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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam alikum, I was learning about ebola, bubonic plague etc.. the other day in health care, and my teacher went over how u would handle the body of a deceased person who had ebola. So i was wondering if a muslim had ebola how would they ghusl him/her without getting sick themselves?
  2. I think its surprising that a man would reject a girl for simply not wearing hijab, there are girls who wear hijab who commit unmentionable acts whereas there are girls who do not wear the hijab who are good and pious. Hijab doesn't make you a good person, and hijab comes with a package, you have to fix your character and everything to wear hijab, hijab is not simply a cloth drawn over your head, I believe it has much more meaning and depth to it.
  3. Salaam Alikum, I have had some experiences in my life which make me question if they were jinns or not. One time when I was twelve years old I saw some black orb pass by near me at an extremely fast speed I was confused as I could not figure out what it was. The second time was more recent just a few months ago, I was taking a selfie of myself and right as I took the picture I saw something white float up into the air, I actually captured it on picture this time. And lastly, one time i was putting my clothes in the dryer and I pressed start and walked away and as I was walking away I heard the machine stop, I didn't think much of it but when i came back a few minutes later I was horrified, the dryer door was open and my clothes were half out as if somebody was trying to take my clothes out, but the thing that creeped me out the most was nobody was downstairs at that time except for myself, this occurrence happened twice. Still scares me when I think of it.
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