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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. can christians go to heaven according to shia islam? what will happen to them on they day of judgment?
  2. roses


    also how are we going to look like? what language are we going to speak? is there gona morning afternoon and night time? can it rain in heaven?
  3. roses


    I want to get a tattoo but im not sure if its haram? I just want one
  4. sorry for late reply. I tried hard but things are the same. They always will... I dont know what to do. Next year its my last year of high school, and I dont what Im doing after that. Im not doing well in school.I feel so disconnected from this life. All my friends are ahead of me and im just here not knowing what to do. im still trying to do the things i care about... its just hard because there are things i have to deal with everyday..
  5. roses


    Hi, i dont really know much about whats gona happen in heaven all i know is that there are levels of heaven and yeah thats it. so i have questions thawould be great if you could answer. So when we (inshallah) go to heaven will we remember our past lives? will we remember our family, friends? My friends say we wont rember anyone and it makes me sad because i want to remember my life. and will heaven look similar to earth? will there be a sky a tv are there gona be tv to watch movies like will it be similar to this earth?
  6. can Allah make miracles happen to us or do they only happen to the prophets? Usually the impossible ones so having a disease that has no cure and then u find out it was gone etc
  7. roses


    what days are recommended when wanting to fast outside the month of ramadan? did the prophet really fast every mondays and thursdays?
  8. Thanks, I have been making dua nearly everyday since 2016, I did ziyarat ashurabthingy 40 days and many other things and my needs have not been answered and instead things got even worse unfortunatly. I still make dua because I know Allah is testing me but sometimes its hard, thinking about all the time i sacrifised, but i know Allah has a plan and i really hope he fulfil my needs. its just really hard like this life. now I cant really do that much because I had a back operation and now i get exhuasted and i just want to heal and do good things :( I feel stuck...
  9. thanks, i dont think i canbgo see a docter because im to scared to tell people my problems in person, but im going to start to do things i like... thank you for your advice! hope things are easy for you too and everyone else in the world struggling
  10. Thanks, i try to be grateful, everyday. I was gona send this as private message but its not allowing me for some reason. So yeah Idk I just feel like I will never ever heal..I want to heal because Im tired of being sad everyday. I just feel numb and tired and sick.
  11. I get you. Im just tired of everything too. Im almost 17 and im still sad. it really sucks. everything that i usdd to enjoy is all gone and means nothig to me. i have no desire to do anything anymore. i always care and help people but they never do the same. i try to be grateful though cause i know there are people who are worse than me. and now i feel like i know the reason why my life is a mess. i feel its because I use to be so ungrateful that Allah made my life worse now and is punishig me for it. right now all i wish is to go back to the days and change everyhjng, but that will never ever happen and knowing that hurts so much.
  12. hi does anyone know were I can find the shia tasfir of the quran? I want to study the quran and know the meaning behind each verse
  13. roses


    is everyone going to taste hell? it makes mesad when i think about. how is it fair that even some good muslims get to taste hell. whats the purpose of this life if majority of us is going to be in hell for a while.
  14. So pardaise has 7 levels. And thats all i know. I want to know what each level is, whats the difference of a high level and a low level if Allah said you can have anything you want in paradise??. what if our loved ones is in another level and we want to see them? wouldnt we be sad? and Allah said no will be sad in heaven. soome please explain everything .
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