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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I am not sure, but I think he didnt give allegiance to Imam Ali a.s
  2. I think you are better off asking some sheikh or pesh imem for interpretation
  3. I dont know if they are targeted but I think most population doesnt have alot of problems with shiasm - this is only 3rd hand info though
  4. It thought its not allowed in shiaism for a women to marry a sunni guy ? or is extremely frowned upon?
  5. If you trust in Allah, then give these 10 years as a sadqa for the happiness you will get in the rest of you life. These 10 years are nothing compared to the (inshallah) 70 - 80 years you still have left. Why be with someone, or with a family, who will cause you pain. Will you accept suffering for the rest of your life for these 10 years ? I think Allah is saving you ( as Allah has knowledge of the hidden).
  6. Sister why are you wasting more of you time ? that guy proved to you that he is not worthy of you, and is acting like a loser. You are much better off without him and in a relationship which has been blessed by Allah. As they say "Leave these things to Allah", leave your trust in him, and Allah is the best to question and hold that person accountable. We are all praying for you.
  7. I know if I go to hajj, I wont be able get that "my money is being used to fund killings of Muslims, shias, people around the world" , out of my mind
  8. I guess, to add clarity, the right word would be recital rather than singing
  9. yeah, I wouldnt care too much about it...I would think thats just following the basics
  10. I will give you the same advice, I would've given to my own sister or friend - cut all contact with him as fast as you can. You sound like a reasonable and smart girl, so just move ahead with you life. (As I dont know your father, this whole situation and his temperament) If you think that your father and his father would not get into argument, then you can ask your father to call his father and to end it amicably, otherwise if you think they will get into an argument, then I think its better to leave it as it will only end up giving you father and family more pain. Sister when you mention "I just think that they feel like they have no one to question him and his family on what they did to me" - I would say it shouldn't matter to you at all what their family thinks, trust that Allah will 100% question them (in this world - in hereafter) . You should think about yourself and what our Imam teachings are and how to keep your parents at peace. Allah is watching and he will provide justice, thus leave it to Him and let Him decide the best course. Remember you want to have a stress-free and problem-free life, which means letting this matter go(I know this is easy to say than to be able to do it). It is going to be difficult and it is going to be hard (as you said pain is unreal), but this is exactly where Allah and purity of your belief in Allah will shines through. There are many supplications at http://www.duas.org/worries.htm to help and guide you through this worrisome time. Imagine the reward Allah will give you for remembering Allah, even when the times got hard ? Wa-asalam
  11. I am conflicted : How can I justify go to Hajj, where I know that money is going to Saud Family and Wahabisim, when I dont support either and am actually completely against it ?
  12. Like always..the goal is to offer my prayer at time and not to delay it
  13. Sister only Allah has absolute knowledge of the predestined, and marriage is predestined by him. We can see this in the case of marriage of Hazrat Ali (a.s) and Bibi Fatima (A.S) : To me, disagreement between families (even small) before marriage already shows to you that maybe Allah is protecting you from a life full of pain. As already mentioned above I dont want to comment on (he said/she said) and I would encourage you not to indulge in this practice aswell - because even if you are sure that the other person is wrong, our religion forbids the practice, as this is gheebah : As I mentioned in my previous post judgement, punishment and justice is with Allah alone. Thus closure can ONLY be achieved if Allah sees that this has made you closer to HIM, his prophet and the holy progeny. If you keep a fast, if you offer your namaz, if you read quran, etc that is actual closure. In my opinion nothing will be gained by talking to his family. Why do you think you need their "approval". You should absolutely 100% cut complete ties with him, it is his loss that not yours. You are in your 20s, you are still quite young and should not sweat about it too much ( as you mentioned you have had proposals for you) You want to continue in your life with peace of mind, and holding your head up high in front of Allah alone, and not his family. As you can see by example I wrote above of hazrat ali a.s and hazrat fathima a.s, marriage and matches are made in heaven. Everthing Ahahl-ul-bayt a.s did was so that we can learn. So the only true closure you can get in this case is by praying to Allah, so you can get the match HE has destined for you.
  14. I think you know, you just know - when you start seeing things clearly and your brain + heart is at peace , you know you are doing something right
  15. To add to what has already been said, sister I would highly recommend that if you dont offer prayer (5 times a day), start offering prayer. The immense pleasure and peace prayer offers, nothing will. True justice, punishment and judgement is with Allah alone : And Allah said:
  16. to me, reading nad-e-ali always helps
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