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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Again, Iraqis are way more strict and would be in much bigger trouble if they were caught. Other cultures don’t care as much so the repercussions arent as big. So the Iraqis hide it more because the effect of being caught is way worse. No one said strictness = rebellion. All that's being said is that theres a correlation between the two.
  2. Alot are...you just don’t hear about them. That's what makes them good rebels. And this doesnt apply to only Iraqis. It applies to any culture too.
  3. Who's going to fund it? Lol this is so impossible.
  4. Wowzas... someone sounds a tad bit jellyyyyyy. Why would I do any of that when I'll be ruling my mansion in my golden throne love? That's your job habibty glad you know how to do it, otherwise I'd have fired you! Keep stirring -_-
  5. Never read anything so truthful in my whole life.
  6. You seem like you've mastered the craft. Thank you so much for sharing this, it was a very interesting read!
  7. It'll happen when it's meant to happen.
  8. I don't personally know anyone, but Ramadhan is approaching, and maybe you could volunteer to help out during that time? I know that Manchester has quite a big population of Shias. Alot of people would also go to the mosques during Ramadhan. If you have some free time, maybe reach out to some mosques in the areas you can go to through social media, and let them know that you're a convert and you want to meet some Muslims. They might be more helpful if you told them about your situation.
  9. Lol are Brits meant to know any of this stuff ^^
  10. Lollll. And that's a problem because? Every man should treat his wife like a queen, and every woman should treat her husband like a king. That is the example Imam Ali and Sayyeda Fatima set for us.
  11. What on Earth is wrong with everyone? Seriously. Keep your condescending and rude opinions to yourself. If you're jealous then keep your envy to yourself. No need to drag everyone down with you. Be thankful that someone is actually giving some sincere advice to people who might actually need it.
  12. Love means truly accepting and respecting someone and their views and beliefs and everything that makes them unique to everyone else in the world. Did you know her to such an extent? I'm not denying or belittling what's going on with you, but maybe reserve the description "love" for someone who you might think really does fit it in the future.
  13. Meaning we can’t befriend anyone who is not a practicing Shia Muslim?
  14. I'm not only pinpointing these two tragedies, this applies to all tragedies everywhere. Our reactions should be consistent. Maybe hypocrisy is too strong, because much of the time it isnt malicious or intentional. Perhaps a 'double standard' would be better. I didn't suggest we had any of that. But why only have either extreme? Why either be completely silent (or very quite in comparison to other tragedies that seem to hit closer to home) or completely condone and celebrate such atrocities? Why can’t we, as Shia Muslims show the world how neutral we are, and how the Ahl Al Bayt would have responded to such atrocities? Why not Express just as much sympathy for both? Yes, as humans we will be affected by the NZ event more than Sri Lanka, but we need to be conscious as to the effects of remaining silent as to them. We need to show we don't stand for the killing of Christians just as we don’t stand for the killing of Muslims. We all know none of us condone these atrocities, regardless of the victims. But some will take silence or less outcry as acceptance and celebration, even if it's the complete opposite. We have a duty to correct those misconceptions.
  15. I never said otherwise. I think it is realistic, like I said, we follow the perfect religion, so simply expressing the same level outcry shouldn't be too much to ask.
  16. Calm down, the way you react isnt equal to what this was intended to do. Look at that thread and compare it to the NZ thread. The NZ thread is still going, while the Sri Lanka one hardly has any replies. We have a duty to show people how just Islam is, and how we don't stand for evil whether it's against us or anyone else. Were Muslims. We follow the perfect religion. Saying "why should we ------ if Christians don’t" is an immature argument. We don’t copy others, we set the example, and act like role models for everyone else.
  17. Salam, As some may know, there were a series of blasts in Sri Lanka, and many sadly passed away. What I noticed, from ShiaChat, is that people were so much more enraged at the shooting in NZ. Both events are tragic. Both sets of lives are equal. So why are we less saddened, or at least, express our sadness and engagement at this tragedy less than one that is more connected to ourselves (NZ). Is there not a level of hypocrisy when we ourselves protest that Muslim lives are regarded as less than by outsiders, when we ourselves seem to show less sadness and engagement when its concerning other lives being lost. I'm making these claims based on the fact that when the NZ tragedy happened, everyone had something to say and express their anger and sadness, while not even a fraction of that is being reciprocated for other lives being lost. Of course, everyone has a different way of grieving and I may be wrong. But as a Shia Islamic forum who claim to follow the perfect religion, should we not explicitly express just as much condolences and sadness at the loss of Christian lives as Muslim lives?
  18. A wife that was more likely to work for you and get a smile in return - more than enough repayment!!!
  19. If you're seriously scared then maybe you should talk to your husband-to-be? Congrats though!!! Long time no talk. Good luck!!
  20. Hes promised you for 6 years? I don’t want to be pessimistic or make things worse, but if he truly loved you, that would mean he also has the utmost respect for you. A real man would face up to his responsibility and be with you in the halal way. If hes promised you for 6 years that he'll marry you someday and he still hasn't owned up to that promise (either by mutah or nikah) then he isnt a man of his word and he also doesn't respect you. There are many relationships I've heard of this nature; two people are in a relationship for many years and there seems to be a promise of marriage, but its never acted upon, and at the end, he goes for the little good girl his mum handpicked for him. Bottom line is, if you have a daughter, would you want her to be with a guy who's willing to have a haram relationship with her for years, and not even go to her parents for their blessing? I don’t really know exactly what your situation is or why he hasn't asked for your hand formally, or at the very very least had a mutah with you, but as an outsider looking in, he doesnt sound like he has much respect for you as a lady. So when you tell him that you're afraid of committing haram physical acts with him, he responds with "youre his wife" and his "niyat is pure"???? I don’t know if I'm understanding properly because of the grammar, but if he disregards your fear of Allah and committing haram, and disregards such obvious Islamic rulings that prohibit such relationships then....huge red flag. I'm surprised no one above raised this as an issue. Just because he has a "pure" intention, doesn't make any of what you're doing halal. Hes had 6 years to prove that to you. That's literally no excuse. You haven't explained your parents' stance in this...do they like him? Are they open to the idea of marriage for you? What about his parents? Either way, you can’t keep putting off marriage just because you're young. So many people are getting married even younger than 19, and that's both Muslim and non-Muslim couples. Imo this guy is using you and hes just using age as an excuse to get rid of responsibility that would come with marriage. If hes so scared of responsibility, the VERY least he could've done is have a mutah with you (you would need your father's consent). That way, you can still act like 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend ' but be completely halal. The mutah and nikah suggestion all rests on the fact that he is Muslim and you haven't committed zina (apologies) yet. If either of those conditions arent fulfilled you'll need to break it off immediately. As for my opinion, sister to sister, if you were my friend, I would tell you to leave him this second. I'm not putting all the blame on him, you're just as much to blame for the haram acts you've committed as he has. You need to acknowledge that first, in order to be able to repent properly. don’t start with the apologetics of "we love eachother and we didnt hurt anyone" or "were so young ". I appreciate the fact that as a young person, there are so many temptations and if you do meet someone you love, I can't imagine how hard it would be to stay halal and control yourself etc. Nevertheless, Allah never places a burden on you unless He knows you can handle it. Your first mistake was going allowing him and yourself cross the boundary in the first place. Your second mistake was not stopping after you started. But now that you've taken this step to seek help, Allah will acknowledge this. Take this advice. I urge you to leave him. This guy does not have his priorities straight. Firstly, Islam and Allah are not anywhere near the his top priorities. If Allah was, he wouldn't be telling you "I have pure intentions " and still continue this relationship after you tell him you fear Allah. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who isnt God fearing? Secondly, I don't believe he respects you. A true gentleman and a man who takes Imam Ali (عليه السلام) as his role model, would give you the respect you deserve as a woman, and either correct his wrong and actively seek to have a halal relationship with you, or cut it off and stop this whole relationship. He hasn't done either. Maybe he does love you, and you do love him, but I don’t believe this love is strong enough if it (a) defies Allah, and (b) incorporates 0 respect. In my opinion, you should leave him. Cut him off. Explain why you're doing so, and don’t let him manipulate you into believing that he will marry you. Tell him he either speaks to your dad and formalises everything, or its over. In my opinion, you shouldn't even give him that option. The next thing you should do is dedicate yourself to Allah. Ramadhan is coming. Spend your days and nights remembering Allah and asking him for forgiveness and taking active steps to better yourself as a Muslim. And although you are in the wrong, remember, don’t despair in His mercy. He is the most merciful. If you repent He will forgive you. It's simple. All you need to do is dedicate yourself to Him. I really, really hope you see past the things I've said about your partner. I have no malicious intentions. I find it extremely upsetting when I hear about girls in similar situations. Please, save yourself now before you cross the line and you'll find it so much harder to go back. If you need anything, you can PM or ask for help. Tc.
  21. I said "that's not ideal" about the OP being unable to go to a doctor and how his family doesnt think he is mentally I'll.
  22. That's not ideal but there are many online and anonymous alternatives, like I said, check out Kooth, Childline and Sanaritans (a phone service you can call/text and the number wont show up in your bill).
  23. Single girls who wear engagement rings to "ward off" male attention.... lol seriously? Turns out egos arent just mens' speciality....
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