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  1. Hi, I just join this group out of curiosity and to ensure that I don’t have false misconception about Shia. I’m Sunni. I just visited Iran recently too, such a beautiful country and amazing people. I wear hijab myself and going back to the question I Guess every country have their own rules the question is wether we violated anybody’s human rights. I come from a majority non Muslim country and obviously the same rules in Iran cannot be applied here as the same rule in here cannot be applied in Iran. There are also certain rules and practices that both our countries may share. I think some groups sometimes want every courtry to use them as a benchmark as to what is acceptable and what is not. Even in my country in Asia which is not an Islamic country have been accused as human rights violator by some groups for having death penalty for drug dealers. Every country have problems and issues. In the US for example, women can wear almost anything but that too some are fighting for women to be given the right to be topless in public area like men. So no matter where we are we have rules and regulations to follow. My point is we will be criticise no matter what we do as Long as we have certain things that differ from others. We have to learn to respect and show tolerance to each others’ culture. Thank you.
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