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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, Thinking is definitely not a bad thing. IN FACT it is the best thing you can do! but the question is how do you use your thought? You gave to uchannel your mental energy in the right direction. Maşallah the fact that you have so much mental energy is a good sign as it shows you are intelligent. The prophet Muhammad (saw) used to spend entire days in a cave mediating and contemplating and this was a LARGE portion of his life before prophet hood. Thé worst people are the ones who don't think at all and these are people like the Khawarij who are the dogs of hell. So I would advise you to get creative with your thought, try new things such as painting, drawing or even poetry. Jut like physical energy, mental and spiritual energy need to be used otherwise they work against you. Mat Allah bless you! And remember YOUR MİND IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ALL of the computers on this earth comboned because Allah's creation is amazing and these earthly technologiesare nothing compared to what God has given you.
  2. Of course islam is against communism, down with the soviets! They are indeed aouleaa pigs! my main point was that many people have the misconception that the US created the Talian when they didn't. All th US did was fund the mujahideen which was made up of various factions including the taliban. The ideology of the Taliban was mostly supported by the Pakistani government.
  3. Islam doesn't compromise, whether it's for a mercantile or society union. İslam is unique. History has proven this as we can look at examples like the Iranian revolution, where although Khomeini was supported partially by the tudeh party, he rejected communism in the end and established Islamic government. Another example is the Afghan mujahideen in the 1980s. The mujahideen fought off the Soviet Union and although they were supplied by the United States the US was unable to enforce capatalistic ideology on the afghans, because all of the mujahideen had (a variety) of Islamic governance initiatives.
  4. In terms of death, I wish for a death like Zayd ibn Ali (as) inshallah. Allah elevated his status to unimaginable heights
  5. No I dont support Mawdudi Lol. It's Just a cover up so I can conceal my real identity.
  6. Thanks brother! Yes, I'm currently studying about twelver theology and inshallah Allah will guide me on my journey
  7. Asaalaalaikum, Im glad to say that im now a SHIA! Alhamdulillah! Why did I take this decision? Because I've been reading and contemplating and reflecting about Islam and my beliefs. One thing I have especially been thinking about is Islamic history. I look at the lives of the sahaba and I realize there are many virtues in their lives, however the sahaba in general are clearly not healthy examples to follow and I believe that the Ahlulbayt is the clearest and PUREST path to the true sunnah of Rasoolullah (saw)! This is because although the sahaba such as Umar ibn al Khattab and Abu Bakr did many good things and made genuine efforts towards Islam, it is clear that they are not the best examples for me to follow. For example, Abu Bakr was the first person to do Takfir as he declared war on those not willing to pay zakat, Its clear that the sahaba have categories: I believe that many sahaba had flaws in their character but were still overall good people as they strived for Islam with everything they had. However there are some sahabas that are just very bad in character. For example Khalid Ibn al Walid was the commander of the muslim army for many years and many sunnies glorify him because of his military accomplishments, but clearly he had no morals. He killed many innocent people and even killed a muslim man and raped his wife. DISGUSTING! I cant follow someone like that! I think that If someone takes Khalid Ibn AL Walid as a role model they will end up joining ISIS, Al Qaeda or the Taliban. Another example of a despicable sahaba is Muawiya which I'm sure I don't need to talk about. ON THE FLIP SIDE..... The Ahlulbayt are cleary of a higher status,and the division of the ummah from the start is very clear. Now I'm a follower of Ali (as), Hassan (as), Hussain(as), Zain UL abadeen (as) and Zayd ibn Ali (as)!!!! By following these individuals I truly believe that I will be a follower of MUHAMMAD RASOOLULALH (saw). However one may ask the question, why do I need to be shia to love the ahlulbayt?? My answer is that yes, sunnies do also love the ahlulbayt, but the problem of sunnism is that they dont condemn sahabas who committed oppression! I will never be a supporter of ANY tyrant and oppressor! the following hadith payed a big part in me becoming Shia: "The Messenger of God sent Khalid b. al-Walid to the people of the Yemen inviting them to Islam, and I was among those who went with him. He persisted in the matter for six months, but they did not respond, so the Messenger of God sent 'Ali b. Abi Talib and ordered him that Khalid and those who were with him should return, but if any of them would like to follow him he should allow them. Al-Bara' said, "I was one who followed 'Ali, and as we reached the borders of the Yemen the people got the news. They gathered around him and 'Ali led us in the morning prayer. When he had finished [the prayer], he lined us up in one row. Then he moved before us, praised and extolled God, then read to them the letter of the Messenger of God. All of Hamdan embraced Islam in one day, and he wrote to the Messenger of God about it. When the Prophet read 'Ali's letter he fell down, prostrating himself to God. Then he sat up and said, 'Peace be upon Hamdan, Peace be upon Hamdan' [After the conversion of Hamdan] )he people of the Yemen followed in succession with their acceptance of Islam" - narrated by Tabari. alhamdulillah! Its time to take a stand, to take my own path! The iranan author Ali Shariati says: "My father chose my name, my ancestors chose my last name, thats enough. I myself choose my way!". I was born a hanafi sunni but now im a Shia. Furthermore, the Quran says: "(53:38) No soul shall bear the burden on another" (Wa La tazitru waaziratu wizra ukhra).
  8. Thanks for the reply's brothers, So here's a QUESTION: If the Ahlulybayt would have been in charge at the times of Abu bakr, Umar and uthman and so on...would they carry out the conquests of Persia and byzantine etc? And if so would they conduct them differently and HOW?
  9. Interesting.....whatever happened to 'LA IKRAHA FIDEEN'? Arent things like Jizya part of deen? Also, many people like to romanticize the Islamic conquests. For example, when Umar ibn Al Khattab invaded Persia it took a long time to actually conquer the WHOLE of Persia as there were many rebellions. Think of it from the perspective of the Persians. Some Arabs just come and invade your nation and you don't even know what Islam is and they start killing and taking women slaves etc. Furthermore, there is a big difference between conquests such as the conquest of Perisa and the fath al mecca and the conquests of Rasoolullah. Rasoolullah (saw) was invited to Madinah by the Ansar and no one invited Umar or Abu Bakr etc. Also, why shouldn't I compare these conquests to ISIS, Alqaeda and Ikkwani Ideology? Because its the same thing technically, The founder of the Ikhwan Al Muslimeen Hassan Al Banna said: " It is the nature of Islam to conquer the world and impose its laws on the entire planet". Our prophet sent letters to the monarchs of Persia , Byzantium, Egypt and Abasyniss and he encouraged preaching...not forcing, invading and killing (Although there some exceptions). Also, to your point about the nature of the start if the islamic period.... it's still the same case.. your either conquer or comply with another ideology. For example, if you live in the west and your a muslim are you a kuffaar? No, i don't think so, however using YOUR LOGIC we should wage a war against the western governments under which we live because they are not Islamic.
  10. Asaalaamualaikum, I'm a Hanafi Sunni and I have recently been researching the conquests conducted after the death of Rasoolullah (saw) and tbh this is quite a depressing subject to read about. Abu Bakr waged a war against Byzantium, Umar invaded Persia, Uthman invaded East Africa and Afghanistan, the Ummayads took the rest of North Africa and Spain and so on and so on... etc. But I think to myself... WHY? to me... all of this sounds like ISIS ideology... just expansion on steroids. Is it really an Islamic belief that we should conquer the world and enforce sharia on everyone? Id likes to think not. However, one interesting thing that caught my attention is that Hazrat Ali (RA) didn't take part in any conquests after the death of Rasoolullah. My Question is that is this completely true and if so then why? Many sunnies would say that it was because he was a valuable asset to the ummah and therefore stayed in Madinah and helped the Khalifas with state affairs. But that just doesn't add up, because Ali (RA) fought in all the major battles (Badr, Uhud, Khaybar etc.) and indeed he was a great warrior. SO WHAT IS THE REAL REASON THAT ALI (RA) DIDNT TAKE PART IN THESE CONQUESTS???? PLEASE EXPLAIN (USING REFERENCES)
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_ovV_H_Xe4&index=21&list=PLrmhG99KQod3TUWX4CWpKqk9qIOhKDltj Beautiful Imam Zayd (RA) Nashsheed
  12. Salaam brother, I guess one problem with my line of thought may be that I'm trying to know what I don't know. After all, Allah knows everything in the heavens and the earth and Allah knows the secrets of every individual's heart. The philosopher Frithjof Schuon says: “It is impossible to describe a landscape so validly as to exclude all other descriptions, for no one can see the landscape in all its aspects at the same time, and no single view can prevent the existence and validity of other equally possible views” Therefore we cannot see the full truth of any matter, only Allah can. However I still think its important to have empathy and I think Empathy is much more important than sympathy. Furthermore, I think a very important point was raised in this thread that as well as evil there is also mercy everywhere. Come to think of it, I've met people who grew up in desrtuctive environments and have had completely different reactions. For example, I knew this guy from Afghanistan and he used to tell me about his rough childhood and stories about being ambushed by the Taliban. When this particular individual came to england he started to get involved in crime such as drug dealing and robbing people and one day I said to him "why are you robbing people, don't you care about Islam?" He replied "Im going to Hell anyway, so there's no hope". ON THE FLIP SIDE... I also met this women who was a refugee from Syria and she also had a hard life, but she was very thankful to Allah that she was bought into safety. She said to me "My God is the god of mercy" and he said to me that she abstains from sinning only because she loves Allah and not because she fears punishment. So I guess different hearts react to their environments in different ways. Those whom Allah chooses to guide cannot be misguided. Alhamdulillah I recently read about Imam Zain Ul Abedeen (RA) who witnessed the massacre of Karabla and who witnessed his father Imam Hussain (RA) being killed. He had a hard life but he reacted to this with more compassion and love. He used to give so much to the poor and feed the hungry and he done so much for Islam and spreading knowledge through the globe. Subhanallah.
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