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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My laziness has been preventing me from praying and it's been only getting worse these last 2 months...

    I need some serious help getting back into doing it because I feel like im degrading spiritually, mentally and physically. For some reason I just can't quite put my mind to it and do it I don't know why but I find it so damn difficult.

    I know some of you are gonna think "this is stupid and not that serious", but its gotten so bad for me that I need to ask here for help.

    Does anyone know what I should do? Tips, advice, or maybe even direct me to some verses in the quran that describes this problem or maybe even offer the soloution.

  2. 18 hours ago, Sayed Hossein said:

    there is a famous and beautiful narration for Imam Hossein that inspired  piety and virtue :

    a man visited Imam and said :

    I'm a sinner man and I can't get rid of sins, advise me 

    Imam said :

    perform five things and the do any sin you wish

    1. don't Eat and drink of Allah’s provision and then do any sins you wish 
    2. go out of Allah's territory and then do any sins you wish 
    3. find a place that Allah's doesn't see you and then do any sins you wish 
    4. when Azrael visit you to take your soul (make you dead) avoid him and then do any sins you wish 
    5. when keeper of hell want to enter you in the hell refuse he and then do any sins you wish 

    I didn't quite understand this narration, care to elaborate?

  3. 14 hours ago, ali_fatheroforphans said:

    The problem is that masturbating (zina with yourself) has changed your brain chemistry -  as you can commit zina but you are not able to form connection with girls. 

    This is why masturbation is wrong, it has changed your perception of 'love' - you don't value it anymore.

    My advice - try to fight your desires and never even think of masturbating. Inshallah your brain chemistry will change over time and you won't think of castrating yourself.

    Yep I am aware of the dangers of masturbation, that is why I wish to avoid it. Wierd thing is if I abstain from  masturbation for a very long time I still cant connect with women.

    Guess  I just need better self-control

  4. 19 hours ago, 068722073 said:

    Just look into mutah man. Don't take my word for it, but I'm pretty it's not as serious as permanent marriage, and I heard to do it it's only like one Arabic sentence. I don't think your life will be disrupted or anything too much. Also, again don't take my word for it but I've heard that when one is at the risk of committing these kinds of sins, it is WAJIB to get married. So find out about mutah asap, it's seems like your best option.  

    Aside from mutah, abstain form environments where these sorts of desires are triggered, stay away from these spaces as much as possible! When you try to keep yourself in a "safe" environment, you'll naturally just stop thinking about it so much, environment makes a huge difference! Practice social hijab! Don't mix with and befriend the na mehram! Keep your gaze low! That first small haram act such as the gaze opens doors to a lot more haram acts...

    Don't even think about zina bro, it's just too much of a terrible sin for one to commit. There are SERIOUS consequences for it in THIS world and the next!

    Every man goes through these kinds of problems, you're not the only one. But why should you be that one WEAK guy to screw up.

    I believe you can easily get out of this mess dude, don't get hopeless! Hopelessness is condemned in Islam.

    And don't LOL what the heck, scratch that dumb castration idea from your head.

    Remember, Allah is watching! Also, the Imam (atfs) of our time can see us as well, so just think about that...

    Yeah that's what troubles me, marriage is wajib but well as I said I dont really want to do it but hey im just a petty mortal what do I know? Not  really sure about mutah women dont really like me anyways I dont really know of anyone that I can do with (Almost none shia where I live).

    As for staying in an enviroment that does not trigger desires well thats impossible unless im in an masjid. Where I live with no exaggeration everywhere I go theres zina (advertisements, appearance of women etc.) I know just lower your gaze but if I do that to full extent im no different than a blind person.

    Hopelessness? This I am not, I am just in extreme need of help and not entirely sure what to do. Also castration was just a petty little joke, not really about to do that haha.

    thanks for your  input

  5. 20 hours ago, coldcow said:

    Umm...  Try fasting.  Continue drinking water, but avoid all food.  Eat just once a day.  Studies not only show that this may be healthy for you, it also reduces your desires.  Trust me, I personally do it, it works.  Also, find something to keep yourself busy with, that also helps.  Get a job, or two, make some big time money.  Use that money to enjoy other things in life. 

    Also, you're 18.  I've known plenty of people who've said they're never getting married up until their 20's.  Then, all of a sudden, they grow more emotionally and socially and get married.

    Remember, castration is permanent.  However you can go the chemical castration route.  That's typically reserved for child molesters and what have you, but if that floats your boat, do it.

    I know fasting works, it has personally worked for me but wierd thing is ive never really thought about trying it out... however I need to eat more than usual because I need to get fit because the lifestyle I plan on having requires it but I guess I need to make an exception.

    Im currently unemployed but inshallah I'll get a job soon.

    Thanks for  your input

  6. Salam

    Let me first start by saying that I am not against marriage In fact I highly encourage it however I just personally dont want to do it, which I will explain later.

    I don't want to get married but I also want to avoid zina but I know that I cannot have both choices. If I avoid marriage that means sooner or later I will commit zina either with myself or another individual (most likely the former). Its basically me saying "I dont want to eat anymore" because no matter how much I try sexual desires are a part of a humans need which needs to be satisfied  somehow (Just like hunger).

    If I do get married then that means I get to avoid zina, but the problem is I enjoy being by myself and if I have a spouse that means I cant be alone. I also cant/dont get attached to people for various reasons. But if I just have a wife for the sake of getting laid thats just... wrong in my  view, I cant just force myself or pretend to love them when I dont.

    These are not all the reasons but the most important ones in my opinion.

    Other things worth mentioning: I am 18, male.  Haven't been able to ask for help from our scholars because they are uneducated/scarce where I live. Dont want to do mutah for same reasons stated above.

    Unironically considering to castrate myself at this point

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