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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yooo it's Ali-f! Alhumdollillah, how are you man, shiachat misses your random fiqhi inquiries. Lol jk, I wasn't even around then, but learned a lot from them.
  2. Actually brother, countless researchers and physicians are seeing it, but they're being brutally censored. Please see this, all peer reviewed stuff: Ivermectin in COVID-19 | FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (covid19criticalcare.com). Before dismissing it as a random non-credible site, please click on the "Network & Support" Tab. @Son of Placid You might find this interesting, Dr. Pierre Kory's and the FLCCC's Covid19 prevention protocol: I-MASK+ Protocol | FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (covid19criticalcare.com)
  3. I found the part in the red a little confusing too, because feminism hasn't even spared the intimate life of a man and women...Feminism is now even injecting their toxicity, i.e., trying to introduce feminism-guided behaviour, in the bedroom too (e.g. I paraphrase/possibly exaggerate and foretell a bit: feminists are trying to discuss and make a case that the normal physical intimate activity that occurs between man and woman, that is normally pleasing for both man and woman, is too man-orientated and should be changed to cater to the "woman" more. (Also, what's funny is that they don't even believe in gender in the first place, and they're even trying to eliminate the notion of "biological sex" too lol.) I've gone on a tangent, my bad, but there's just too many issues with feminism).To cut it short, feminists are even now beefing with normal sexual intimacy, so they'd also likely not be pleased with themselves offering their bodies to men in the first place. That's why I found what @MexicanVato said in the red confusing. But I believe brother @MexicanVato meant that, from a man's perspective, seeing so many great women falling for the trap of feminism and adopting feminist ways of thinking, the only thing a man has to gain from women nowadays (talking about feminist-competitive-masculine-unnaturally.high.testosterone.level, women) is their bodies, for satisfying natural desires, because unfortunately they're losing their other truly feminine and womanly non-physical qualities. I empathize with and share the brother's sentiments to a good extent, but I'm still optimistic that there're still non-feminist women out there, who recognize the beauty in difference, the beauty in a natural(!), complementary, traditional, man-woman relationship. Sister, I think you do not know what feminism entails. It might seem like a pretty title and movement, but it's full of contradictions. It's against Islam. It's against traditional gender roles, marriage, motherhood, binary gender and sexuality, and so many other perfectly good things. Feminism rests on the premise that truth is validated by one's self, to be more precise: one's ego, arrogance, pride, and lowly desires. What's true is what satisfies the "I". It has dangerous consequences. Obviously, real injustice and abuse towards women is wrong and we're all against that, but "feminism" just uses this stuff as click-bait. In reality, it's about much more for them. For them, it's about shirk. It's about worshipping one's corrupt desires at all costs. Now some feminists might come after me, trying to poke holes in the accuracy of my description of their ideology, but I feel I gave it a pretty honest description. If not, my apologies, please correct me. For the above reasons (which is an extremely brief summary)^. And it's not really about taking it personally. I'm just trying to be real. Truthfully speaking, it's a great plague that destroying society by slowly killing off its women. Anyway, sorry to derail the discussion sister, but inshaAllah you find the man of your dreams. Pay close attention to men with great taqwa and akhlaq. Chivalry should automatically be encompassed in these two.
  4. Salaam, welcome to the path of the Ahlal Bayth (a). Check these out, inshaAllah you find them beneficial: https://ehawza.com/ https://imamsadiq.tv/en https://edu.kawtharlearningcircle.org/ Also, carefully explore the playists of this great channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/safintunnajaah/playlists
  5. Thanks brother. Do you have any evidence for this? I tried searching on the Canadian Centrum website but couldn't find anything. However, on the UK website they admit that it is not halal. While they say the Middle East ones are specfically formulated to be porcine free, they don't mention anything about NA: Are Centrum multivitamins halal? No. Centrum multivitamins marketed in Europe contain vitamins derived from pig gelatine (pigs are not Halal). Please note that Centrum multivitamins marketed in the Middle East are specifically formulated to be 100% porcine free, in line with local Middle East Board of Health requirements https://www.centrum.co.uk/faq/
  6. I wanted to buy Vitamins but discovered that a lot of popular and easily accessible Western Vitamin brands are not halal as they use animal sources (as indicated by the companies themselves on their websites). I'm happy to see the shiachat Wilaya halal vitamins advertisement, but if anyone else knows other halal vitamins too then please suggest.
  7. Np. Woahh lol, can't imagine how difficult that must've been. Crazy. To learn about tha day to day islamic laws (assuming you do taqlid of Ayatollah Sistani) you can just refer to the following (and read the relevant parts): 1- https://www.al-islam.org/ritual-and-spiritual-purity-sayyid-muhammad-rizvi (The Ritual and Spiritual Purity by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi - has lots of useful commentary/explanations/personal and practical guidance on the day to day islamic laws pertaining to cleanliness) 2- https://www.sistani.org/english/book/49/ (Jurisprudence Made Easy, booklet/book featured on Ayatollah Sistani's website, a simplified and easy to read way to learn the most of the relevant day to day Islamic laws. Book is written in the form of a dialogue between a teacher and a student) 3- https://www.al-islam.org/code-practice-muslims-west-sayyid-ali-hussaini-sistani (A Code of Practice for Muslims in the West - based on Rulings of Ayatollah Sistani -discusses important day to day Islamic law matters relevant to people living in Non-muslims countries/the west) 4- https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/ (English Version of the Islamic Laws Manual of Ayatollah Sistani. A comprehensive and very detailed manual on Islamic laws. I'd suggest exploring the material above first as this may seem a bit overwhelming. However, if you don't find any answers above then this will probably have it as it includes a lot of details for each ruling.)
  8. This is false. And subhanallah loved your post! Fully agree, all that extremism is definitely from shaitan. Islam calls for moderation, greatness, and the most beautiful of conducts.
  9. I remember a shaykh once discussing a narration of one of the Imams (a). The shaykh was expressing how even when the Imam (a), when going to the washroom and facing a thought that maybe something splashed on him...he would just ignore it...The shaykh was saying even the Imam (a) didn't pay attetion to these things even though they have special God gifted knowledge to know what the truth actually is...but even then the Imam (a) would ignore it. So are you better and more clean then the Imam (a) (astaghfirullah)? I don't think it's ever even possible for urine to splash all the way up to your arm. Even if you're using an old fashioned hole in the ground toilet. This is 100% shaitan. And let's say even if hypothetically urine did in fact splash onto your arm, since you are doubtful, you can ignore it. According to Islamic law, you are not even obligated to investigate regardless of how easy it is to investigate. Even if it takes one second to investigate, DO NOT INVESTIGATE. It is tahir for you. Your arm is tahir. Your sofa would be tahir too. The application of these rulings is very subjective - ultimately your obligation depends on your perception and judgement... And the fact that you are asking this question is proof that you are in doubt, ignore your doubt. Since you are a shaki/frequently doubtful person, you have a free pass from Islam to ignore all your doubts. Period. Sometimes for normal people there are rules if you doubt this then do that or do this etc. But for people like yourself, none of those rulings apply to you until you are certain you have become a normal person again. If you are doubting if you have become a normal person again, then you are still considered an excessively doubtful person, and it doesn't matter how long you have this status (even if years pass it doesn't matter, you can be chill and ignore all your doubts in this case - according to a shaykh). A believer acts with certainty. Do not act on your feelings and doubts. We are supposed to obey Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى), not shaitan. All this madness is from shaitan, so ignore it. There's no reason to be scared. Please watch that video soon inshaAllah.
  10. Here is an another absolutely amazing article to add to this thread: https://www.iqraonline.net/islam-the-religion-of-ease/
  11. That's the answer. Scholars have said that in these situations the rules of najasat don't apply to you, you just ignore everything. I'm sure the scholars have taken everything into account in their answers. You simply need to follow the religious authority and you are free of liabilities. Period. There are a lot of rescue boats in this thread alhumdolillah. Please use the restroom! That sounds dangerous. You shouldn't hold it for that long, this sort of harming oneself is against Islam! Did you go through all the information in this thread? I highly suggest watching at least this video:
  12. Lol well I've always really enjoyed reading your posts. Wish you success inshaAllah.
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