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  1. With all due respect I think you should forget about all his worldly achievements and his wealth etc. Yes, the age difference is a bit much, but at the end of the day, you should do whatever is in the best interests of your daughter. If she likes this guy, maybe it's a good idea to let her get to know him more, if not, she wont marry him.
  2. Lol interesting how the ones promoting mutah to a Sunni girl who knows little to nothing about Shia Islam are all men. Most girls who get lured into mutahs have had minimal contact with men. Then compare that to the big jump to mutah where you have a full on relationships no doubt it will cause risking catching feelings which will probably be catastrophic since most men who seek mutah are ones only looking for a halal way to do what their non Muslim friends are doing - jumping from one girl to another. The whole "I'm not financially ready" claim is such an apologetic. We all know most Muslim students live off loans, part time jobs and their parents. Of course for the guy it's a win-win situation, he gets the girl and the freedom! What about the girls feelings and her reputation? Like it or not, our societies don't love mutah and crazy rumours go around about girls - and guys- who've had mutahs. And unfortunately most people want to marry people from their communities. Also, to all those who claimed mutah is a halal way to get to know someone for marriage, why just not have a normal nikah? I know most communities have a nikah (permanent marriage ) which they refer to as the "engagement ", and couples stay engaged for a year maybe even more, until they finally have the big wedding and move in together. In that period, they get to know each other more and more. If you're willing to be committed to someone and have a full on relationship and risk pregnancy, why can’t you be committed enough to have a nikah instead of a mutah? In both cases, you shouldn't walk in blind and say "oh I'll get to know this person through the contract". In both cases, you have a background on a person and you gauge out what kind of person they are, their interests etc. You don't need a mutah to know you're not going to be compatible with someone intellectually and personality-wise. You can easily have halal conversations and figure out if you would be compatible with an individual. The fact of the matter is, most Shia boys who go for mutahs aren't always the highest quality of men. We all know most girls who get into such relationships are most likely naive and oblivious. In my opinion, this girl should focus more on learning about Shia Islam and its rulings etc and if she agrees with it and finds it suitable for her, she could look into mutah laws and her rights and then make an INFORMED decision herself, not one based off of men online.
  3. If you can hardly keep a conversation going now, God knows what it'll be like in 10 years time. People who get married and are crazy in love end up having trouble because of the dull monotony of marriage, imagine what it's like with someone you're not even compatible with. If I were in your position, I'd break it off. You're meant to spend the rest of your life with this person and have children and raise a family together. If you're not compatible with each other you'll become miserable and long for a partner you love and are actually compatible with later. After you get married you may end up extremely unhappy which may even affect your faith etc. And don’t give a second thought to what others tell you. What matters is your happiness and your Iman . If you marry him will you get closer to God? If you marry him will you be happy? In my opinion, if you marry a man who excites you and makes you happier, and who is also religious, he will make you love religion more and seek more knowledge. You'll want to pray together, read duas and Qur'an together etc. Hope things go well.
  4. May Allah ease the pain and suffering of the victims' families and God bless Bedoun for such a thoughtful idea.
  5. ^that's how. And it benefits the martyred because it brings awareness to them and more and more people will pray for them. It also helps the living because we learn valuable lessons from them. We also wake up and realise death is closer than we can ever fathom.
  6. Brother, you can’t let one thread be dedicated to 49 innocent people? Seriously?
  7. Ws, Then why not leave the politics out of it for now, since the grief is so fresh, and then talk about the politics later. I can’t imagine what their families are going through. We should remember the victims for their contributions to society and celebrate their lives and pray that Allah eases their families' suffering and grant the deceased the highest ranks in paradise. Like I said, it feels disrespectful to reduce the victims' lives to mere politics. I saw a post on Twitter where a member commemorated each and every victims life and told their story. There is so much we can learn from the victims. We should learn from the first victim who greeted the terrorist with "welcome my brother ". We should learn from the lady who died shielding her disabled husband. Why not dedicate this thread to them and dedicate a small portion of our lives in their honour?
  8. Why is everyone turning this thread into a political discussion? Why can’t people simply express their condolences and move their ego lead debates somewhere else? At least out of respect for the victims.
  9. Oh how the tables have turned. Seems like some missed the mutah threads.
  10. Here's the context you've provided. You generalised that Muslim young men hate white people the same way this man hated non-whites.
  11. You might. Not all do. Many Muslim males I know are the closest of friends with white men and they don’t hold such vicious hatred for anyone. You can hold an anonymous poll in an attempt to prove yourself right, but I assure you, you are very wrong.
  12. Had this been a nightclub I'm sure the media outrage would've been much, much greater. Inshallah the victims are in a better place now and out of this horrible world.
  13. @smiiley001 your husband sounds amazing! Just the kind of guy any woman would want to spend the rest of her life with! (Please note the sarcasm) While @IbnSina is right in that we've only heard one side of the story and so cannot make definitive assumptions, if I were in your position and my husband of 8 YEARS treated me in such a disgusting manner I wouldn't have even waited to see that woman's clothes in my house to divorce him. That's just disgusting and disrespectful on a whole other level. Yes, you have done alot of wrong my lying etc. No doubt in that. But that is no excuse for him to use you in such a way. Secondly, ask yourself this one question: what is he adding to your life? Is he making you happier? Is he bringing you closer to Allah? Sounds like all hes doing is hurting and disrespecting you, and not really bringing you closer to Allah if he acts like an immature 17 year old with all the cheesy gibberish rhetoric of "I only want positive people in my life". If he can do that, you do the same. This advice applies to anyone in your life. If they don’t value and respect you, and make you a happier and better person Islamically and on a spiritual level, let them go. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. Everyone commits sin. You've repented and that's what's important. You can’t take back what you've done (which was very very wrong, no excuses) but you've repented and you've sought forgiveness from Allah. If He, the almighty, can forgive all sins, why can’t an immature fallible man? All the best.
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