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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sir can you please help me delete a post?  

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      Ask a Mod to do it.

      Hameedeh, notme, starlight, . . .

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      @Maryam Mushtaq Which post are you concerned about?  

  2. He doesn't understand anything, when anyone puts this point in front of him he says that " She's not against, she just doesn't agree with a few things " , " If I find anything like that, we'll never plan a family "
  3. I don't actually understand , very weird things, not in words but always proved by actions
  4. @Marzii As far as I know, Prophets had a free will yet they obeyed and worshipped Allah better than any other human being that's why they have a higher status than us. Other human beings do sins and are not pure like prophets. Allah, before he sent us to the earth, knew who will be the best of us and so he selected them to be prophets. All humans have a free will and Allah knew how all of us would use it before even he sent us to this world. Sister try to understand the concept that Allah knew us before he created us. And he is Al Adl (the just) . In Sunni fiqh we have a part of Tawheed that we have to believe in Tawheed Al Asma Wa Al Sifat , that is to believe that Allah is Ar Rahman, AR Raheem, Al Adl etc. I understand your condition, seek refuge in Allah and he will guide you. It happens sometimes, it happened with me too. If you have some questions against Islam then find out their answer logically and sincerely but If you're just messed up with negativity from Islam and your negative questions don't actually lead you to find rational answers or you can't think of anything but negativity towards Islam, then I'd suggest that you should reintroduce yourself to Islam. Forget all the negativity, forget All those concepts which give you negativity and first calm yourself. Think about Allah, who is he, how merciful he has been to you. Remember him all day. In Shaa Allah he'll guide you.
  5. It's a very serious issue dear, your relationship with your spouse is more critical than your relation with your Father in law. One is supposed to love ones parents as well as spouse and misbehave with none, but always support the truth. Allah and his messenger like those who support the truth. In Quran, husband is called the Qawwam of his wife. Qawwam means maintainer . He has to be your maintainer, it's his responsibility to look after you, spending enough time with your parents is your requirement and fulfilling your requirements is his responsibility. He should be your support, ask him to help you out and draw a clear line that you can't bear this anymore. He needs to be more sensitive about you. Doesn't he see how much it hurts you? If he loves you then how can he let you suffer like this? You need to take serious action towards it, if the problem isn't solved in the family, then take help from outsiders. Ask your husband to provide you a separate place to live, not necessarily a seperate house but at least a separate portion in house where you can live peacefully and freely. No one is allowed to rule your life, no one is allowed to order you when you have to meet your parents and when not. You are not weak dear, Allah is with you. Do something about it and Place your trust in Allah, he's Ar Rahman, Ar Rahim . He says in Quran that we should seek his help through patience and Prayer. I'll pray for you dear. If you want any help you can personally message me.
  6. Maturity is being logical, sensible, comprehending etc .Age is not an adequate criteria to measure maturity however people associate maturity with age because the older you get, the more experiences you have in life which may help you behave maturely and sensibly. Perhaps people don't find your actions sincere, but they shouldn't worry you. Honestly, I don't think you should worry about people who call you a kid. All you should do is observe yourself and ask yourself if you are rational enough in different aspects of life, if you are not then try to be more logical. As far as people are concerned then let them say what they wish, there's nothing to worry about it.
  7. How can the boy be convinced that he should give it a second thought?
  8. The boy is around 25 years but very immature and girl is 22
  9. She somewhat dislikes Ali, saying that Shiite people are obsessed with Ali. Are Shiites allowed to marry someone who dislikes hazrat Ali?
  10. Assalam Alaikum, Is it allowed for a shia boy to marry a Sunni girl, given that she does not hold Ali in a high esteem. Moreover, she is very negative about Shia traditions. But she will not force her husband to abandon his faith nor will impose Sunni belief on him. Her nature is really negative about shia Islam. The fact remains that both of them love each other and their families are convinced for their marriage. The boy loves her more than she loves him.
  11. You can live in london after you get a job and are independent. Running away is not a solution. You're quite small for that dear. Right now running away may seem the easiest and the best way but actually it may ruin your life. If you run away, where will you live? How will you manage to pay your fees and other expenses? If you think you can work along with it then remember, if you'll give half your time to work and other half to studies in London and Studying all day in the place you live. Consider which one will be better for your career? . Don't drop the plan of London, but wait patiently for the right time and work hard. Study as much as you can and get a wonderful job in London, so that you and all your family can move to London and you should be capable of taking their responsibilities. Don't worry dear, I understand your condition. Have faith in Allah. He'll set everything right.
  12. Right now I saw that you are a teenager, Please don't do such a thing. Concentrate on your studies and get a good job in London.
  13. First of all you must try to understand their point of view, what are there concerns? Find out the reason and then solve their problem. But if the reason they are not allowing you is not logical or practical, then think Will you be able to survive alone without your parents (financially)? Will it be safe for you? Can you find any other way out? Is there any alternative? If you deeply think and find yourself right, then also, make a firm decision. Tell your parents kindly but firmly that you are going to London and it's your right to take such decisions of your life. Running away is not ethical , also it will hurt your parents more. Moreover they'll constantly worry about you as they won't have any information about you.
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