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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Durood is also Recited i watch Allama Jawad Naqvi lecture many times
  2. They havent changed the durood stop spreading divison in Islam
  3. Why be against Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamenei they are fighting oppression around the world and we other Shias are sleeping
  4. But you are mixing to different things Imam Khomeini is the rehbar of Muslims and they Recite Durood AS well people are mixing to different things
  5. True my brother May Allah Swt bless you thing is that we are to busy with unneseciary things that we dont care what his happening with our societies and the whole world we are living like slave of the zionism system and wants evil power rule over us when will we wake up only Iran is resisting with evil powers Yemen and Hezbollah is also resisting and Syria did also the same but they destroy that country who resist against their evil plan resistance is only option to take palestine back from zionist regime palestine is getting attacked by zionism regime but almost every country is silent why is that they think playing games and following fake celebereties is more important may Allah Swt wake us up and hope we can bring change
  6. To be honest trump is taking out his army because they got defeated very badly every plan of their failed trump should give up and give up his life also hahahaha
  7. Shia Muslims didnt achieve anything expect iranian revolution they were sleeping beuaty if Imam Khomeini would not have woken us up we would have hiding somewhere in mountains
  8. So nice to see that how much Iraqi people loves Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamenei may Allah Swt unite us as one Ummah InshAllah
  9. Salaam everyone do Anyone know about Abdul Ali Mazari if you do so tell me please i want to know about him more? Was he Ayatollah Khomeini follower or not?
  10. Thing is that we need to stand up i dont want to lie to you guys we need to stand against aggresion and oppression we needs to help Yemenis i swear we can't let it happen just like that it's going worser to worst we needs to fight for houthis to be honest
  11. I think the whole Ummah should be worried and Pray for them and give them charity
  12. But what surprise me is that Yemen has so much faith in Allah Swt which i never has seen before they have no food no clothes almost but they still defeat saudi zionism army which surprise me alot I hope that i can also help them
  13. Brother i think we should donate money also as much as possible
  14. Salaam guys what is happening in Yemen is unbearable so what is Muslim duty towards Yemen what should we do for them they need our help ?
  15. Thanks sister for this message and i hope we all begin to respect eachother with sincerity and dont have any jelousy towards eachother and i want to say sorry if i hurted someone here in this site pray for me and i pray for you InshAllah
  16. We AS a Muslims never had a golden times it was so much hypcorites in this beautiful religion who has make Islam a joke religion and it was after iranian revolution Islam was shown in the right way it's true that Allah Swt protect this religion but he test us that what we are doing with it and before revolution no one knew who Shia Muslim was revolution gave us a identity in the whole world with the help of Allah Swt and his Holy Prophets and Imams and our greatest Marja Imam Khomeini RA before Shia could not openly say their belief after revolution we are everywhere Alhamdulillah so it's our duty to help Iran in difficult times
  17. Salaam everyone i feel that after what happened in Karbala with Imam Hussain AS and his Family we didnt change after that also and we have choosen the path of yazeed LA and we didnt choose the path Imam Hussain AS wanted that we choose so it means only that we are very ungrateful to Allah Swt and will not change regardless what Holy Personality do for us and we shouldnt call us Imam Hussain AS follower when we follow Yazeed La system and look how muslim countries are suffering because we didnt choose Imam Hussain AS path sadly we are hopeless and should not talk to much when we have not done anything for Islam
  18. Alhamdulillah that he is no more may Allah Swt burn him and his son in hell
  19. I think we as A Muslims has oppressed women alot since this world was made till now we dont considered them AS human sometime we think they are our servant which is very sad and the West only use them as sexual pleasure and make money out of them we are suffering nowadays because we didnt let women have role in society thats why we are so jaahil and have no knowledge at all we shouldnt forget that Prophet Muhammad Saww treated women very well and Islam has given women so much right that no other religion has given her but problem is that we Muslims dont follow it and dont give their rights which Islam has given them may Allah Swt give us Hidayah and make is real Momin not only by names
  20. I think Shia worldwide take this blessing for granted not only in western countries but around the world which is very sad to see ):
  21. It's much needed to do unity with All Muslims and dont spread hate eachother it's only gonna benefits the zionist system we must unite with them to let them know real and more about Ahlulbayt AS did you see the result in Nigeria what unity did 30 millions converted to SHIA Islam shaykh Zakzaky MAY Allah Swt bless him he was sunni before and after he converted many in Nigeria also converted so unity is very important to come close to eachother and defeat zionism system
  22. I think it's also very much important to know what you are wearing on your head also it's not simple thing Hijab it's big thing remember the Holy Ladies SA who used to wear it so many have hijab on their head but they have no knowledge about Islam so what should we do then?
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