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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Unfortunately I don't have the time (owing to a busy schedule today) to give a well rounded response to your post. But, I will add that matters are certainly not as 'black and white' as you have specified. It's unfortunate that you wish to generalise about Western women, and their respective families, like this. Are you therefore stating that Eastern families do not seek a financially stable male suitor from an educated household? I suppose the answer to that question may depend on the nature/stature of the socio-economic background one originally hails from even in the East. I agree that some
  2. @starlightBeautifully written, very inspiring and extremely motivating. Reading the above passage brought a big smile to my face. Thnx for sharing your thoughts on this matter.
  3. @The Green KnightThank you for explaining this so eloquently. Could you please recommend some good social media sites that reference such hadiths. JA.
  4. JazakAllah everyone for your insightful thoughts and meaningful feedback. What a beautiful community this is. Thank you sister @starlight for referencing Ayatullah Sistani. Eltamase Dua.
  5. Salam. If one can not bring oneself to read namaz, will their other good acts still be accepted by Allah? For example, what if one was to read the Quran and recite other duas? Of course one knows that it is not a substitute for namaz and never can be either, but will one still receive the thawab for these acts if one is not performing their obligatory prayers or other obligatory acts? Can anyone tell me what Ayatullah Sistani's view is on this? JazakAllah.
  6. Where did this analogy of 'gay people' come from? You just pulled it out of thin air! Furthermore, you can not compare intercourse within a Mutah with intercourse within a gay relationship! You are not comparing apples with apples. Whatever one's personal view may be about Mutah, it is permissible within the Shia sect. Thus, sexual relations are permitted if both parties consented to this as part of the Mutah conditions between two Shias. (For clarity - Mutahs take place between a male and female. NOT between male and male OR female and female, in case there is any confusion on your part
  7. What do you mean by the term 'use her like a rag?'. Actually... don't explain! If two consenting adults are happy to engage in this, how is it anyone else's problem/issue/business? If you don't wish it for your daughter, that's your call. But you can't impose your selective views on everyone. Personally, I would certainly be willing to consider the concept of mutah for my daughter before she has a Nikah (if the long-term intention is a Nikah). Establishing compatibility in a halal way is very important IMO. Also, why do you say that the 'boy' used the 'girl' as a rag in the above s
  8. JazakAllah for reaching out to me and for taking the time to respond with so much sensitivity, compassion and discernment. MashAllah your husband is blessed to have met a tender-hearted soul like you whom he can share this beautiful journey of life with. Thanks for the advise about maintaining a healthy distance - which, may I add, many other people have also suggested to my friend. In theory, it makes perfect sense logically speaking. However, in practice, when one has been raised with Islamic values, has a strong moral compass, and when intrinsically one inherently aims to please Allah
  9. Lol! Like a lot of other spectators, I'm sitting back and watching/reading whilst the drama unfolds. To be fair, it's quite an interesting topic, which if we dare to be honest, must have crossed all of our minds at some point. The very simplistic explanation that I gave to my kids when they were little was as follows: "Allah does not have/need/rely/depend upon tangible/physical/palpable body limbs/organs/elements etc. and/or other bodily functions and/or emotions and/or relationships as we mere mortals do. When Allah is metaphorically/allegorically/symbolically referred to himself in
  10. It appears that we are distant cousins Alhumdullilah.
  11. Please don't apologise - you have no need to. I fully comprehend that the intention behind your thread was only to gauge how many Syeds are on the forum. It's actually others that have derailed your thread by bringing this off-topic subject into the mix.
  12. I agree. Hence I asked who said Syeds are infallible? The answer to that of course is: no-one. Syeds are equally as capable of committing an error as non-Syeds. So, I don't see the purpose of, or the fascination with, discussing this matter ad-nauseam.
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