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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Shia majalis getting assaulted by government officials
  2. @Merchant110 In Malaysia being a Shia is not that easy. You have to do taqiyyah pretty much everywhere (praying with open hands is fine but people still look at you as it is weird and unusual for them) but never use a turbah in public, people would film you from and it will go viral on youtube, I am not joking, . If you live in Kuala Lumpur there will be a few Shia centers but most of them are private and are always changing (house to house) due to the religious authorities that are constantly trying to "assault" Shia majalis ESPECIALLY during ashura. Living costs in Malaysia is quite cheap when compared to other countries. Right now one of the ideal places to live (for me anyways) is Nilai, Negeri Sembilan coz its close to Kuala Lumpur and there are many houses that are newly built plus the area isn't as crowded as KL. FYI Shias in Malaysia are declared as deviant, and if you are caught with Shia books/materials you will be fined as the authorities view it as trying to spread shiism. But maybe this is going to change due to the recent change of government, but I am not so sure about it as they are becoming more "liberal" I guess, and trying to stop the hate on shiism just like how Malaysians hate Ahmadis and the LGBT movement. Hope that this is helpful
  3. if it was an accident it should be alright. Just like accidentally eating during Ramadan. You should try your best though. Correct me if I am wrong.
  4. @Ashvazdanghe the situation is better than last time as far as I know. Last time people were caught and arrested for being shias, I still remember about 2 years ago a Shia was transporting some Shia related books he was arrested and was fined around 500USD for each book (there was a lot of books). Since the old government was replaced, many wahabis/salafis are panicking and start spreading awareness about the 'dangers' of shia in social media/lectures/schools. They come up with ridiculous conspiracies like Iran killing Sunnis = WW3 or some other stupid stuff, and its really poisoning the minds of students in school. I was refuting my Islamic teacher (politely) since he said this stuff and started repeating it everyday after a while he expelled me from class and I can't come in again (he probably knew I am Shia). Its very sad but life is test and the Haqq is always with Aale Muhammmad.
  5. It's about time he got arrested. Malaysian's are fed up of his corruption, just imagine his wife's belongings (jewelry, handbags) were valued at 271 Million USD (1.1Billion RM) and the great news is the new Malaysian Ministry of Defense just stopped the M'sian army from helping Saudi Arabia destroying Yemen http://alwaght.com/en/News/135104/Hezbollah-Leader-Hails-Malaysia-for-Abandoning-Saudi-Led-Military-Coalition Alhamdulillah
  6. From what I know if it was done accidentally there is no problem and it is valid.
  7. How many times can head be wiped? Can we niyyah the wipe to be one time (or two) but do it multiple times to make sure water reached the head? (like washing arms/hands)
  8. @Khadim uz Zahra Since there is no fatwa related to this I think it's valid, but I am still confused by the hadith in that book.
  9. @Khadim uz Zahra I read some Sunni sites that say it is not recommended and you should cover up the private parts. I also found this: The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) has prohibited bathing naked under the sky and in streams and rivers and also said that there are angels in the streams. In the same manner, washing or bathing naked in bathroom is prohibited. http://www.shiavault.com/books/tahzeeb-ul-islam-islamic-ettiquettes/chapters/6-manners-of-going-to-a-bath-washing-head-and-body-applying-noorah-and-certain-baths But I can't find any fatwas related to this issue.
  10. @Khadim uz Zahra if ghusl is done naked is it valid?
  11. does anyone have info? @Qa'im @Ashvazdanghe @Khadim uz Zahra
  12. Do we have any evidence that the children of the Imams [as] were shi'as? For example Ahmad al-Muhajir was the grandson of Imam Jafar Sadiq [as], he migrated from Iraq to Yemen due to the Abbassid Rulers killing the Sadat and Shias, but in Yemen the majority of the Sadat (from Muhajir's lineage) are Sunnies following Imam Shafiee. Perhaps Ahmad al-Muhajir was doing Taqiyya, but shouldn't his descendants be shias if he was a shi'a? Secondly, why don't we have many narrations from the children of the Imams [as], I know some are not trustworthy like Ja'far al-Kazzab. But shouldn't there be more, as the Imams[as] had many children.
  13. I am very sorry to hear this, I have felt this before. The only way to is to stop thinking about it, stop listening to the toxic person and inshaAllah the doubts and pressure will stop. Imam Ali's [as] advice is: So just keep your thoughts positive and relax. From a fellow Shi'a from Malaysia
  14. So what does the second hadith mean? If we can't pray jammat with them.
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