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  1. Jaffar_is_in_use

    The weight loss thread

    Started going gym to lose my belly. Went gym 2 months ago weighing 62 kg (5ft10), Now im on 67kg with the belly still there but less visible. :-)
  2. A close friend of mine has left Islam many times and came back to Islam. He has now left Islam again for the 4th time and is thinking of coming back. He was telling he'll feel like a fool if he comes back again. Honestly he leaves Islam for very good reasons with lots of back up but what brings him back is not Jahanam and Qur'an and them stuff. Instagram posts pops up for him about Ramadan and adhan and family gatherings and he feels like coming back although he still stands firmly that religion is false. What i feel like is in his mind is a lot of fear. He's read all these stories about parents dispensing their children and .... He still hasn't told his parents anything. What do you lot suggest. He's got a lot of evidence and logical reasons but what brings him back is basically Faith and family. What do you lot suggest and honestly he isn't an ignorant person. He will happily listen to stuff that can correct him or mistake him...
  3. Jaffar_is_in_use

    I need some advice/help with my stress

    Hello Im gonna keep my answer short and simple. Ive been what youre going through to a very further level and was pretty closing to meeting Allah on the Judgement day, but one simple thing I will tell you is patience honestly, You see all your debt and misery and being Jobless. It will end eventually. This could be a year a month or a week. The key thing that I have found out from my experience to solve depression is two things. With all the hardship youre going through try do your hobby to get yourself in a better mood. Could be anything. Laughing at memes on insta or playing games or whatever or joking around with your friends. Another key thing is patience. Simply be patient. This is very hard for those who are Depressed but believe me having patience if your religious is so much simpler. Just simply wake up every morning, repeat to yourself with a smile 'this will end' and try put off the weight off your shoulders by putting trust with Allah while obviously attempting to solve the problems yourself.
  4. Jaffar_is_in_use

    [Closed/Review]Who do I follow Sistani or khamenei

    Na I actually dont follow sistani. I follow Seyed Sadiq Shirazi actually. Also to all the people have some respect, like since when cant I share my opinion also I cant remember saying something disrespectful. For some people I have respect for some I dont. For khamenei the only reason why I have some respect is because he is a Shia guy and thats it. Also to answer @Carlzone, the sanctions on Iran where put a few months ago. Are you actually trying to convince me Iran was in good condition. Please allow that. I aint a kid to be brainwashed by Iranian media to believe that. Before trump was even President Iran was in a horrible position. What am I kid to shout death to america while the children of all the people in the goverment are abroad. You people man. I swear. Do some research. Millions of children have been killed in war taken away from there parents so that these people cant sit up there feeding there children.
  5. Jaffar_is_in_use

    [Closed/Review]Who do I follow Sistani or khamenei

    But its your choice at the end of the day.
  6. Jaffar_is_in_use

    What does hair reaching face mean?

    My uncle is a sheikh and he actually talked about this a few weeks ago. What it means is that if your hair can touch or reach your eyes you should part the hair for wudhu. If it cant reach the eyes just do wudhu on the head normally.
  7. Jaffar_is_in_use

    Khums after tax or before tax

    Do you pay 1/5 of your income before your salary is taxed or after your salary is taxed. Seconnd question is here in the uk Tax already takes a large amount of income. And a new employeers salary aint that much. Its obviously enough for him to feed his family but after giving 1/5 of his income theres hardly anything leff for his own personal use. Whats the person meant to do ?
  8. Jaffar_is_in_use

    Banks and interest

    But its impossible to get a loan without finance these days. So student loans, mortgages, car finance is all haram ? Whats a person meant to do ?
  9. Jaffar_is_in_use

    Which option should I or she pick ?

    She is planning to go college for 2 years first to get a better understanding of England bassicaly and the education system and then go for Uni which she will be most likely more accepted by with a college diploma. Her english is good she has been going to classes for a long time she just needs that fluent english accent which is easy to get in a few months if she gets here Inshallah.
  10. So if you lot have read my first post you lot know Im getting married to my cousin. However there is kind of a problem that I have found a solution for. So she lives in Iran and I live in London. I want her to finish her uni studies however if she wanna do that it will take many more years and will most likely distance our relationship. However I found out that if I marry her I could bring her over to finish Uni in the UK and we also get married. So Im 23 and shes 20. We could get married by a year and do the more serious wedding stuff later on or we wait until she finishes when she is 25 which is another 5 years. Personally I feel like Im ready for this and she tells me that she is aswell, Im done well alhumdillah for a 23 year old. Or do you lot say its early and leave it for like when she 25 and 26 ?
  11. Jaffar_is_in_use

    Apparently this is sinful ?

    Um Burkini ? Islamic women swimwear ? Have you heard about them
  12. Jaffar_is_in_use

    Apparently this is sinful ?

    Theres only 2 people I care about in this world. One is my mum and one is my upcoming wife ( Shes a Canadian Christian). If it wasnt for these two women Id probably care less about my life. About selfishness, Yh i get your point how my mum would be very upset however Allah has set a time and date for my death which I will die on one day. Until then I will try to enjoy myself as much as I can. Its life what can we do. People should be ready for us to die. Some people decide to die "safely" by sitting in front of a tv their whole life, while some like me try to explore life as much as we can. If I die in the process, I have heaven Inshallah to meet my mother and wife. I dont fear death the slightest bit, I fear not living life and throwing it away.
  13. On weekends that I am stressed I enjoy to go to Germany and do speeds over 300kmh+ on my motorbike. When my muslim mates and mosque shaikh found out they said this is sinful. Appearantly it is because I am not appreciating my life and what Allah has given me. Ive been doing this for some time and my fiance knows my addiction to stuff closest to death such as base jumping ;Jumping off cliffs with a parachute with a special suit with insane speeds going down a hill 5 meters of the floor. Allah has created me with this much adrelanine. I obviously love my life and got a fiancee. I did miss out on some amazing wifes because they hated what I do. Found one eventually. She said inshallah she will start doing the stuff with me. But the motorbike is more sinful because the chances of death is very high and I can get killed very easily by literally anything. What do you lot say. At worst I think this is Makrooh. At the end of the day Allah has made me like this.
  14. Jaffar_is_in_use

    Why Are There More Sunni than Shia?

    There is nearly 1.7 billion Muslim in this world. But only under 500 million of them is Shia. Why are the Sunnah such a larger group and spread out so much more then Shia ?
  15. Jaffar_is_in_use

    I feel lost, lonely, depressed. PLEASE help!

    I have been in the same situation but honestly its simple. It will go, you wont always stay like this, just like you I suffered for months and wanted to leave the world, but these depressions and suffering are never permanent. They will go eventually. It might take you a month to go away or weeks or years. But the important thing is, to not give up hope. Trust me there is going to be a time where you will be happier. What you should do is start looking at the positive side of things and move on. It sounds easy to write but obviously hard in real life. When your parents are following you to the mall, In your head make it seem as if they want you to be safe, yes you are 25 but look at the bright side. Think of it by the next year or month or week your dad will hopefully not repeat that. Also avoid haram relationships. They cause depression if you dont know how to control them. You say you fear of telling them of getting married. Sorry but you aint 12, you're 25. You're meant to be living your own life. If you wanna get married get married to the right person, the person you feel truly happy with. After you feel secure in him, tell your parents. Yes youre parents arent the best but till when do you want to hide it. One day you will tell them so you might as well tell them now. Be strong, Face your fears. The important thing is for you is to stay strong. Imagine this as a very annoying and long Boss level. Its hard, its annoying, its depressing but it will end. The boss level wont go on forever, there will be ups and downs but at the end there will be happiness. Right now what you have to do is be patient and have trust in Allah. Also face your fears, this is important, the more you stay away from your fears the worse it gets, the closer you get to your fears the better you will feel. Right now be happy. Yes this is hard because you are depressed, BUT, I dont know what makes you happy, but think of that thing that gets you happy. It could be owning a car, or a bike, or a house or having a husband or learning to cook, or being an actor. Whatever makes you happy put it in your head that this tough stage of your life WILL FINISH, and you will get to your happiness. Also forced relationships are haram, if you feel like the person they will give is going to cause issues dont be with them, this will do nothing but make problems in the future. Also you said you are drowning in debt. Honestly I dont know how you done that at 25 but get a job and little by little pay it off. You will feel happier. Work on the weekend or something like that. That is what I got to say. But simply dont give up, it will finish and stay strong and face your fears, and be happy.