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  1. I know someone closely who practices Shi’a Islam. I am still seeking. He desires to leave the world and all his possessions and live in isolation (maybe with his wife only if he finds one). My perspective is that he would better serve the world in the world, creating community, fighting for justice, and giving back to the community. The idea of living alone (or with just his wife) away from everyone seems quite selfish when he has gifts to offer the world that could create more good in the world. Do you agree that giving back to community is better than living in isolation? Are there any verses of the Quran or Imam Ali’s teachings to support your view? In the Christian religion (which I was raised) it is generally known that you should give to your community and use the gifts you have to continue adding love to the world. I am hoping there is a similar view in Islam and some documentation to support it.
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