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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Shia Youth

    sorry to say but so many parents are so oblivious. they dnt know where their kids go when theyr out, what theyr doing when theyr spending 5hrs straight on the internet typing furiously away chuckling every few minutes, they dnt kno why their kids leave the room when taking a phone call, they dnt know their kids friends, parents need to invade their kids privacy or run the risk of being so 'respectful of personal space' that ther kids will ruin their lives forever. furthermore, when you have parents who never let their kids see the light of day, or socialise with family friends/relatives who have children of the opposite sex, then as soon as the kids come into contact with the opp sex they get over excited and hyper...parents should raise their kids in a way that there is not an irrational fear of the parents, because when that occurs, kids forget that there is Allah who is all seeing, and as soon as their parents turn their back and arent ther to see..the kids will go all out because they can get away with it. the main problem in my opinion is confidence. if teenagers are raised not having much confidence or heightened sense of self-worth, (especiallu girls) then theyll get excited when coming into contact with guys...even if ppl arent all that religious, if they have self respect and confidence theyr not gonna degrade themselves by going and sitting in some random guys mashed up car to smoke shisha. but teenagers who are insecure, unconfident, and restricted ther whole lives, are more likely to.
  2. ive just finished Empire of the sun by JG Ballard..anyone read it? its very sad..about a british boys experience in a japanese prison camp during the second world war...war books can be so gut wrenching..
  3. -alexander the great -Hannibal -Oscar Wilde -Machiavelli -George Bernard Shaw -Al Capone -Napoleon -Jean Paul Sartre -Clausewitz -Thucydides
  4. well right now...the thread started by curious infidel askin what he should take with him on his holiday. like do we care? are we bovvered to sit here making a little list for him just in case- GOD FORBID he forgets something.
  5. for the assassins bernard lewis really is the best. even if you dont like him, and some of his ideas are soo simplistic and reductionalist (muslims r jus screwed coz we r against 'modernity'..not coz our countries hav been screwed over, invaded, occupied, and bombed a thousand times yada yada) his writing style is simple and uncomplicated. with the assassins thers so much [Edited Out] out there thats nothing more than fantastical conspiracy theories, wheras his book on the assassins actually seems quite accurate (altho bearin in mind the very secretive nature of the assassins..nothing is gonna be entirely accurate).
  6. if you can count what you've learnt in a week, you obviously havnt learnt enough
  7. yeah i watched it...it was a good programme..and then the next day..i was on the train and tariq ramathan was sitting on my carriage!! what a coincidence is that??..so i went and talked to him and he got off at my stop..he seems really nice and polite in person mashAllah.
  8. oh dear God..just wait till zainab Al Kubra gets a sight of this...you may well be in for a slating..
  9. i dnt think iv hardly ever been to a shia masjid, all the ones here are centres or hussaynias...hence my experience of mosques are only sunni mosques...when i go on holiday, apart from the hathra of sayyeda Zaynab in shaam which is a shia masjid. i went to a sufi mosque in tunisia..was soo nice they sing and its so rythmic and makes you feel like you're in a trance and slowly transcending into a different world :huh:
  10. wow, mashAllah u made it sound very good, and now i really wanna go inshAllah...never heard about it before but sounds interesting
  11. omg, i know of the guy you're talking about, Inna lillah wa inna ilaihi rajioon, inshAllah his friends and relatives dont seek revenge and make matters worse.
  12. ^lol a quarter of the iraqis i know fall into the categories you mentioned (only a quarter coz half of the iraqis are male, and of the female half only half do dentistry- the other half are medics) wait...actually on second thoughts, guys can also fall into the mentioned categories (iraqi guys do seem to have an obsession with pink these days :huh: must be all the muharram speakers propoganda)
  13. ^thank you so much! thats just what i was looking for
  14. well thats not fair, that basically means women cant see Imam Mehdi (aaf) this way, unless theyre like 50 or sumthin
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