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  1. nouer

    Wife fasting, husband is not.

    hmmm.... therotically it could work but ..there is a big but comes from the wife if during this point, if you wife is turned on and gets wet while doing whatever activity you both wish to do then it would break her fast, and then even if she doesn't or**8sm then isnt' the point of having fasting is to control hunger, thiry and it includes personal desires so she could feel arosed after the incident and make it difficult for her to fast .. so, not to complicate the issue . i would just say ,,wait till iftar and then after that you can wish to do whaever and even alllah allows it
  2. Recently, I had a dialoge with my sunni friend on the aftermath of prophet's death anyway, long story short, I told him 'didn't omar tried to kill the prophet on many occations but when he found out the truth he did accept islam and tried to follow the right path but there was one problem he was very short-tempered and wanted power', ..and then i mentioned to him about how he came to ali and fatima's house after the death of mohammed and said 'i don't care if she is prophet's daughter born the hosue and put it on fire if they don't come out and swear alliegence to abu bakr as next kalifa'...and some sources claim even more extreme scenario where he even kicked fatima and pulled ali by the neck... ..but then he said whats the proof where is it,,in which book is it mentioend before accepting shiasm. from my shia friend i heard about it but forget which book it was, so can anyone please tell me in which book is it mentioned of this event (i cannot remember top of my head) i think the book starts with n thank you
  3. hi ,,, sorry i wanted to ask extra question within a question, as you look knowledgeable about concept of imama within shiasm is also different branches (e.g. ismalia, bora) so, i told my cousin sister that i am a shia and she asked me why and i answered ..anyway long story short she told me nowhere in the quran it mentions about imamath..so why shias believe in 12/7/5 imamas......i said the imama word was mentioned at least 6 times (both imama could mean book or a person) but she wasn't satisfied with my answer, probably i could not give justice to my answers COULD YOU HELP.... why/how can we defend the concept of imamath (12 imams of you are twelver like me)
  4. nouer

    Leaving shia islam?

    strangely enough .. .i have same background to you but one thing is vice-versa i live in uk, in west london outskirts and abut to turn 25 but i just became a shia and i was a sunni i would say you can do what u can do .. just trust your heart shia and sunni is 90% same ..we both pray and believe in kalma but 10% different is .. the ideology/ perception of what happened after prophet's death if you believe omar was a very good guy and follow him .then you are a sunni but if you have doubts over omar's eligibility asa kalifa over ali then you are a shia ..simple ...and this does not mean cursing omer (as i believe we should avoid cursing anyone, as we all make mistakes), but perceiving what happened in onething and cursing that person is another thing...... when omar issues comes up i am silent i don't say anything ..then still u are a shia
  5. yes, strangely enough i pray with hands down in private already after i had brief argument with my mum (in islam , to have argument with your mother and not listening to her is strictly forbidden so till i can understand myself fully and can explain to her i pray hands folded front of her ....but once i am become knowlege with full confince i can pray hands down front of my family but about mosque, it is not an issue, in my area there are only sunni mosques and on friday prayers i confidenctly pray with hands down front of them and no-one has really said anythign to me..probably because sunnis in london and its neighboring areas are more tolerant than sunnis in asia and sorrry what is ayatullah sistani (sorry i don't want to offend but still quiet knew to this)
  6. hm....i regularly talk with her on shia and what shias really beleive in (and not to believe extremist sunnis views by half) thankfully she was cooperative and even watched couple of youtube videos by modest and just sunni scholars who talked good about shias then she started to appreciate it more but still she wouldn't see me as a shia and wants me to follow 'real path, sunni' but she has noticed that recently my interests towards shias increased a lot and but she thinks for timebeing i am doing research . but she is not that bad compared to others, i will tell her eventually i am shia (but first i want to grow my knowledge so that i can defend shiasm when questioned by her) but the real problem is my elder brothers and sister (who are extremely anti-shia), they would not even walk in the area where shias live or pray in a shia mosque (they live in Hyderabad, India, which has a decent sizable shia community, 20% are shias i think in the city). but, i feel so frustred that when i get confronted by sunnis on youtube on why i am shia, i feel frustrated why i cannot give valid reasons...its a matter of studying but i am soo preocuppied with studies and work that i just don't get enough time and good sources to build my knowledge so that i can tell my family i am a shia
  7. So, I am new revert as a shia and like shias i pray with my hands down yesterday, my mum (who is a sunni) saw me pray with hands and afterwards we had a discuss that 'i should pray with my hands folded like true way' in response, i said 'it is not haram, prophet and imam ali with hands down as well' and then she said 'yes they did. but they also said don't make it a habit and told to pray with hands folded where the palm of the hand should touch the front of the hand' can my shia friends please guide me and say what i should say to her about praying hands down.....did prophet really said 'don't pray it like that and make it a habit'
  8. nouer

    2nd marriage/nika after qulaa issue

    , no brother it not even sunni way, what you said about shia way is also very much similar to sunni way .. her mother spoke to sunni scholars and even they were perplexed and call up on it Let me explain again! 1 story) Yes, she had witnesses and divorce was registered and qula happened 2) but then after just 1/2 month after qula she went back to her first husband 3) they lived together for more than 3 years 4) but then when the husband was being violent and argumentative and she had enough so then he left the house (at that time, only she was paying house rent and the husband was living at his mother;s hosue and her house, basically he was using her to pay rent and all) 5) during this time, she was getting life threatening messaging and warnings from someone (aka, first husband) at that time only her first cousin was available to help and he tried to protect her but then they (she and her first cousin) knew people would ask questions of 'why he is helping her and protecting her' so the first cousin proposed to her and said to marry him and only then he give provide full protection from no interference 6) so, she married him and had nikka without informing anyone (except her mother and father) ias first husband said 'i will make her life hell' so he won't have allowed it So, now the question is it halal, which is sounding like it is, but still her mother wanted extra advice and opinion
  9. nouer

    2nd marriage/nika after qulaa issue

    Brother, I think i was not able to explain to properly (it is a bit complexed). After tripple talaq (she is sunni) she had qula but then after few months they got back together (and then they stayed together for 3 years) but then this time as qula already happened when she seperated for good she just married her second husband after 4 months so, i am saying, she had qula then got back together but then this time sepereted again (nothing happened qula, 2nd qula exists), then she married after 4 months but when she seperated she just married someone else without informing anyone ..so i wanted to ask is this halal
  10. nouer

    Shahaba and Umar and

    Mashala, great reply one of the best i have seen
  11. nouer

    Shahaba and Umar and

    thank you guys ....sukran
  12. I wanted to ask question about my family member and wanted to some clarity on this serious marriage issue, plz answer So, she is 35 and had a qulaa from her first marriage and then after qulaa she went back to her first husband after a compromise but without the halala (from my sources (aleem), I found out that you don't need halala to go back together as a couple). And then after more than 3 years again they separated for good (due to domestic violence) and then after 4 months she married her second husband without informing her first husband (due to security reasons). So, I wanted to ask is it jayeez or not / is this 2nd marriage considered halal! Now, plz if it is considered haram then what is the best solution! The mother of the woman is very concerned.
  13. This issue raised by many sunnis (when some confronted with me) I have no knowledge about and would like to increase it by asking this question....plz answer it I heard from sunnis, you shais curse aisha and his prophet's wives, why do you curse them ...this i don't really know much about but all i know is that aisha was present at the time of prophet's death so some say she piosned him (its just theory or not , no-one knows for sure) but other wives not too sure why some curse other wives if they do CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY SOME SHIAS CURSE PROPHET'S WIVES and dislike Aisha Someone even state, shias say quran is incomplete due to interference from sahaba, as sahabas wrote the quran and shias don't believe in sahabas , they are like then you don't blieve in quran saying it is comtemplated by shabahas . plz can someone answer this question....
  14. So, by the title, I wanted to ask about them three I was debating with my sunni brother about it and he was like 'you shias are kufars, you don't believe in sahaba, umar and curse prophet's wives Sahaba- I tried to say to him, the definition of sahaba for sunnis is 'anyone who say the prophet even for few seconds from far distance is considered a sahaba', so i said do you believe in it and he was like 'yes, of course'.. lol then after that i just didin't know what to say to that.. and then it said in quran, prophet says follow my alhe-bayt after me which his ali and his successors and he was like where does it say in the quran, it says nothign about that So, CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY US SHIAS DON'T BELIEVE IN SAHABA then he said, shias curse umar, i tried to explain i don't really know much about that matter but as far as i remember, umar was against ali becoming the next khalifa so he made abu bakre the kalifa knowing he can become it anyway after 2 years and CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CLEARIFY, WHY UMAR (by most or some) IS DISLIKED (valid reason from the quran or hadith that i can argue against sunni guys)..because whatever i said he was like its all theory made up by shias