Hand' I was referring to is Hujjat Allah, the awaited Saviour and Prince. What is this alleged connection? Has the Imam proscribed or promoted such a system? If so where? If not, then how was the connection made? Through Aqly (philosophical/reason) or Naqly (traditions) sources? I hope you realize bro that I’m strictly speaking of the political sphere of this Wilaya; I am not speaking of the General custodianship. Please be brief in your reply. Does not a ‘Divine leadership’ simply mount to a ‘perfect/ideal leadership’? (salam)
  14. (salam) The question that comes to mind is this; Is Wilayat Al-Faqeeh, as a system, and not as a person, is necessary to create an �Ideal Islamic Umma� drenched in a plutonic utopia? Logic states that such a system needs a �divine hand� to succeed otherwise the fallible hand of humanity will contaminate it. If we try to legislate and apply such ideals, will it come to pass and succeed? The answer I think is no, humanity cannot create an �Ideal� system because we are naturally fallible. The best system possible and I think Iran will be pushed towards this path within the next decade, is undergo a metamorphosis that shifts all the mantle of power to the President, and the Parliament, while our Mujtahids will ultimately become �the watchful angel on top of the tower�. Their role would become simply advisory; Vito power can only be given to the people, and the Mujtahids should, once more, look after the people. Not all of the high ranking Mujtahids have �become drunk from the silver cup of political power�, but once again, independence from politics is a sacrifice that would offer the population a drink from the golden cup of justice. P.S. I�m not saying that Iran, or our Mujtahids lack Justice, but power corrupts, be the politician wearing a turban or a suit. (salam)
  15. (wasalam) Welcome to the Religion of the Prophets, the Religion of the Angels, and the cradle of knowledge, the cradle of civility, honour, and chivalry. Welcome to Al-Islam Al-Muhammadi. (wasalam)
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