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  1. Maha_13


    Thank you! I will send duas for your happiness, health and good prospects!
  2. Maha_13


    I pray that you get it inshallah! My duas are with you!
  3. Maha_13


    Salaam, I’m currently in the pursuit of something for my career and in need of duas. If anyone can make a dua for me I would be so grateful. Thank you!
  4. Maha_13

    Marjas and making things permissible

    Lol look it up properly! Im learning more about being a Shia so use a more trusted source than me!
  5. Maha_13

    Marjas and making things permissible

    According to some marja’s, yes
  6. Maha_13

    Marjas and making things permissible

    Oh okay. Thank you for your reply.
  7. Okay so a question. The Prophet (p.b.u.h) stated that tattoos are haram yet some Marjas allow this. How? Why is something which has been stated in hadiths to not be allowed made permissible by certain marja’s?
  8. Maha_13

    Should American Shia masajid permit Sunni Muslims

    The grandeur in which you say it makes you sound not humble. i think our religious beliefs differ a lot so I won’t go into an argument online with a stranger. While I agree Shia’s are correct I wouldn’t say it in those words to say one is superior and that they’re beneath you. That sounds absurd. But like I said I’m not here to have an online stranger argue with me. I would just hope your language isn’t as brash
  9. Maha_13

    Plastic surgery

    Considering Allah created us all, plastic surgery to cosmetically baffles me. It’s as if saying what Allah created isn’t good enough. If it’s a purely medical reason then I understand, here I don’t mean using the excuse of a rhinoplasty being carried out for a ‘deviated septum’ which may not even exist or cause an issue. Allah gives you sight, the ability to hear and taste, the ability to walk and then you see that you want a smaller nose and think yes it’s halal for me to change myself confuses me. I don’t know the exact laws about it being halal but tattoos aren’t allowed while apparently certain Marjas allow it. But that’s a permanent change to your body like plastic surgery is. So surely it isn’t allowed? Personally I wouldn’t want to change myself even though I am insecure of my looks. I know I am blessed to have my health, why would a new nose make me beautiful when Allah has bestowed this one upon that reminds me of my dad and his mum and my rich family background? It’s as if I’m saying their noses are ugly and I deserve better. Imagine being that ungrateful. Once again im not saying actual corrective surgery is bad or cosmetic surgery is bad. Do as you wish as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Do what makes you happy. But personally that’s why I wouldn’t do it. I hope I never hate my genetics to do it.
  10. Maha_13

    Should American Shia masajid permit Sunni Muslims

    Is the superiority part you being sarcastic?
  11. Maha_13


    Salaam, At what age should a female start fasting? I want to make up the fact that I’ve missed but I’ve read that a female should either start from 10 or 13. What age is recommended so I calculate how many I need to make up? I find it very difficult to fast as I’m anaemic and weak at times but I want to make them up slowly. So if I can fast a few days a week I would be able to make them all up
  12. Maha_13


    Have you met him if it’s jusg online? I’m guessing yes? If you think it’s the right thing, talk to your family about it first and then proceed from there
  13. Maha_13

    Question: How Many

    Yeah it’s difficult
  14. Maha_13

    Question: How Many

    Yeah I said it was more fantasy in my response Sci fi can be very dependent on the time era released. So I love Frankenstein and that would be considered Sci fi but it maybe not the first thing I would think of
  15. Maha_13

    Question: How Many

    I LOVEEE SCI FI I mainly watch it but as a kid I was more into the fantasy books like Harry Potter. I would also read A series of unfortunate events but I also read a lot of stuff by Michael Morpurgo. Now I’m into real life based non fiction but I read the young dystopian types of books. I have a massive comic book collection passed down to me from my dad so I have that too which I love. im mainly in to Sci-if films and have been forever