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  1. In the Urdu language, my favourite is Syed Ali Raza Rizvi. As for English, I find it hard to pick my top 2.
  2. WS, nice, and any language.
  3. This is not because of culture sister, this is because this is what God's law instructs us.
  4. AStruggler

    Should I leave Shiachat?

    that "oi" is too cringe
  5. AStruggler

    I just can't cry?!!! :(

    It matters more than the world brother. The tears that are shed for the master of martys Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) have more value than you and I can even imagine.
  6. AStruggler

    Should I leave Shiachat?

    haha okay.
  7. AStruggler

    Should I leave Shiachat?

    oh wow, I literally just discovered the chatroom.
  8. AStruggler

    Should I leave Shiachat?

    Oh no dude, ShiaChat won't be the same without you. Lol if you really feel like it's better for you to leave then it is what it is. But like the other members said, maybe just come on a lot less. I kinda already noticed you not being the top poster of the week anymore...
  9. Well yeah I believe it's because compared to older guys, we see more younger guys struggling to cope with their sexual desires and making the wrong choices...So yeah, society naturally gives more attention to youngsters when it comes to this matter. Older guys are usually more mature and stuff while youngsters are still developing on many levels... As for the line you've quoted, it's simply emphasizing the sexual urge of young guys and it has all the reasons to do so.
  10. Since marriage is always a big topic on ShiaChat I decided to share the following dialogue about marriage: https://www.sistani.org/english/book/49/2414/ Although I didn’t finish reading it, I really did enjoy reading what I read. Encourage you to have a look as well.
  11. AStruggler

    Marriage centers in the West

    Wait what's the difference between a haram dating site and halal dating side? What makes dating halal?
  12. AStruggler

    Understanding the Quran

    Thanks brother...this makes sense. In the beginning I kinda misunderstood it.
  13. AStruggler

    Understanding the Quran