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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Women dont claim that wearing makeup is an innate desire they cannot control. Men claim they desire women in such a deep way but also behave like they are superior creatures. Strange considering that they can't even control where their eyes wonder.
  2. Are you referring to the black lives matter movement?
  3. I agree with the OP. Before lockdown, even after the fears of corona were major across the world, life was too busy, people had hardly any time to breathe. It was constantly onto the next thing, there was always something to do, somewhere to be etc. I'm sure alot of people would resonate with this, especially students, those who have part time jobs or juggle more than one responsibility etc. Although lockdown has been horrible and draining and even unhealthy (physically and mentally), things have slowed down, its like the whole world is finally working at the same pace. Theres just time to thi
  4. Why shouldnt it be necessary? People across social media tried to take back the donations they made on the gofundme page created in Aya's name after they found out she was Shia. It's the result of the lack of unity which gives rise to ignorance that caused people to think like that.
  5. @Northwest you really can’t summarise your spiritual journey in a series of bullet points. You also don’t need anyone to adopt you to 'reprogram' you. You don’t need reprogramming, you just need to evolve and better yourself, and that needs to come from within yourself not anyone else.
  6. @YaAliMadad110786 have you ever considered that your parents are just worried about you? I understand how annoying and horrible it can be, I have overprotective parents too. But as I've matured, ive realised the reason why my mum waited until I was with my friends or waited for a text from me to confirm I was with them, wasnt because she was afraid I was with a guy, but because she was afraid that someone might do something to me. Parents, especially mothers, worry alot. If they want to make sure you're with your friends until they leave you, chances are they just want to make sure you're not
  7. LOL that literally makes no sense. Just because they had no choice and were infallible, it doesn't mean we shouldn't look up to them and their morals. By your logic, I shouldn't feel too bad if I missed two prayers today, because even if Imam Ali (عليه السلام) never missed a prayer, he had no choice, so I shouldn't follow his example. The infallible were sent so we could learn from them. Not so we could sit down and moan that they had no choice and we can never have the same morals and lifestyle as them. God would never place a burden on a person if they can’t bear it. Like I said,
  8. Also, to those who keep promoting and preaching a 'no strings attached' kind of mutah, you do realise even the Western people who partake in such relationships agree that they're very messy and 9 times out of 10 someone will end up catching feelings, right? You all sit here on a high pedestal cursing Western people who have haram relationships and become intimate with 30 odd people in their lifetimes. But what exactly are you promoting? The exact same thing. Except, what you're promoting is most likely worse since it involves a 'dowry'/payment for the relationship. The only thing that seems to
  9. Yourself and many other users have already given your valuable input with regards to mutah and how to avoid it etc etc. I think you can put an end to your noble preaching now. I was born and raised, and currently live in the west. Neither myself or any person I know has ever wanted to seriously do a mutah for the reasons you're preaching. It's not that big of a deal. Men need to go back to being men and not fragile little weaklings who can’t have an ounce of self restraint. most men already do, but it seems the men on ShiaChat need help.
  10. Would you let your daughter/mother/ sister do that? Would you marry a woman who's done that before? Before you go around labelling people as 'munafiqeen' take a look in the mirror. Women, and even men, deserve more respect than that. If that's the only way a person can get a relationship maybe think twice about the kind of person one is. Also, for those users continuously and obsessively posting about mutah, you're never going to be able to recruit a woman/make her give in. Give up for crying out loud! There's more to life than that.
  11. What is he? A dog? To the OP: You realise this man with a "horrible father" has had to live his whole life before you, right? He's managed to live his life without any convictions you know of, and without a crazy scandal in your oh-so-loving community. To marry a man who's turned out great, knowing he had a horrible father, is a great privilege. A man like that wouldve developed into a good human whilst still having a horrible role model his whole life. Now I don’t know if hes a good man, but you need to not be snobby enough to actually turn him down just because of a pe
  12. Forget Yasir Habib for a second. Calling a whole group of followers a cult (Shirazi followers) and degrading them a thousand ways all over this site is allowed? If you want members to stop claiming that mods arent doing their jobs you should express clearly that cursing ANY Ayatollah (whether its shirazi, Khomeini or Sistani) is prohibited, and referring to any Shia as a cult simply because of their ayatollah is outright wrong.
  13. It's not humiliation if theyve earned it.
  14. People have tried reporting before and no obvious action has been taken.
  15. Ever considered that this is because ShiaChat has become so male dominated? What was the last post made by a woman? I guarantee you it has more substance than the oh-so-important threads created by the men.
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