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  1. So you think it’s okay to have mutaa with a non Muslim as long as she is satisfying his needs? Moreover, it’s not his responsibility whether or not she is going to wait for her menstrual cycle? She being a NON-MUSLIM, what made you believe that she would she care about waiting until her cycle is over? What if she sleeps with another couple of men and found out that she is pregnant, how will he know whose child it is then? Unfortunately our men are abusing it.
  2. Are you serious? I know someone who is engaged in mutaa very often with non Muslims. When I told him that it’s haram to use it as one night stand, he got furious lol. Just imagine the Christian girl he is using for one night stand, do you honestly think she is going to wait for 4 months idddah? As soon as the man would leave her, she will go sleep with another man. Men believe and hear what they want to hear, if you talk against mutaa, they will make thousand excuses and bring zillion references to prove how it is legal and permissible. May Allah guide us all.
  3. Exactly! We seriously need to brush up on that.. if a woman is not allowed to talk to a non-Mehram then she won’t be able go out and work at all. If she wastes her energy on thinking what the opposite gender is thinking, how can she be functional and productive? If men have such problems they should limit their interaction with women.
  4. Now here we go again.. who says I am causing problem in someone’s happily married life? You didn’t get my point .. what I am trying to say is why do women have to make an effort to make it easier for men? If their mind is full of filth, what can we do? Look, let me put it this way, even if a man has a perfect wife and a beautiful complete family, if he wants to go astray he would, nobody can stop him. It’s all in his mind and unfortunately there are handful of people who are loyal to their wives. If a man can get a chance he would flirt with any woman possible regardless of age. Sometimes it amazes me how men think. I try my best not to joke around or talk freely with opposite gender but if I ever have a gut feeling about the other persons intentions I keep my distance.
  5. Well.. what you can do if you know the name of the person? If you be a good listener, would that count as backbiting? I usually listen don’t say anything.. what if the person is someone you really care about and you can’t see that person stressing over it? I am confused as in what to do..
  6. Well.. I can’t speak for other women but I know my limits. Why is it always a woman who is making an effort to make society a better place? Why can’t a man do it for a change? Men have this disorder or you can say they live in this assumption that other women are better than their wives anyway, they are so ungrateful. So if they are thinking that way, it’s their problem not ours. I don’t think there is anything wrong talking to a na-mahram as long as you r not alone with him and you know your limits. Rest is on Allah to judge.
  7. Thank you for replying but I didn’t understand your comment on hijab.. is there anything wrong talking to your brother in law about your work or to cook for him? I would treat my in-laws as guests and accompany them in the absence of my husband. I can’t be rude to them.
  8. Asalam-o-Alaikum everyone I know backbiting is haram but some people when they are actually backbiting say that they are venting so they can feel better. Is it allowed? How far can you vent which doesn’t make it sound like backbiting? They are many oppressed people out there who are holding so much back but they cannot say it in front of the person (out of respect etc) but then they talk behind their back which makes them feel good. Most of the times I really don’t have to do anything with the issue but I only help them out being a good listener. Is it okay to do so?
  9. Eid Mubarak everyone. Wishing you all a very happy and blessed Eid!!!
  10. Breaking fast right after maghrib is recommended and I am all for it but to delay it 45 mins to an hour is a way too much.
  11. Omg! Sarcasm at its peak.. brother I only asked a simple question.. didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling. i posted this question only because I got confused by rulings of different Marjas where one say u can and another one says you can’t. I wanted to be sure what exactly I was supposed to do.
  12. It is highly recommended to pray maghrib asap and then break your fast right away. I go to this imambargah where they pray maghrib first then have half an hour lecture then do Isha then after 45 minutes they break their fast. Where on earth does it say that you have to wait that long??
  13. Hiding??? What?? why would I? How did you come to that conclusion? Stop being too presumptuous. Now here u are slandering me of being ashamed of my faith and belief. What is there to hide in Shiasm? I am a proud Shia. Go get a life and don’t respond to my thread please.
  14. That’s what I wanted to know. If we can then why can’t we?? What’s wrong in that? Fadlullah say we can clearly and we don’t need to wait for the redness in the sky to go away .. disappearance of the sun from the horizon is the only criteria. Whereas Sistani say as an obligatory precaution we have to wait. So now you can see clearly, none of them denying the fact but just asking you to wait because it is recommended, it won’t invalidate your fast. I don’t know why people make it a big deal! If it’s maghrib time we can break fast, nothing is wrong in it. We all are confused and make things complicated. I wonder which sect our Prophet (PBUH) followed, whether it was Sunni, Shia, wahabi, barelvi etc etc .
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