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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ameen inshallah! Very well said. We just have a lot of deviants within our communities who aspire to 'divide' and conquer one another, and so everyone is sheepish enough to believe there is some enmity between some of our top-ranking scholars, all pure hearsay imo. Difference(s) of opinion doesn't having bearings with respect. These two scholars are both blessed with an abundance of Knowledge, and their opinions in fiqh isn't something to come between their relationship/friendship. May Allah protect them both and grant them a long, healthy and prosperous life Insha'All
  2. Salam Aleykum to you all, Inshallah you're well! Yesterday, (the 9th of August), Ayat. Khamenei had participated in the annual dusting of the Tomb of Imam Reza (s). The presence of Ayat. Makarem Shirazi & Ayat. Wahid Khorasani can be seen here! [I had to share this - after all those years of people saying how Ayat Khamenei and Vahid Khorasani had 'beef']. Alhamdulillah, heres your proof everyone! haha. [Click this to see Ayat Khamenei and Ayat Khorasani greeting one another!].
  3. Salams, just like brother @IbnSina, I won't bother taking time out to listen to this dude's nonsense (as would anyone else to be honest). I assume you're probably going on about the 'thighing' verdict. The thing with this is, its a fatawā that is almost non-pliable in these recent centuries. Imam Ruhōllah Khomeinī's response on this matter was theoretical, it was not viable enough to be a practical source of order. In addition to this, with all due respect brother, you seem confident that this so-called Sheikh is spot-on with what he's uttering, but are you aware of the fact that man
  4. Heck, at Husainiyāt Rasool al-Adham (A centre that honours the Shirazi family - with their portraits on the walls) they held a La'anah Majlis in honour of Ayatollah Khamenei (h).
  5. The irony here is, many brothers would want a 'virgin' as their wives. But they perform (or would) Mutãh left, right and centre (if given the chance). I don't see a problem in it. If a sister has done mu'tah in the past, we shouldn't peer down at her. The 'past is in the past'. Define people by their actions they do in their present day and in their future. You cannot undo the done. Before people start nit-picking at others, they should look at their own actions and their own past. To summarise - It wouldn't bother me. What you have done is ordained as halāl and completely within the
  6. Wow, can the bar be set any lower than this? These words spewing from his mouth are poison..
  7. Asalam Alaykum warahmatullah. Insha'Allah you're all well. I am desperately in need for an arabic speaker/writer who is able to translate a video from Arabic to English. This is the video below (please translate the whole lecture if possible, if not then most importantly the part in which he compares Ayatollah Khamenei to Firawn). Simply just write the english translation, no need for tranlit or original arabic text. God bless you and protect you in advance.
  8. I would say Iran, either in Mashhad or Qōm, but if not Iran, then Syriā by the daughter of Alī and Fatimāh (a).
  9. Shares the same opinion as I, regarding Facebook.
  10. Walaykum Asalam. The propagation of the message of Abā Abdillāh Al-Husayn first began soon after the tragedy of Ashurā took place. When Lady Zaynāb, Imam Zain al-Abideen (a) and the women and children were paraded from Kufā to Shaām. But to hold a gathering, relaying to the tragedies of Karbāla, Lady Zaynāb soon started this in Damascus (Shaam) after being released from the prisons of Yazid al-Laeen. And there after as brother @shiaman14 had stated, she continued to do so on her journey back. But from what I can recall, the first eulogies (latmiyyeh or poetry) were initiated by Um al
  11. Thats absolutely amazing! How did you get blessed with such an opportunity?! I know with Ayatollah Sistani (may Allah be pleased with him and his efforts) you can visit him in his house, located in Najaf. But his eminence, Ayatollah Khamenei never seems to get the time off! Did you visit him in his house?
  12. If that scrub had some form of transferrable najasah on it, then I would think so. However, if there is nothing of the sort, then you should be fine.
  13. Asalam Alaykum. cleaning the inner cervixes of the body are not a part of the ghusl. In reference to Ghusl al-Janabah, the following is the opinion of Ayat. Sayed Ali Khamenei (r): (I apologise if you do not follow his eminence (Sayed Ali Khamenei), but from what I have read, many of the marja3 share the same opinion. But obviously, please do not go by my hearsay). The way of doing sequential ghusl is to make the intention (niyyeh) for ghusl after making the body pure (removing all the najasah/uncleanliness from the body). Thereafter, one washes his head and neck first
  14. Walaykum3salam. I would say 1) Female empowerment is a good one. Tying in the women of our holy household (a). "One who educates a woman, educates an entire generation.." 2) Turning thoughts into actions - Regarding the arrival of the Imam (ajtfs). 3) Uniting under one banner - (Unity - Shia/Shia - Shia/Sunni).
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