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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi I feel sorry for you that you posted your issue..... I can see how many people just doubt with no knowledge of your circumstances....
  2. @Sisterfatima1 Which type of rejection you talking about? REjection in relationship, professional side or etc...
  3. Wasalm, Did GOD created BEINGS first or Hell First?
  4. Im very very sad n upset today...and it is carrying on now..praying for immense level of patience...
  5. I'm not good in groups as people in group tend to talk at the same time non-stop and cant hear or listen each at once I'm very good on one to one discussion...and for leisure time..
  6. Waiting for Right Time when Allah would command him to appear , exactly as Mohammed saw waited long to announce his prophecy following command of Allah.
  7. Hmm...SO basically Muslim Men has nothing to do than to spy on who is eating during this month and to make that person feel inferior or defame and get that supremacy feeling by showing off Fasting..Cant men just ignore such scene if they happen to witness..Cant men or women regardless ignore it and move On?Why to be judgemental about it?
  8. I was in the same boat but I have rescued my self successfully...Yes, I do miss my people who i distant myself and pray for them...but no verbal or eye contact in gathering be whatsoever, You cant force people to be kind to you, You got to be kind to yourself first...I know .... It is hard......But IF one has to be honest and kind to his ownself first. Stop giving them anything (if you can) ..Be open about your feelings.. make them realize those occassions that you just ignored their sick behaviour for the sake of having peace in between and get out of it (if you can). It could be that they just DONT feel anything for you and you are investing your everything which is of no use at all....PErhaps, a MAterialistic Relationship...
  9. There are only 2 options or sides for everything..In regards to this, EIther you kill your emotions , dignity and bow down to them and happily accept their whatsoever behaviour OR Get people to respect you by sticking to your principles.. I've been a victim of this and being elder in the family made me think 1000s of time about family re-union and compromises for the Sake of Ahlulbayt and my own blood line but I started to think HOW come those family members have got no feelings of that love, how can they just ignore and bash my kind gesture that i show them...This means WE are not on the same page of love and respect....Infact there is no sense of loving back or respecting back thing in them , Hence i stepped away , and broke the relationship and told them the reason of breaking up, and asked them to contact me IF they can feel that very sense of love towards me being a blood line relative... IF i keep respecting and over caring then things would be fine, If i go down from level 10 to 9 on the scale of compassion and not agreeing to them they start talking Ill things. SO when the love is just one sided and lacking the very human respect and love then its better to let it Go.
  10. Being a Female Myself and after reading your post: I'd suggest you to make youself Independent, Work on your skills of communication and self confidence that you lacking at this stage due to all your saddening life situation. FInd a job for yourself to earn your bread, and things would fall in place... NO One can be of your help if you doesn't know about how to live your own life to earn your own bread. Happy to talk with you in PM or on Telephone.
  11. There are few Shia-Islamic Centres in NSW, you can google or facebook them... Alamdar Granville (formerly known as MWA Centre) located in Granville suburb of NSW, Infact this centre is owned by Pakistani Shias...
  12. Imam Ali (AS) This is wrong, This is what i highly dislike in our people, If they want to abuse / disrespect for personal reasons be it a mere disapproval of a statemetn, we start bashing each other using Ahadees e Masoomeen a.s ...So PAthetic!
  13. I read your above words thrice, I still didnt get your question : can you please re-phrase it for my understanding...
  14. There are many relationships that doesnt need a name or title, there are times where 2 people sit together share their stories,those 2 get beyond the bodily level and attains each emotional comfort zone from where this worldy body that we all own would be lifeless, as one's intention at that stage would not be to get physically bonded because that not his/her zone of relationship with the other person. Yes, Problem starts where your initial step towards such friendship or relationship is due to the only reason of other person being of Opposite Sex or source of attraction. It's all in our Heads, and so it eventually becomes the way we want it to be!
  15. We Would still respect you, regardless of you or other being bit sunni or an complete non-muslim. What all has happened is not because of you or by You. So, why would we be hating you? We got no right to hate you, Even if you follow the first 3 caliphs, Its your belief and a complete personal emotional/religious set up. Why would any one be hating you for that? YOu are one of us ( A human Being) who has same set of DNA and Blood components that we all others have.
  16. We can't do much than waiting for the last Imam and relative of Ahlulbayt family to re-appear and decide about this. Having said this, still cursing with that furiousness, rage and anger is of no Use. PATIENCE is the only way out.
  17. Why is it so hard to be simple and polite in rejection or disapproval?
  18. Sending laanath on them brings hatred amongst each other, Additional to this it also brings up the person's hidden ill and sick characters which reflects when they abuse these caliphates... I hate it totally. I think No one on this earth can feel the pain of Ahlulbayt a.s that they gone through yet we are too intense than them in showing the hatred. Don't know Why?
  19. I feel good reading this, and happy for Einstein and Those respected leaders . Do you mind providing references to your above article, again I truly trust that it is True but a piece of information is not enough for this world, Evidence is needed...
  20. Hi I've issue - as the hedline of this topic , I cant see chat room on my SC
  21. Ohk, you reacted as COnfused, so i thought to clear you.
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