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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As soon as I read this line I was like this show is a keeper! Relatively pretty clean too as it's free from a lot of the filth present in other popular tv shows. Somewhere in the first 10 episodes, there was a reference to Imam Mahdi (a) too.
  2. Salaam, To what extent should a girl's hijab be considered/used as a measure of her relgiousity? Not generalising, but with the way things are, the situation seems to be that some brothers may have to bury their hopes of finding a religious spuse (if religiousity is mainly measured by the way the hijab is worn). It seems to be the case that nowaydays, even those sisters who strive to be religious in the comnunity, are techinally not really wearing the most law-abiding hijab. With all due respect to all the great sisters, but there seems to be this rising culture in Western Shia communities which makes it acceptable and okay for sisters to do whatever hijab they can (even though it may not satisfy the actual rules of hijab) and be comfortable about it and still be religious and pious. I feel that there's this subtly increasing acceptance and normalization of improper hijab in modern-western (probably eastern too) Shia communities, and those who may raise concerns over this may come accross to the people as "extremists" or the "bad sport's". I feel that for a lot of places, it's not wrong to say that improper hijab is really just becoming a non-issue. Personally, it leaves me confused, makes me feel weird, and leaves me with no words (due to confusion), because some apparently very great people may be wearing not as great of hijab, like whyyy ?
  3. I respect you for asking this question. You are concerned about being the host of an event where you give people a platform or doorway to sin. In fact, it's very noble of you to think about this. As other members have already mentioned, the only solution I see to this is to design/excute the event in a very strict and regulated way so that opportunity and promotion of sin is minimized as much as possible. After that, if indecenceny still occurs, you know you tried your best. If you try your best to strive on Allah's path then iA Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) will accept your efforts and forgive your shortcomings.
  4. Listening to a lecture by Sayyid Ali Reza Rizvi.
  5. Check out the video below from EXACTLY the 12th minute and 40th second mark. It's not too long: Syed Ali Mehdi bhai, Pehla video bhi dekhye. Yeh taqlid ka system humare Imam ki training sai he aaya. Agar apku Islam ki ABC nahi aati tho aap kaisa samajte ki ap Qur'an aur ahle bayth ke ahadith ko itna samajsakte ki sharaaii hukm establish karne ke liye. Aap ku shayad apna naam bhi nahi aata hoga arabi me likhna, aur aap aay khuda ki kitab aur Imamo ki sayings interpret karne ke liye. Bhai taqlid bhoth logical hai, shaitan ke waswas mai mat aao. Bhai simple see baath hai, itna kya confusion hai! Taqlid sirf furu deen ke liye hai maloom aap ko!?! Poore ulema yehi bolte. Usool e diin meh taqlid nahi karsakte! Toh itna kyu pareshaan hore aap! Aaap apne kaan fitno se bacha kar rakhiye bhai, aapke fikr mai bolro. Itne saare badre badre ulama Iraq o Iran ke, poore ke poore!, ghalat samje shayad Islam!? Aur koi India/Pakistan ke galli ke random chota-mota zakir ku bhoth deen maloom hogaya shayad? Deen ku hamla karre dher saare fitne pehla kar log aaj kal, bhoth afsoos hai fitnagaro par. Fuzooliat tezi sai pehlra aaj kal, dekhke raho. @Syed Ali Mehdi Shah Naqvi
  6. Correction- looks like the rope of Allah saying I was talking about is actually from the Qur'an. Not sure if it's a hadith too.
  7. Why don't you look up the opinions of those who've studied the Hadith e Masoom (عليه السلام) all their lives instead of asking people on some random online forum. If someone brings you a couple ahadith responding to your question will you simply accept it?
  8. Firstly, I'm not saying to create friction or unnecessary trouble with the Sunnis. However, I have noticed some Shias go all out to try and create unity with Sunnis, not just normal Shias but some Shia scholars too. It will be the birth date of the holy Prophet soon iA and we'll see all these chants of unity week and all... 1) My question is, in our sharia, is unity with the Sunnis wajib (highly doubt it)? Mustahab? or Mubah? As far as I know, all that's said by our top scholars is that not insult or send la'an to their respected figures in front of their faces. Basically, our scholars have simply said to not create unnecessary friction with them, but this is isn't the same thing as saying to go and unite with them. Other than like Ayatollah Khamenei, have any of our other top scholars encouraged us Shias to go out of our way and make efforts for unity with them? What I do know is that according to the mainstraim shi'a view, Sunnis aren't considered "mo'mineen" as they reject the wilayah of Imam Ali (a). In addition to this, I do know that a few of our top scholars have even considered them as kafir and impure. If I'm not wrong, the great Sayyid al Khoei considered Sunnis outwardly tahir/Muslim but spiritually as kafir. So again, I'm not really saying to have bad relationships with Sunnis, but is it neccessary for us make efforts to have good relationships with them and create some kind of brotherhood with them? Is there even any point to it? Should we not simply just co-exist with them like we do with other unbelievers? What does the sharia say in this regard? Does it say anything at all? Is creating unity/brotherhood with the Sunnis simply mubah? Note: Yes, we might be able to think of good things that could come out of unity efforts with Sunnis. However, I want to what the religion itself says about this. A lot of the pro-unity Shias tend to bring up that hadith about how the holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) said to not create division in the ummah and to hold on to the rope of Allah with unity...However, do these people misuse this hadith? @Ibn al-Hussain @Sumerian @Mahdavist
  9. https://www.mizaninstitute.org/projects -This features Shaykh Amin Rastani and his brother Shaykh Mahdi Rastani. It's amazing! https://anchor.fm/wfksimc -This podcast is called "Become Husayni", another wonderful podcast! Features Shaykh Saleem Bhimji. https://anchor.fm/zoheir-Ali-esmail -Wonderful podcast. Shaykh Zoheir Esmail narrates and briefly comments on ahadith from a particular book of ours. The ahadith are on all kinds of different topics! https://anchor.fm/qaim-institute -Haven't listened to this one. It looks like it's about different surahs/verses of the Qur'an and their commentaries. It features Shaykh Salem Bhimji I believe. https://anchor.fm/cave/episodes/When-should-we-get-married-e8ce38 -Came across this podcast today. Haven't listened. Features Sayed Mahdi Modaressi. You shold be able to find these on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, and etc.
  10. @AkhiraisReal brother why are you ruining the thread? Your contribution to this thread seems absolutely foolish and unnneeded. When you don't have adequate understanding of certain matters of the religion, it makes no sense for you to be going around and telling people about it and attempting to prove some point some using it. Not to mention how sensitive these matters are to begin with, and in a thread like this where it's pretty much irrelevant? C'mon.
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