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  1. Assalamualaikum Please make dua for me I should follow the path of ahlulbayt till my last breath . I should visit holy shrine of imam Hussain (a.s). I have to clear all my confusions and take a right decision in my Life. Jazak Allah Khair
  2. Assalamuliakum brothers and sisters This is my first Muharram after my conversation into Shia . But I can't attend any Majlis bcz there is no mosque nor any friends of Shia . Can any one guide me with some alternative that I can weep for Mera moula Hussain (s.a)  Allah Hafiz
  3. Assalamuliakum brothers and sisters Can anyone guide me with procedure of ziryat e ashura. As I'm struggling with some problem .one of my friend suggested me to perform ziryat e ashura for 40 days. As I'm new to Shia Islam I don't know the correct procedure. please help me Jazakallah khair
  4. Thanks I have learned everything about Shia through you tube channel Nd with help of my friend Nd started doing namaz Nd wudu according to Shia from last 6 months . But recently one of my uncle said me that Shia ppl won't accept me . Because my name is ayesha but really I love ahlulbayt I want to be a Shia
  5. I'm from Andhra Pradesh ( Vizag) India
  6. Aslm I know that Shia don't have any caste they follow ahlulbayt.but few people who are Shia they said u related to dudekula(Muslim) so I can't convert into Shia they even have problem with my name "Ayesha" but I really want to convert to Shia Nd fellow ahlulbayt.
  7. Low background in the sense . I'm Muslim (dudekula) lower caste in Muslim
  8. Aslm My name is Ayesha .I'm from low background of Muslim religion, where I am not aware of any thing related to Islam . From last year I came to know about what is Shia Nd Sunni .so,I have decided to follow Shia Nd ahlulbayt . but many people are saying u can't become a Shia because my name is ayesha. Many people are are Shia people will not accept u Nd my religion Please help me with this doubt. Allah Hafiz
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