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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Self driving cars are already superior statistically
  2. While im just observing the debate and dont have strong feelings either direction worth sharing, what you did was not debating, it was spewing arrogant, judgemental opinions as of they were fact. If you want to debate, maybe start with looking up dialectics, and it'll give you a process that yields better results.
  3. Good question. I'm also curious about the cultural aspect as well, music is often a big part of culture.
  4. Story of my life. I took shahada at 14, became shi'a 3 years ago. As a teen i was an extrovert but im now a serious introvert; too muslim for my nonmuslim peers (im 29 now), too white/not outwardly religious enough for my muslim peers. One foot in each world but never quite belonging to either.
  5. Im pretty big into music personally, as a convert it's a big part of my background and culture. I do try to be aware of how it may influence me and cut out the less than positive stuff.
  6. If America cared about democracy in Iran then thry shouldn't have thrown their weight behind the monarchy in the past. Saying "pro democracy" is a charade. If America cared about the people then why would they try to create and stimulate a gap between the government and people? Just like they did in libya, and in syria? Thousands would die, victory for what ever initiative they would promote would be unlikely, yet they still try? What further evidence do we need that any meddling by america is self serving aggression and not altruistic humanitarianism. Trump can keep the change, the world has about had enough of america turning states into power vacuums and slavers markets while trying to sell it as humanitarian.
  7. She does not, she did before of course. I was concerned with inconveniencing her afterwards too but it seems it can't be helped if we don't get a new one
  8. That won't stop, perhaps we should be more involved in these technologies ourselves.
  9. This is what I expected the case to be, it makes sense, thank you.
  10. Thank you all for your replies
  11. Technology is morally neutral, it is its intended use and how it is actually used that can be scary. Also ANI (simple, single task AIs as a rough definition) are everywhere already; phones, computers, most newer cars, spotify, all popular social media, the list goes on). The difference between that and AGI is the ability to understand abstract concepts.
  12. Salaam all, So I've met someone who is practically a convert (began practicing and believing as a young adult), and I myself am a convert. I was a sunni for well over a decade but became shi'a a couple years ago, but i still lack the level of knowledge I had as a sunni. We're strongly considering getting married (tbh im sold, she seems to want to see if I reveal bad character traits) and are both working professionals, living in two different cities. We're taking time to decide for sure and are getting our affairs in order, but in the meantime I have visited her; the first of at least a few visits before relocating. We have a Mutah currently, to end in a few days. While we are apart we have used facetime to interact, but her discomfort in coming home from work just to throw hijab back on to talk to me hasn't escaped my notice, and I want to accomodate that. My hope is that as I've seen her without hijab that it wouldn't be required anymore, even after the mutah ends, but with my understanding of Islam I'm not holding my breath that this is the case. Has anyone seen an elaboration on this or know more? If that isn't possible then my hope is she will be interested in a longer mutah afterwards, to cover the future trips as well as the time we are distant. At the mention of this before this mutah she didn't want to do that, but perhaps it will be worth mentioning. It might be a selling point if there is a way for the woman to guarantee a return of her time and an end to the mutah as I believe her hesitation came from the fear that if it didn't work out she would have the full length of the mutah, plus the iddah, preventing her from looking at other options if I decided to not return her time. Any suggestions on that? Thanks!
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