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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I've seen that there is a couple of discord servers on Shiachat, so I figured I'd post one that has been posted a year ago as the server has grown some since then. Shia Emporium, a discord for Shias and non Shia's (as long as they are respectful) to chat, debate, hang out, play video games etc. The server already hosts some regulars from Shiachat such as @Hussaini624 @abuhaydar @Ashvazdanghe @Wholehearted Shi'a and myself along with some others. The server invite is here: https://discord.gg/ZU6m5P3 We hope to see you guys there
  2. Dawn of The (second to) Final Day...
  3. "Better dead than Red" is another.
  4. Not out on PC, until then I simply don't care. Plus the first one still hasn't been ported to PC which I hold out hope for it will, maybe bundled with the second, 99% sure second will be on PC, but there's that 1% doubt in my mind too.
  5. Good to see Harper speaking at an event run by the same group behind Belgium's latest attempted false flag: Nothing to see here at all!
  6. *trips and falls* WOW, Neymar did it again, absolute legend of a player!
  7. Another CIA job that will fail, because Iran has spent years watching the same thing happen to other countries in the world, especially their neighbors. They know what to do in situations like this.
  8. Today Mexico crushes Sweden, pretty excited to watch that.
  9. Most definitely. What makes more money, curing an illness and being done with it? Or "treating" it over years. With illnesses like cancer I am skeptical of cures but AIDS? 100% they have a cure
  10. It's getting even worse, slippery slope is real when TEDx has This type of content. [Mod Note: video below is a female without hijab.] Video: Pedophilia Is A Natural Sexual Orientation | Mirjam Heine | TEDxUniversityofWürzburg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNr3yhjQPI8
  11. Pretty much. America is an Israel pawn and nothing more. It has no real independence. The only time you will find Democrats and Republicans agreeing on one thing, is Israel.
  12. Moroccans are so friendly they'll even help the opposing team win!
  13. Ehhh, not mental illness, but I wont spoil. In any case I'd recommend it heavily. It's very disturbing though.
  14. Hereditary. Whoever said it was "The scariest film ever made" is an absolute liar, most disturbing horror film? Sure but scariest? Not at all. Fantastic movie though, I really liked it.
  15. Hopefully you did it or are going to @silasun
  16. Basically that Iran and Hezbollah not participate with the SAA for the Southern Offensive.
  17. Zurushkan


    In my opinion it's really just flavor of the month, same for PUBG.
  18. Is that even possible? In America typically the ushers come in and do a walk about to make sure nobody else is there, then leave.
  19. Because Iran is the only country that stands in the way of the greater Israel plan. " from the brook of Egypt to the Euphrates" is impossible so long as Iran exists.
  20. This. Israel knows if it ever directly raises a hand to Iran it would be the last time Israel does anything.
  21. Hmmm, reminds me of another country that has cried wolf.
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