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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  2. salam alykom.. i would never ever marry a wahabi.. they r nasibiyine. they worse then yahoud cuz they r nasibiyine..
  3. salam bro ALi ur question is very critical. honestly i vote honestly.. i'm the kind who diessssssssss to b a mom.. even when i think of marriage i do somtime think of it as a way to get baby.. but b sure whenever i'll lve someone where i find respect, love, passion and faith.. where i'll feel relaxed and i can get alll passion waiting from holding my child, then surely i'll choose what's more realistic so i'll choose him to love him 4 ever.. baby is a kind of satisfaction, tenderness and peace.. whever i find that i'll nver mind to loose my maternity. fe aman Allah
  4. ya Batoul


    sorry i hadnt time to read all salam alaykom all bro and sis.. i'm w a girl to do muta cuz Alah agree that.. but i cant imagine how our girls these days would b mature when they choose that.. and i dont know when we can say thta this girl is free to choose. every day we get more mature, we change our basc and regret many worngs we did. so i'm thinking that if i fall in true love and i had to do it, would i regret smthg???? so let's b caarefull.. by the way my vote was yes. surely yes
  5. salam alaykom. i know it's not good to b different, sometimes u wish to share them ur thought and ur muta in our religion.. after all u have to go on, ur family will never fight u for ever. mom didnt talk to me for six monthes cuz of my hijab but now she really accept it even she doesnt wear it.. about music, u can ignore listening or try to change it in indirect way, or try to talk with them,. after all the worst u can b with them an dreally listening to nothing.. Allah helps us inshallah to share our family the halal..
  6. salam sis,. dont worry. h0ow old r u? i think u r still in adolelescence. bec it's the age of anorexia.. anyway dear u still have till 18 up to 20 to wait ur period top get regulated. just take care of ur diet.. eat specially iron containing diet as meat, beams.. and so. dont eat a lot it's the quality of food what means. no need to visit a gynecologue, it's a normal case, u have to just wait but dont get worry.... insh get well soon
  7. salam mabrouk........... inshallah Allah will support u and helps u to give more...
  8. salam... JUST B MUSLIM.. AND ACT AS A MUSLIM.. AND 1% OF OUR IMAM aLI(AS),, she'll not ask for more....
  9. salam.. i'm a pharmacist and going on in my phD. does it help?? i'll vote for sis then.
  10. salam alaykom sis can i just ask u small favor?? ini kaladtakom al dua wal ziyara..... just whn u r at makam pray 2 for those who asked u dua and jiyara and i'll b one of those. really thx it'll give me power and faith to know that someone at makam remembering me.. fe Aman Allah
  11. salam alaykom all. i know noone here. so i just wished to talk to myself there........ Allahhhhhhhhhh what to say? i wont start with introduction, but God i'm lost in this ugly life. i'm ugly too. cuz i do sometimes forget u, i'm not acting as if u r always present, all what i do is just cry when i'm alone cuz i'm far, but i feel tired and exhausted to get a start for change. i'll graduate in 2 monthes, u gave me more than i really deserve and all what i do i postpone to get revolved till i graduate. hamdoulillah i'm not doing wrong (haram) but also u need much more to thank u and i dont.. now it's my opportunity to tell u in every second i'm bad, bad bad but i do love u love u love u YA RAB YA RAB YA RAB YA RAB YA RAB. plz dont leave me, plz help me, cuz i need ur power.. plz God all around me far, all around me do not think about You, plz send me some who shares me my interrest and learn me....... maybe a word from a sayed, maybe a hug from a sis. i cant die now, i'm still late and in the same time i have nothing more interrested to get in life. i have lovely parents, great major, and i have my veil and my prayers..... that's all.. God i cant love any around me, God i'm trying to get far from my parent just bec they disobeye You. so i ahve to b alone, otherwise i have to love them and get far from You. cuz i'll b then loving those U hate (maybe).... Allah my life complicated and the worst i'm stuck and blocked and donot do any move.... love Youuuuuuuu.....
  12. ya Allah i was wondering too.. plz can anybody reply to it according to fatawa imam Khamina'i (ha) i'll b waitting ur reply too.. Fe Aman Allah
  13. salam alaykom bro and sis. we may hear many attacking our only islamic country, like in prophet's time, He has been always attacked and we dont beleive that we'll have an islamic country ideal till the appearance of our imam mahdy (aj) but that doesnt mean we r allowed to atttack our islamic country to help for the appearance of our imam so dont b a brain oriented to american's idea against the islamic law. we can never trust media, maybe we hear smthg bad, maybe there is smthg bad but at the end we must support Imam Khamina'i bec he's a good religious sayeed that he's trying smthg hard in the time there is more offenders than deffenders to islam. instead of wasting our time searching for clue to attack iran, let's learn more about islam.. imam Ali (as) apparantly had bad act as u may say, but IT'S NEVER BAD , HE WASNT SILENT BEC OF FEAR BUT BEC OF GOD'S SAKE. so if our limited menatlity cant understand everythg no need to talk. Fe Aman Allah
  14. does it take so much from us to finish first reading???? plz wake up it's ramadan.. 01 Akhi 02-my sis in law finished 03-Ya Batoul's friend finished 04- ya Batoul's bro finished 05 - Bintul Huda inshallah 06- Amr inshallah 07 - UmAli will read inshallah 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 - Hablillah inshallah 15 - ya Batoul finished 16-ya Batoul finished 17 ya Batoul finished 18 - pasdar1 {inshallah} 19 ya Batoul Finished 20 ya Batoul Finished 21 ya Batoul Finished 22 ya Batoul Finished 23 ya Batoul Finished 24 25 26 27 28 - Abdulhujjah: "I got 28" 29 - Slave_Of_Fatima - Inshallah 30 - JlainQatar Finished
  15. salam alaykom. i would like to share u. but since 2 monthes we couldnt here at shiachat end once the reading of Quran togethere, even that i c that we have plenty of time to discuss and fight and joke.. anyways Bahlool u r an admin. do u know that there is a chain somewhere for reading quran. i alraedy started reading quran for the soul of Ayatoullah al Hakeem, our great loss... i'll read with u part 17 and 18/
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