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  1. How can I delete either my account or posts?
  2. I’ve been told that wigs are haraam this contribution towards them is considered haraam too. https://islamqa.org/hanafi/seekersguidance-hanafi/32011 I mean I’ve donated it a few times but I was told I can’t
  3. Salaam, I wanted to donate my hair again to make wigs for children who have cancer. However I was told this isn’t allowed in Islam. What’s the view on this as I’m finding conflicting perspectives
  4. Mine aren’t religious podcasts but they’re really interesting. - Reply all: talks about the internet - Without Fail: talks about successes and failures - Serial: crime podcast about a Muslim kid who is in jail currently for allegedly killing his Korean girlfriend
  5. Yeah I think after a while I’m getting there. It takes practise and effort
  6. So far my biggest regret was being mean to myself. If I was kind to myself as I am to people, I would have been much happier
  7. I think I can answer this from my perspective. Currently I don’t have a sect. I was born into a Sunni family and community. Everyone in my city is Sunni, they’re the majority by a landslide. when I was taught about Shias i was taught they were brainwashed. They killed the prophets grandsons. They repent by hitting themselves. They’re evil. Some Sunnis have this ideology. They have been fed a narrative which paints them out to be the true followers. Now look at Wahabis. They teach they are the true followers now. It’s a cycle
  8. Anyone know any young adult Shia authors?
  9. No, reading books! I love reading so they were worth it
  10. Collectively, my books probably cost me a lot
  11. Thank you! I will send duas for your happiness, health and good prospects!
  12. I pray that you get it inshallah! My duas are with you!
  13. Salaam, I’m currently in the pursuit of something for my career and in need of duas. If anyone can make a dua for me I would be so grateful. Thank you!
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