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  1. Thank you and bye. I am leaving this. I apologise to the lady and her family. She knows who. I meant no harm.
  2. Would you marry a divorced woman with children if you've never married before?
  3. She told her family no. They sed they wud disown her. She sed yes 4 nikahnama coz had no choice. She still doesn4 like him.
  4. Cheers. What bout d children? Shud she treat husband like non Mahram. R u 100% sure bout this. Man didnt know it was forced.
  5. Slm. My cousin ws forced in2 a arranged marriage. Her parents sed u marry the guy or we will disown u. My cousins told her parents that she didn't wnt 2 n wudnt marry him. Parents didn't listen 2 her n arranged marriage. She has 3 children. Her husband n her cnt stand each other. They've not shared a bedroom for 5 years. Was their marriage legit? Is their marriage still valid? My mum sed their marriage in islam is over and her husbans is harAM to her. Her husband won't divorce or leave her due to family pressure. My cousin won't leave him coz shes got nowhere 2 go with 2 kids. Views plz?
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