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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @Qa'im You do amazing work brother. Jazakallah khair.
  2. Good question. I do not have the knowledge to answer you. I suggest asking a qualified scholar or your marja'. There's a great Android App called Ask Those Who Know where you can message scholars. If you do taqlid of Ayatollah Sistani then his website is: sistani.org However, you may find this really helpful: https://www.al-islam.org/youth-and-spouse-selection-ali-akbar-mazaheri/chapter-six-selection#eighth-way-seeing-each-other If you look at chapter 6, the scholar explains stages of getting to know a potential spouse. In stage 7, he explains the stage of "Direct Talk". Quickl
  3. Source? If you are flirting or joking around then yes. But if you are having a serious and professional/formal conversation/dialogue to ask important questions to learn about your potential spouse then I don't believe there's anything wrong with that. It's even encouraged. He's quite clear actually. He disallows being friends with them. He also disallows joking around with them. Professional/business-like interactions are fine though. Generally the interactions should be based on necessity.
  4. The Mahdi: Understanding the Awaited One eBook: Al-Khabbaz, Sayyid Muneer: Amazon.ca: Kindle Store I came accross this book recently and it looks quite good. Perhaps it may answer your questions^
  5. Yeahh I heard something along these lines too, even tried looking for it, but couldn't find it
  6. It's quite common for guardians to tell their children, "Don't talk to strangers". If a girl is sweet and friendly to everyone, then I don't think there's anything virtuous about that. In my humble opinion, it's a sort of shortcoming that should be worked on. It could invite unnecessary troubles towards her. Even a guy shouldn't be like this. Opening up to and being excessively soft and polite with everyone isn't wise (and may not even be permissible depending on how one defines this). I'm not saying one should be rude or disrespectful, but they should just be professional and respectful
  7. Dear brother, very bad and self-destructive idea. Please read my earlier post here and brother @Abu Hadi's post.
  8. Follow it. But that's why I said, better to make a decision yourself first and only do Ishikara if you really really can't decide on something.
  9. @Sabrejet Thanks for sharing your story. I'm aware of another story (several others) that mirrors yours considerably, although still kind of different. Personally I think istikharas should be a last resort, like if you just really can't make a decision then yeah go for it. But I've seen Molanas suggest that it's better to first try and make a sound decision yourself. In my opinion, here are some other important lessons/reflections which can be derived from these kinds of experiences, they're all kind of related: 1. Never compromise on following the holy shari'a. i.e., when w
  10. Salaam brother, very sorry to hear, may your situation better inshaAllah, will pray for you. Thank you for your word of advice. It has definitely been positively impactful.
  11. Salaam brother, I suggest you follow brother @Abu Hadi's advice. InshaAllah everything will be good. Just maintain good akhlaq but be firm and confident in what you believe in. Also, is it possible for you to switch into a diff group with a diff topic? Perhaps just kindly explain the situation to the teacher and ask her to just place you in a diff group. May Allah bless you.
  12. Actually brother @Muhammad Al-Hurr was correct. What that other person from 2011 (lol) was saying was that if any wet najasat or an object contaminated with a wet najasat, dries up, then it automatically becomes pure. This is false. It will simply lose its ability to transfer najasat (with the condition that if whatever is touching it is also dry), but it will still be najis. So if my hands are dry and I touch it (the dry contaminated object) then the najasat won't transfer to my hands. However, until the contaminated object is purified, it won't become tahir/pure. Taharat & Najas
  13. @Zainuu Salaam Brother, I haven't read this whole thread yet but interesting question. I have been thinking about this concept lately too. This is my current understanding and position on Tawassul: I believe that yes, tawassul is fine. I believe that we must the do it while having nothing but firm tawhid in our mind and heart. We must obviously believe that we are asking the Ahle Bayth's help and they can only help us with the permission of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). With the special powers, grace, and permission that Allah has granted them. I am not qualified to
  14. That sounds really fun! Where I am, it’s freezing outside like half the year . Never tried cold weather/winter hikes before, but it doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea now that I think about it, I’m getting flashbacks of watching those Narnia snowy forest scenes. What kinda places do you like to hike at? And mashAllah great friend you have. Lol nice, BBQ is the best. Plowing fields sounds interesting lol, like a good way to get some time for personal reflection, you a farmer? Love road trips. My longest road trip was 12 hours, should’ve been 9 but we took too many
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