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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/7729487.stm By Heather Sharp BBC News, Jerusalem Fawzia al-Kurd, 52, raises her black cloak to show the bottoms of the pyjamas she is still wearing several days after she and her wheelchair-bound husband were forced from the home he had lived in for five decades. She had no time to change or gather her possessions when the Israeli police arrived in the early hours of Sunday morning. In borrowed shoes, she shows us around the tent that she now calls home near the single-storey, two room house in East Jerusalem. Jewish Israelis who had already moved
  3. LOL anonimo lay of babybeaverisakit, you are going to annoy her!
  4. I'm not so sure. By my reasoning there are two issues here: 1) I am assuming the coating is in liquid form, i don't think it's a solid film type thing applied on top, although i may be wrong. Anyhow that would mean as soon as the wet coating comes into contact with somethign najis it would become najis as well right? 2) If water is soaking all the way throught the shoe from outside in, then it must be passing through the leather layer at some point. I guess if the coating was not a liquid when it came into contact with the leather and was absolutely water tight then it might be a different
  5. (wasalam) I think you seem to be taking some unfair flak on this, i don't think people realise that you did not intentionally send you rchildren to a party where alcohol was being consumed. I think the fact that you are asking this question shows it's clearly a concern to you! My two cents, i think there are two things here, the fiqh perspective and the ehtical perspective. From the fiqh point of view i gather there is probably a difference of opinion amongst scholars, ranging from not eating at the same table probably all the way to not being in the same room or building. But then i think
  6. ^^^LOL Anyways cmon quit talking about killing already, can't we all just get along?!
  7. LOL, isn't it her duty to make it tahir though?! I've had to clean the carpet before when kids have had their way with it! (Not my kids!)
  8. Sorry that isn't sufficeint evidence. Personal experience is wrought with bias and will therefore be disregarded.
  9. LOL, well i don't live in the US, and a lot of these vegatarian shoes companies offer international shipping, but you may have to pay a bit more. From what i have seen europe is better when it comes to the vegetarian and ethical clothing market, most of the online stores i have seen i think originate from europe. They do seem to often charge a premium for vegetarian branded shoes though, although the quality is good. However i think most countries have their version of the budget shoe store where you can find synthetic material shoes. As you can see i possibly spent way too much time resear
  10. (wasalam) Actually this used to be an issue for me too. As for your question, i am not exactly sure what coated leather is, but i'm assuming if it's leather it's an animal product and therefore would take the same status right? As for treated leather, again i can't see how that changes it's status? I mean, and i'm no scholar by the way, my understanding is that najisul ayn (something intrinsicly najis) cannot be made pure except by chemical change. I can't see that treating it would fall in that category. I don't know if it helps, but i have found a lot of online stores that sell "vegetari
  11. Wa alaykum salaam, Interesting question, i guess it comes down to personal preference doesn't it? From a religious point of view, i'm not aware of necessity, although i'm no expert. I think in the old days they didn't in arab custom, did they? From my limited observations i think its largely a cultural thing, in that i think south asians and caucasions seem to prefer the name change, but it doesn't seem as common in arab communities. Not sure about other cultures. From a personal point of view i think i would like it if my wife took the same surname, to me it gives more of a famly feel if t
  12. I disagree. Please provide statistics on how many girls entertain more than one proposal compared to guys. The information i have contradicts this.
  13. Salaam alaykum, London is a big place, you have to be more specific, theres loads of centers here. I work in medical field. If you are interested in observing hijab i'm not sure it's the right place to do nursing, from what i've seen nurses usually have to wear short sleeve tops, something to do with infection control apparently.
  14. Lol well i have possibly encountered several situations where the girl has been entertaining more than one proposal.
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