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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. To iron alllllll the clothes I washed yesterday to make a effort to learn new language (starting today) and to read more than 2 pages of Quran everyday
  2. Boo yaaaa! Oh wait that’s not a proverb (joke) I like: ‘a freind in need is a freind indeed’ and ‘A person is known by the company he keeps’
  3. Lol I completely agree with that i would tell my younger self ‘education is not everything, gain wisdom - wisdom is the achievement of the soul’
  4. Wasalam, yes you’re right, it was very similar to shiachat. It was nice to see another platform like shiachat. Oh well....
  5. Salam alaikum, what I do is the tasbee istekhara.. http://www.duas.org/istikhara.htm i follow the second one on that link. This is the easiest way. you can also do it from the Quran.
  6. Hmm interesting.. i hope no one was offended by this article. As a woman I don’t agree with everything that is written, however, she does point facts. and yes as ‘intellectual resistance’ said (above) makes a lot of sense too, so as I plan to make a video on something related to this I will add what you have also stated.. Thank you guys for your response !
  7. Salam all, I haven’t been on shiasister.net for few years, it seems to be disappeared. I’ve tried going back on that website but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore. does anyone know what happened? it was a very good platform, it’s a disappointment if it has been deleted.
  8. Salam everyone, I came across this article on al-Islam.org. https://www.al-islam.org/hijab-muslim-womens-dress-islamic-or-cultural-sayyid-muhammad-rizvi/hijab-jokes i thought I must share it with all of you, it’s good - to the point and funny- and are not my words. Some sister wrote it many years ago. let me know what you guys think of this little article, as I plan to make a video on this - so your response will help! Here it is: ’It has been my personal observation that some Muslim girls and women do not rea
  9. That’s right, I would love my little siblings to think like the way you do. But little brother what I would suggest is also work on your ego (which you probably are already lol) ego and akhlaq are the key to everything. and oh.. if I can be of any help.. read the book called ‘the elixir of love’ on al-Islam.org
  10. Salam alaikum brother! Me and my brother used to be the cyber worriers on the net back then, always talking on the Sunni Shi’a wars (cyber wars lol) 2003 it was i remember. My posts are still there and my brothers I was 16, at college we were all excited back then when we came to know about shiachat (2003). God! It’s been soo long! Around then I remember shiachat introduced the ‘chat rooms’. As a typical 16 year old i took the benefit of that and used to Annoy everyone haha .. oh god lol (me laughing) and then guess what happened? Shiachat banned me from using my account. It r
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