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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sir I am 22 years old I am of very angry nature and do not absorb or bear any taunt I am very motivated towards religion and shia I was born close to disability my feet were bent and not straight but due to Allah almighty blessings the operations were successful but my feet were not normal like others are small and due to successive operations at this age my legs are very weak Unfortunately I am not interested in making friends in Pakistan because my attitude and their do not match I do not crack much jokes I cannot spot on points on any body but if somebody do son one me I always behave shaky I cannot talk in front of more than 1 person (GROUP TALKS) I also shout very loudly on reaction I am less confident also due to these problems I left far behind in academic career your channel has provided alot of information about these issues kindly Sir give a piece of advice on confidence making friends and physical strength specially legs strength
  2. Sir i want to ask about shias after imam mehdi as disappearance. What happened to them. Unfortunately I was not able to figure out the material available on the net about this issue. I read about the Ullemas in general after disappearance which was very interesting. I shall be very thankful to you if you link me to that topic or provide any guidance like any book. I think it is important to link the period of 2nd century hijri till 14 century hijri in order for me to understand how tough that period was for shias and how they faced it that gives me power and energy.MAY Allah SEND HIS BLESSINGS ON PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAW AND HIS AAL
  3. I want to download online al istibsar written by sheikh tusi in urdu. Can somebody assist me? thank you
  4. I cannot understand arabic and persian.If this book " Wafiat al-'a'yan" is available in english kindly give me link.Thanks.
  5. thank you brother but he was popular due to his dream in which the prophet came and told about some people.He found tunnel that was created by those people and was very close to prophet (muhammad s.a.w.) grave.Is this incident true?Is this true he was against shias and converted shia mosques to sunni?Thankyou
  6. who isnoor ud din zangi? and in point of view of shia historians what is his status(respectable or unauthentic)?thanks
  7. I need excellent book written on whole rasool Allah s.a.w. life and history.Please let me know and guide me thanks.
  8. I think I have heard about 40 days ibadat mentioned in many sources and in mafati al jinan that doing workship with concentration and with purity has alot of benefits both spiritually and attains high darjat(levels of obedience) but never came across chilla kashi in shia books azkar like starting with subhanallah ending with ini kunto minazaleemeen (full form exactly forgotten) are beneficial
  9. He then came to right path and supported imam hassan a.s. as shown in imam hassan movie a.s. fil "The lone commander" and was then martyred by ruler for supporting imam hassan a.s. and visiting the jail
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