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  1. My Prayers
    2Timeless reacted to Sisterfatima1 for a blog entry, My dear son   
    I’m sorry today that your father wouldn’t let you talk to your sister 
    it broke my heart and I cried for you 
    I know you didn’t deserve it today and you are not strong enough to speak out 
    i will always be your voice and I will not stop fighting for your rights 
  2. Sad
    2Timeless reacted to Sisterfatima1 for a blog entry, Watching you grow up without me   
    My dear sweet daughter as time goes by I feel more and more we are being disconnected your birth was truly a blessing for me after a difficult time 
    you were my everything watching you grow up and having people around you caring for you and loving you when I can’t be there hurts me alot
    i wish I could be the one holding your hand and helping you during hard times 
    I would give anything to have one more day with you and just play with you like we used to play 
    I miss your laughter I miss holding you when you were sad I miss you singing to your brother 
    I’ve missed out on so much in your life I hate living with this 
    i wish daddy would let me know you more 
    if you ever read this one day my sweet girl know that mummy loves you and wants you nobody what anybody says I never abandoned you 
    I hope one day we can be reunited 
    I pray Allah will always keep you safe my precious baby