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  1. 2Timeless

    Turbah vandalised at University of Toronto prayer room

    This happens all around the world, I've heard about it from friends too. Some people apparently kick turbahs while Shias are praying, or throw them in the bin, or turbahs mysteriously disappear from prayer rooms.
  2. 2Timeless

    #57 How is Your Diet?

    an Aussie and a Brit similar? Never in a million years!
  3. 2Timeless

    Crowned Sultan

    Thats exactly the point. He is not an infallible. We need to point out where we might think someone is going wrong, or criticise one's behaviour if we feel it has a negative impact on our imagine as Shias as a while. Please point out where you saw anyone defaming his character. I'm sorry, but I haven't even seen something like this with celebrities in Hollywood etc. I've never heard of a celebrity being literally crowned King or Queen of music. It makes no sense. God knows how much that elaborate ceremony cost along with the filming etc. Shouldn't we be making a lesson out of it and instead donate that money to the orphans and widows of Iraq? Or the people of Yemen and Syria? This is just another example of how celebrity culture has been adopted by Shias. Many people feel so uncomfortable in being Shia itself. They need to normalize and westernized all our beliefs and practices. It's almost like people are apologetic when they point out something clearly wrong. I'm not referring to Bassim Al Karbalaie here by the way, just a general observation.
  4. 2Timeless

    Crowned Sultan

    Without criticism no one moves on in life.
  5. 2Timeless

    Crowned Sultan

    I think it's just a sad little thing to do lol. Who randomly crowns a random man? That's so random. Like seriously? Sultan? On what basis? And all the music and visuals in the video...just wow. I'd understand having like a competition for such a role. Like hace a championship for best reciter I guess (even that sounds a bit weird). But having one man being so pampered by everyone is just....
  6. 2Timeless

    Thoughts 2019

    How does one come to accept their own sins? Like after you repent to Allah and you continue repenting, do people find it easier to forgive themselves? It can be very hard coming to terms with a big sin being committed, and not allowing It to let an individual hate themselves and not allow it to get in the way of future friendships and relationships.
  7. 2Timeless

    An Administrator Announcement

    As I said, I don't know of the actions taken by mods. Maybe those members have been banned, or warned etc and maybe they haven't. My point is, no matter what actions have been taken, if those members continue showing such behaviour for months and even years, what benefit do they bring to the site? Why are they not permanently banned?
  8. 2Timeless

    An Administrator Announcement

    I appreciate that. But if an individual continuously shows lack of remorse and just a complete lack of respect for themselves, other members and the forum as a whole, why are they still here? By continuously I mean for months and months on end. No change whatsoever in attitude, and in fact, it could be said that their behaviour and akhlaq is worsening, not getting any better. Yes, alot goes on behind the scenes, but if someone continuously ruins fruitful discussions with rudeness and discrimination I think ShiaChat could do without such members. I also just wanted to mention one thing that was said in the OP. Mods and admins are humans. They have bad days, and they will inevitably hold certain biases. That's human nature. No matter how much we may not like it. What matters is how the mods and admins deal with their biases. Some deal with it well, whilst for others, it could be arguable. Mods and admins aren't infallible and that's fine.
  9. 2Timeless

    Older and younger sisters

    Because men know women more than women know themselves lol.
  10. 2Timeless

    Older and younger sisters

    If you look at all the things most people would consider 'evil' they were created/started by the older generation. E.g the feminist movement, which so many people here are against, was started in the 1920s. I'm sure if you researched you'd find homosexuality and transexuality was introduced a long, long time ago, by the older generation. The younger generation is only starting to accept what the elders started.
  11. 2Timeless

    An Administrator Announcement

    I completely agree. I meant that phrase in reference to our communities and the taboos within them, as I mentioned earlier on in my post. You're completely right, there is no such thing as forward or backward thinking Islam. Here, I was referring to an ideal view of ShiaChat where we are a group of forward thinking people of ethnic minorities (and not) , who will acknowledge and find solutions to issues that would culturally be viewed as 'taboo'. In this case, mental health.
  12. 2Timeless

    An Administrator Announcement

    As people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, many of us belong to ethnic minorities. It's no secret that said ethnic minorities already struggle with dealing with 'taboo' subjects. Mashallah, ShiaChat seems to be doing amazing at breaking taboos when it comes to subjects concerning relationships, with yourself and the opposite gender. But somehow, when it comes to the taboo of mental health, nothing is being addressed. I think the majority of people would agree that bullying, whether online or in real life is terrible. We stand against bullying right? So why is it that members who've constantly shown abusive behaviour and proven themselves to be bullies, are being left with no ban? Bullying can take a huge toll on an individual's mental health. Cyber bullying is the same. Especially when you have multiple people bullying and abusing others in the name of Islam and enjoying the good and forbidding the evil. Isn't bullying evil in the first place? I've seen certain individuals prove themselves to be bigger bullies time and time again, so blatantly, but it seems there has been no action taken against them. They still post the same rude posts. So, if in fact they are being penalised, whatever it is that's being done to them is obviously not enough. Bullying should not be tolerated on a forward thinking Shia majority forum like this one. Not only does it damage our name, but it can have a huge negative impact on the more vulnerable individuals of our community. Cyber bullying must not be tolerated at all.
  13. 2Timeless

    Freedom of opinion

    I don't understand either. But what else can we expect from people who spend their time coming up with genius plans to hurt others? Maybe, in their own skewed perception of the world, they view hurting others as a reward. Sadists.
  14. 2Timeless

    Freedom of opinion

    I guess the reward is satisfaction and power they'd feel after hurting and disrespecting people.
  15. 2Timeless

    feel depressed!

    If it were that easy, wouldn't you think everyone with depression would have their problem solved with the click of a finger?