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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. this is for every brother both shia and sunni. This problem is huge and these are the questions that is usually discussed. Donya is short. Yes for a muslim woman this question is not hard. But where does one find a muslim woman in west that wants to do mutah. And how would her family think of you. if by bad girl you mean someone who just sleeps around. Then how can such mutah be acceptable? since one of the pillars is the waiting period. And if I know that the waiting period won't be followed and that she has recently slept with someone. Is it still acceptable? I don't think so
  2. I didn't make these rules. Nor did I say that it was acceptable to do so. I just explained what I think "mutah over the internet" means.
  3. what a great answer brother. But where does one find such wife? and if one can't find such wife, what can he do? Most people are not mentally strong to handle staying single and staying away from haram.
  4. This is a huge problem in the muslim community both shia and sunni, between both men and woman. Nobody is talking about these problems. This is huge sins, I can't believe how some of my friends are so open about it. They take it very lightly, that it kinda shocks me, and I have to ask Allah for forgiveness for what I heard from them. every muslim parent is so into their kids getting their good education, good job, big house, lots of money and then finding a good wife. By the time that happens, so many sins has occurred. That the time left before one leaves this life for the akhira is
  5. the brothers I know get woman from clubs, and dating apps such as tinder. Neither of those are muslim friendly. both my shia and sunni friends. So most of them have just basically one night stands, with no intention of marriage just lust. Which is a big sin. I also know of the shia and sunni sisters like this, those in hijab, they do the same in secret. They can neither find a permanent nor temporarily wife. Some don't believe in mutah.
  6. they say the formula over the internet, then they meet in real life. They do it to just get over with it.
  7. This is exactly what I said lol. better to leave muslim woman, and have it with western woman
  8. I am looking forward to get closer to Allah not further away and dragged to hellfire.
  9. registered marriage is not the same as islamic marriage, not even close. one is for business purpose and the other is not. It goes very deep unfortunately.
  10. I think reading the formula over the internet. like mailing it to each other, or writing it to each other.
  11. Salam. I am asking this for the behalf of many brothers that asked me this question, both shia and sunni. How do you bros, who have mutah with western/eastern woman proceed with it. How did you introduce it to them, and how did it go. How did you explain all of the pillars of mutah to them. What is the least thing that I have to do, to have an acceptable mutah. And if she refuses wearing modesty and covering her hair, am I still allowed to have mutah with her. if she is a virgin, do I have to ask permission from her father? what if she lives alone or have no fathe
  12. worst time in my life, no joking
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