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  1. 2Timeless

    Illegitimate Children

    And why is that? Because of threads like this. You treat all humans with respect (at the very least) unless they give you a reason not to. What can babies possibly do to warrant disrespect or "cold shoulders"? You see children of zina deviate from Islam because people disrespect them and ruin their lives in the name of Islam, so naturally, they will not care for a religion that they believe promotes hatred. Instead of discussing how deviant children of zina are, we should discuss how we could help them stick to Islam and obey Allah, and have happy and healthy lives. We should be discussing which precautions we should take to ensure the children don't follow in the path of their parents (if their parents have not yet repented), we should not simply give up on them because of a forgivable sin their parents committed before they ever came into existence.
  2. For all you know, the girl could've had better akhlaq than all of us. Again, what matters is our own akhlaq before we go on and judge others. Does this man have perfect akhlaq? No, because he's fallible. Note, I was talking about the ideology, not this specific individual. Certain men often have quite hideous characters, when they manipulate women to inflate their egos. Respected brother, I clearly said I was referring to the ideology, the bigger picture, and not this specific individual. Refer to my previous post. I was referring to men in similar situation, who find similar or even milder imperfections in prospects, (or even manipulate the situation to create a non existent imperfection), and use that to ruin an innocent woman's reputation. Such men will be answerable to Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. Are those men any different from those who stir things up and start rumours? (Not refering to the OP, rather the bigger picture).
  3. You think the Prophet (pbuh) would even call hypocritical men Muslims? This is a little besides the point of the OP, but men sometimes have this twisted ideology that if they see a single tiny imperfection in a woman, they can go along and ruin her whole reputation and spread rumours and basically make her life a living hell. It is this poisonous ideology that results in honour killings, and all sorts of other horrors. You think the Prophet would've just spread things about her? Instead of perhaps enlightening her? The prophet would've suggested evaluating oneself and maturing, and considering the fact that no one is perfect, and we all work to better ourselves.
  4. 2Timeless

    Illegitimate Children

    I don't understand how this is even a question. Not that the two are comparable, but, would you alienate the child of a killer? No. Because the child has no say in what their parent does. It makes absolutely no sense to alienate and disrespect children of zina because their parents committed a sin. Why ruin an innocent child's life? A child having family who despises him/her and alienates them in the name of Islam will only distance the child from Islam, and this result is on the shoulders of those who decide to punish an innocent child. Instead of contemplating how much of a living hell we should make children's lives, we should discuss what interventions to put in place for children of zina, so they do not fall into further sin if their parents have not repented.
  5. Maybe you've got no chance of finding one because you approach women with an arrogant and condescending manner. Everyone has imperfections. I don't even think having social media is categorically haram. This woman could've been pretty close to perfect, and could've listened if you asked her politely to put her pictures down... Anyway I guess it's ended for the best.
  6. 2Timeless

    How not to dress (Men) ** Warning to the sisters! Contains male pics**

    I agree with everything you said, but that. I don't think immodest clothing would be considered the moral downfall of society. I think women are more concerned with the more pressing issues, clothing isn't really one of them imo.
  7. 2Timeless

    How not to dress (Men) ** Warning to the sisters! Contains male pics**

    if a woman made this thread she'd be called a feminazi lol make up your mind do you want feminazis or detached women? lol yeah I don't get why you put that warning, we see men who dress like that wherever we turn, literally. Well said.
  8. 2Timeless

    How not to dress (Men) ** Warning to the sisters! Contains male pics**

    Lolz see us women aren't going to hunt down and butcher poor men who are minding their own business. Each to his own. Lol if women cared this would turn into a 50 page thread. But seriously, some men feel the need to impose their views on women's physical hijab because it's alot more clear cut. For men it isn't. For example, the tank top you mentioned isn't haram (from my understanding), I don't even understand why you said it makes a man lose his self respect lol.
  9. 2Timeless


    I think too much of anything can be bad. In the case of self-discipline, I think being too self-disciplined makes no room for spontaneity. Spontaneity is fun. We don't need to have boring lives in order to be religious. In terms of discipline from parents, yes again, too much discipline creates a very mechanical lifestyle, which may result in more issues. Also, more discipline from parents may not necessarily teach children valuable life lessons they will need in the real world.
  10. 2Timeless

    Choosing your partner in heaven?

    People who are into polygamy will disagree, but, why marry someone you won't want to be with in heaven? Why waste your time with someone you don't love like that?
  11. Salam, I was informed of this ruling, and it's confused me a bit. According to Sayyed Sistani, a man cannot stand under the shade during hajj. This doesn't apply to women, from my understanding. Does anyone know why men can't stand under the shade? https://www.sistani.org/english/book/47/2093/ Ruling 269.
  12. 2Timeless

    Should couples have licenses to have kids?

    But Allah also says help yourself and I'll help you. Is it wise for a poor couple to have 5 kids, knowing each time they will struggle to provide for their kids? Not in my opinion. Accidents do happen, and if they happen, go with the flow, but people should plan wisely. This also goes for rich people with issues providing emotional and mental support for their kids.
  13. I think women in general (not only muslims) marry older men because men mature later. So a 20 year old woman is often more mature than a 20 year old man. So she goes for someone who's more mentally mature and capable of dealing with marriage.
  14. 2Timeless

    Parents and freedom of the offspring

    @dragonxx that's a very nice way of putting it. And it applies to most scenarios. But I think when it comes to marriage and moving to a whole different country, that's a completely different ball game. I don't think I'd ever move countries for marriage. Maybe cities, but that's as far as I'd go. I guess it all depends on the individual's upbringing and how close knit their family is, and how comparable their parents are with them, personality-wise. But I believe we have a duty towards our parents. They raised us (many of us) with a good education and provided for us. They guided us to Islam and they provided care and nurture. I know that many parents would've also sacrificed their whole futures by leaving their own countries, their own families, their whole lives, to move to foreign countries among people who have nothing in common with them. That's admirable in my opinion. And whilst what I'm saying may be a generalisation, (not all parents are good) this applies to many people. If I met someone from a different country and told my parents I wanted to move there, I'd completely understand where they're coming from. I've seen how my own parents struggled with having their parents and families oceans away, I can't imagine how sad it would be for them to experience that all over again with their own children. That being said, it is a free country, and I can imagine how torn a couple would be in such a situation. It's pretty tough. Lol I hope I never end up wanting to marry someone from abroad. Too much hassle.
  15. Lol. I'm not talking about the setting of the discussion. In fact I was surprised to see the seating arrangement during the discussion, it was so much more modest and normal than the introduction. I said nothing about filming in the kitchen. I made a comment about the first couple of seconds. It looks like the introduction of some western talk shows that host celebrities that are idol worshipped. Just my opinion, lol I didn't say anything Nakhshawani. I'm just commenting on the introduction, and the graphics etc. If you don't think it's as glamorous as celebrity talk shows then you're entitled to your opinion.