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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The fact that Ronaldo was trying for such a long time makes it even better. Because we all saw it. We all saw how hardwork, dedication, and not caring about your haters and focusing on the thing can finally grant you success! He doesn’t care, now he’s enjoying Thank God!
  2. That makes it even better! Plus, Ronaldo’s goal is one of the best of all time too. Zlatan’s was good too, but he’s an overrated player (even though i love him). Playing and destroying small teams and challenging Ronaldo. Ronaldo already knocked his Sweden out from FIFA WC 2014 and is gonna troll him again. Man, i hope Liverpool win though. Would be amazing. I hope Ronaldo trolls Ibra hard. I really do. I want him to shut the loudmouth who talks about one of the hardest-working players (Ronaldo himself) like that.. and doesn’t know how better Ronaldo is than him. Huh. Loudmouths. Even though i love Ibra..
  3. Salam! So, who’s ready for the 2 other ties of the CL tomorrow? Liverpool VS Man City, who’s ready for this game?! And Barça VS Roma? Plus, anybody saw the games today? Ronaldo scored a bicycle kick and Réal thrashed Juve 0-3! Bayern also won away from home. Plus, does anybody speak Español (Spanish) here? ;)
  4. No. I don’t mean you guys. We love and respect you guys! Everybody are siblings! I’m just talking about sensible/trustworthy people and the opposite on a whole. Please don’t take it that way.
  5. Salam. Yes, i never said you need to ask her to literally say that i won't disclose it in public like an idiot. Of course not. Lol. You probably mistook my advice. But yes, you get the point, which is my point exactly. Great, Masha'Allah. Now, me and you have the same points, the only difference is you kinda misinterpreted one of my statements.
  6. Salam. Do you watch Football? Are you ready United vs Sevilla next week and Barça v Chelsea?
  7. Salam. You’re not getting it. The thing is, nowadays, Non-Shias are really trustworthy. Now what they do is, they won’t say things to your face, they’ll remain silent, but then what they say when you’re not around is different. I’m kinda havin’ a hard time explaining this. I hope you just understand. Ps. I’m not discriminating, i love my human brothers, but we need to be careful since this is Islam on the line. For e.g., you tell her something about our beliefs not in the best of ways and she misinterprets it and then goes on telling it all and consequently making Shia Muslims get a bad and wrong image. See. Have a great day! In Shaa’Allah! Allah Hafiz and Fee-Amaan-Allah.
  8. Salam! Tell her that you will only enter into a good, full-on committed discussion with her if she's serious about this. That you're willing to spend time with her and tell her about the beliefs of Islam and the reasons behind them if she promises to listen carefully and not disclose it like an idiot in public. If she agrees (which i believe she does, in this case), then tell her about our beliefs and explain them in the best, most righteous way. Tell her about this website: al-islam.org to go to for any sort of reading and info regarding Shi'a beliefs and show her the YouTube video 'Jesus in Islam' on Ahlulbayt: Documentaries on YouTube. If you want more of my advice, just feel free to reply. I hope this all helps! Allah Hafiz, Fee-Amaan-Allah, and best of luck!
  9. Nice! I like Barca and their style of play. All my Football fan cousins are Cules. Wanna be friends? Snapchat?
  10. Haha. Alright. Gimme your snap. i'm: aj.phantom
  11. Why do you support PSG? You ready to face the other, faker Madrid (Real Madrid)?
  12. Salam! Como estas? Hey guys! I just wanted to begin a thread about Soccer. I wanted to form a group of intellectual Shia followers of Football (Soccer) and discuss transfer news, events, and everything else with them. I'm a teenage passionate Soccer fan. Are there any regular Soccer lovers out there who want to have a group of us in which we unite and discuss and also share knowledge regarding Islam. There will be Banter, Trolling, and discussion about Football (Soccer) of all times and analysis of matches. Please reply here so we can think and discuss more about this. Ps. I'm an Atletico Madrid fan! Soy un Rojiblanco. ;)
  13. Haha nah not really. The area i live in has plenty of Hispanics, so... but people here are have rlly gotten more into 'Soccerrr' now.. Plus, Pakistan and India are experiencing a growth in Soccer interests too... Great. You wanna be friends? Man, your team.. Are you ready for the Ro16 vs Real? Ha.. Dude, your team is Arab money-funded.. You won't have Mbappe for the Ro16 too..
  14. Salam! Everyone who's interested in forming friendships with fellow dedicated Shia Soccer followers, please reply here. We must begin a discussion and create a group or something for all of us to discuss Football (Soccer)! Btw, i'm a Rojiblanco (Atleti fan). You?
  15. Amazing! Finally a Football (Soccer) thread! Let's make a thread of Soccer fans. Let's create a group of full-time Soccer fans. I'm an Atletico Madrid fan here, but i like Liverpool as a team too. Nice. I like all teams generally, but yeah i love and follow just one. Please reply, guys, and let's create a group for us fans together!
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