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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Rah, this is madness. This was posted a year ago and people are coming back to it. don’t really have anything to say. But since Im into cars, The Shah of Iran, Owned a Bugatti 57C (Fastest car of its time and costs nearly $40m today), custom made for himself. And a Lamborghini Miura Sv. Which are both insane cars, but both of these cars were basically never driven as the Shah of Iran himself has said the roads were not good enough in Iran to drive these. Especially since the Bugatti 57c has a top speed of nearly 130mph with a supercharged engine nearly 80yrs ago !! Either way some awesome
  2. I was thinking about travelling and that. And obviously many countries do not have that much Halal food. So the simple back up Is vegetarian food, right. As long as it has no alcohol in it Ive heard.
  3. I have always wondered, like if I make it to Heaven then what. I have a bit of fun here and there, do this and that but then whats. Its "Eternal" so its going to be really hard to do stuff for such a long time. Like what do you after you get bored. Like what am I meant to do after 1000 years ?
  4. What if I told the rest of the group im a Muslim so in order for this to be halal they need to lie to me that it is not a robbery but just an airport pick up. So in this case I don’t know its a robbery as they lied and said it was something else but it turns out its a robbery ? hmmm interesting.
  5. I was just randomly thinking after watching a movie, if you are the driver for a bank robbery you have not done anything haram. You are bassicaly a paid taxi driver. Like you have not done anything harmful to anyone, or stolen money. Random thought for some bants, but what do you say ?
  6. Started going gym to lose my belly. Went gym 2 months ago weighing 62 kg (5ft10), Now im on 67kg with the belly still there but less visible. :-)
  7. A close friend of mine has left Islam many times and came back to Islam. He has now left Islam again for the 4th time and is thinking of coming back. He was telling he'll feel like a fool if he comes back again. Honestly he leaves Islam for very good reasons with lots of back up but what brings him back is not Jahanam and Qur'an and them stuff. Instagram posts pops up for him about Ramadan and adhan and family gatherings and he feels like coming back although he still stands firmly that religion is false. What i feel like is in his mind is a lot of fear. He's read all these stories about paren
  8. Hello Im gonna keep my answer short and simple. Ive been what youre going through to a very further level and was pretty closing to meeting Allah on the Judgement day, but one simple thing I will tell you is patience honestly, You see all your debt and misery and being Jobless. It will end eventually. This could be a year a month or a week. The key thing that I have found out from my experience to solve depression is two things. With all the hardship youre going through try do your hobby to get yourself in a better mood. Could be anything. Laughing at memes on insta or playing games or wh
  9. Na I actually dont follow sistani. I follow Seyed Sadiq Shirazi actually. Also to all the people have some respect, like since when cant I share my opinion also I cant remember saying something disrespectful. For some people I have respect for some I dont. For khamenei the only reason why I have some respect is because he is a Shia guy and thats it. Also to answer @Carlzone, the sanctions on Iran where put a few months ago. Are you actually trying to convince me Iran was in good condition. Please allow that. I aint a kid to be brainwashed by Iranian media to believe that. Before tru
  10. My uncle is a sheikh and he actually talked about this a few weeks ago. What it means is that if your hair can touch or reach your eyes you should part the hair for wudhu. If it cant reach the eyes just do wudhu on the head normally.
  11. Do you pay 1/5 of your income before your salary is taxed or after your salary is taxed. Seconnd question is here in the uk Tax already takes a large amount of income. And a new employeers salary aint that much. Its obviously enough for him to feed his family but after giving 1/5 of his income theres hardly anything leff for his own personal use. Whats the person meant to do ?
  12. But its impossible to get a loan without finance these days. So student loans, mortgages, car finance is all haram ? Whats a person meant to do ?
  13. She is planning to go college for 2 years first to get a better understanding of England bassicaly and the education system and then go for Uni which she will be most likely more accepted by with a college diploma. Her english is good she has been going to classes for a long time she just needs that fluent english accent which is easy to get in a few months if she gets here Inshallah.
  14. So if you lot have read my first post you lot know Im getting married to my cousin. However there is kind of a problem that I have found a solution for. So she lives in Iran and I live in London. I want her to finish her uni studies however if she wanna do that it will take many more years and will most likely distance our relationship. However I found out that if I marry her I could bring her over to finish Uni in the UK and we also get married. So Im 23 and shes 20. We could get married by a year and do the more serious wedding stuff later on or we wait until she finishes when she is 25 whic
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