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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So i just made the account because i dont think ill find the same support and love im seeing here from the questions and answers provided...loving this site so far. Im just so lost in my love life so far. Im a beautiful 22yo woman from an arab background and since i was 13 it was kinda my dream to get married and have someone by my side to love and support. I was just always one of those people who thought my life would better that way. My sisters got married and i hate how their lives are bc of how their husbands and families etc are so my mum decided its best for me to continue my studies which im totally ok with i mean thats the only good thing going on in my life anyway; uni life. Its just, ive always been one to talk about what kinda man i want what kinda life I wanna lead with him but my friends never really cared about that part...now im 22 and my friends are either married,engaged or pregnant. Except for me. And i was the person who would always dream of having a man by my side during my studies and during my everything. I know everything happens slowly but i just hate how my life is still because of basic female needs. Like i need a man for alot of reasons and im so depressed that i think having a passionate intimate morning with a man would help me function throughout my day...but i dont understand why i have to wait this long for the right man to come knocking on my dads door. All the woman with good sons have proposed to woman around me surrounded by me all the time and i never once struck out to anyone. Men aproach me sure but i dont want the haraam love. I need dat halal love. I know some of you will be saying you have to wait maybe your nseeb will be better then those you’ve seen like ok i know this...but everyday goes by and im here sitting like wth...its been too long. I look at men i never lower my gaze its too hard to stare away from men and i like the attention but i never act on it...i just want someone to tell me itll be ok. Idk.
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