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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you for asking this question! What an amazing answer! So helpful!
  2. Salam alaikum all!! I am so sorry for not getting back, my aunts Bypass operation was successful, Alhamdullilah. thank you all for praying
  3. Salam Alaikum, Today is my aunts Bypass operation. Please could you all pray for her successful operation. She’s young only in her early 40’s, and sadly doesn’t have children. shes really scared, please pray for her ... those who live in a holy city please pray by ZIYARAT for my (Khala) aunt. thank you
  4. Asalam dear, THE CURE FOR ANXIETY: Listen to Surah Rehman for 7 days. Once a day. You Must listen to the whole surah. My mother told a relative to do this. They were going through a lot of (high stage) anxiety. after listening to surah rehman they were cured and anxiety was completely gone, Alhamdullilah. It’s been 3 years,and they’ve not had anxiety TRY IT! It’s the cure for everything (another woman I heard - she followed this course and her breast cancer was cured) apread this to everyone
  5. I don’t know much about this, but I do know when you see a dead person in your dream saying anything regards to water in their grave. I think it’s a message to sort / raise the grave or something so water stops going in. My uncle had this dream once about a relative, and they had to raise the grave - or sort it ( I don’t know how they do this)
  6. Thank you for sharing Brother
  7. What I learnt today? I tried learning few sentences of ‘Pushto’ and I now know 5 numbers haha, Pushto numbers: yo - 1, dua - 2, Dre - 3, saroz - 4, pinch - 5 anyone else tried learning anything today?
  8. I see what you’re saying. But I don’t think everyone has the time or dedication to spend hours working out the grammar or learning the root words. I know this would be a great benefit to me, as grammar is part of learning a language. I will probably consider this in the future. This ‘really’ was an idea for those who have a busy life style. Giving 2-3 minutes every few hours everyday (just memorising a sentence or a 2) won’t be difficult. So we can also have that ‘feel good’ moment that we have achieved something. See Allah loves those who at least try. Oh btw it’s not just for a we
  9. Wa alaikum aslam dear, bohat simple hei jese aap fajr ki namaz 2 rakat parte hein, wese hi parni hei. Sirf niyat karlo ‘2 rakat namaze imame zamana parti hoon’.
  10. *Nine Lessons from Surah Hujurat* "When a glass breaks, the sound of breaking disappears immediately, whereas the glass pieces are scattered all over, hurting whoever walks over it". Similarly, "When you say something that hurts someone's emotions and feelings, your words disappear, but in the heart remains pain for long." Therefore, don't say anything except good and always remember the nine advises and prohibitions that Allah has given in Surah Hujurat (The Surah of manners) before you say anything to anyone: 1.-فتبينوا: "Fa Tabayyanu": Investigate: whenever you receive an infor
  11. Ok great! So if you have chosen the language you want to learn, then follow these steps (they would help) - write few sentences on a piece of paper ( in the language you have chosen) - stick them on the walls (eg: sitting room, kitchen) mostly where you spend your time the most. - and keep practicing, keep reading and repeating them all day long - end of the day we’ll test ourselves how well we’ve done today - and then share how much we have learnt on shiachat! We will carry this on for a week. So we’re starting today!
  12. Thankyou for the recommendations brothers. So.....anyone out there who would like to get involved .. starting today?
  13. Lol my husband did few days ago... he was a pretty normal guy. They defend themselves a lot saying we have been portrayed by the media in a very wrong way. (LoL) he was trying to convince my husband Islam is a very bad religion and freemasonry is something we all need today...
  14. Come on guys get involved this will be worth it
  15. Great! Let’s hope for more shiachatters to get involved and we’ll start tomorrow or the next day
  16. Lol I would be straight and say ‘with all due respect, please could you stop saying these things to me or to my child, just pray that we become good human beings brother. I hope you don’t mind this.’ And maybe make that look as if you’ve really had enough. And always smile when you go to the store lol x
  17. Ofcourse, no one can deny that,we should all learn Arabic, but there are also many other languages that we can learn and can benefit others. We could also learn Farsi, pushto, Swedish etc.. you should learn languages as many as you can, so that you can help the Islamic cause and spread the message in another language.
  18. Salam ya’all I have been planning to learn ‘a’ language for almost 2 years (hehe) but never had the motivation sooo I thought it would be a good idea to create a one week language challenge.. if you guys are interested? End of every week we can share our experiences.. and comment every few days on how well we’re doing - which would motivate us to learn more i plan to write sentences (in the language I am yet to decide) on a paper and stick them on the fridge walls etc.This will help me practice words and sentences You can choose any language you want to learn. or
  19. Lol. Interesting topic. It would be difficult to do justice between the 2 wives. However, if one wife (I think ) is forgiving, then he will have it easy on the day of judgement. Although.. if both wives are mean and unforgiving then god knows better. Only ‘Allah’ will judge us on that very day, I mean that poor guy can breathe ‘hoping’ of Allah’s ‘forgiveness’. Imagine if Allah gave the wives the authority to judge? (Oh god) See, Allah is not only ‘just’ but kind, loving, and forgiving. The judgement of Allah for that person won’t just be on ‘justice’. If the husband
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