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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. haram money no doubt
  2. I found another ahadith site but for just al kafi and another book. The maker(s) posted it right here on shiachat a like a couple months ago and I had taken a screenshot of it. Here is the website brother: https://thaqalayn.net @starlight
  3. This sounds like a cheap, unclassy and unmaly thing to do. I wouldn't.
  4. I think I heard something negative about dettol, forgot what it was though.
  5. https://www.al-Islam.org/forty-hadith-an-exposition-second-edition-Imam-Khomeini/twenty-fifth-hadith-satanic-insinuation
  6. My personal view is that I too don't think it's a great idea for men to do shirtless matam in front of crowds of women...Even if men are not required to cover, we'd be putting a lot of women at the risk of sin... But you cannot say xyz is the ruling without proof...
  7. @Anonymous-Male you should check this out: Question: I would like to ask your opinion about taking off the shirts in mourning processions. Is it permissible for men to take off their shirts while beating their chests? Answer: There is no problem in it. http://www.Sistani.org/english/qa/01125/
  8. This says that it is obligatory precaution for women to not look at the shirtless bodies of men. It doesn't say anything about men having to cover their chests. Post the link of where you got this please. And secondly, it says precaution here.
  9. Ws. Since when was this the rule, where did you read it?
  10. That's so shameful and weird lol. Crazy.
  11. Loll you should look into birds, birds the safest way to go! Maybe budgies... A lot of Muslim people do still keep cats though, you just have to be mindful of those things...Maybe just restrict them to a certain place in the house. I have heard good stuff about keeping cats...
  12. Cats are not considered najis. Lol cats should be fine but from what I remember you cannot pray with any cat hair on your body/clothes or I think on prayer your mat too. But they are not najis so there is no washing and stuff required, just no hair of theirs can be on you or I think on your prayer area too. BUT, if I'm not wrong, you cannnot pray with wet cat spit even though it's not najis...It's best to double check though... @Sumerian
  13. Wasalaam. I would highly discourage it due to the inconvinences it would create. The dog will make areas of the house, our body, our clothes, and other things of ours najis (impure). This would mean we'd have to keep purifying things over and over again, and it would just become an unnecessary hassle. We cannot pray with our body or clothes impure... If I'm not wrong, if the dog makes our drinking (or maybe eating too) vessels/utensils najis, then we'd have to purify those things in a special way too...(best to check the religious laws manual of your religious authority). Aside from it these reasons, I'm not sure but I might've heard other reasons for it being discouraged as well, I think reasons pertaining to spirituality and blessings...
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