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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have no affiliation with the Mehdi Army or Sayyid Sadr but I do admire him, and agree with him, and you act more like a nationalist than someone actually concerned with the teachings of this religion and the justice we as the Shia of Ali must uphold
  2. Badr organization assistated the invaders Mehdi Army fought the invaders but all you can say is Zionist to wipe away the truth.
  3. Are you familiar with Solagh who over saw operations in Abu Ghraib? Iraq's take over was a coordinated effort.
  4. Undoubtedly Turkey is the Sunni equivalent of Iran with their Neo-Ottomanism which should also be rejected and is no surprise the two are beginning to become closer and closer?
  5. Perhaps have her read age-level books on science there is a lot of fun/interesting things you could likely find on this subject especially for her age.
  6. Well Iran has no problem sending their citizens to live in Iraq and Syria, with that aside there is a large influx of Afghans and Pakistanis living in Iran as of recent years.
  7. So spending his money to build an army to defend the Iraqi people from foreign occupation is on himself? Sending aid to Fallujah while America and Iraq's "government" were besieging thousands of people is on himself, and standing up for Iraq whilst its neighbors Turkey and Iran are draining its water, using its resources and sending its young people to die for the tyrant Bashar is on himself? I don't need to be Iraqi brother to be logical and understand basic things, Iran is clearly taking advantage of Iraq and the Arab world, they want to dominate the Arab states, Hezbillah's founder even acknowledged this when they were fighting Israel back in the 80s how Iran began to infiltrate their movement from being the Islamic Resistance to being Iran's mercenaries. Iraq is no different today, Iran's people were the same ones who administrated Abu Ghraib with the CIA they are dividing Iraqis and Arabs.
  8. So you don’t like him because he has money...
  9. The act of sodomy is a digusting and disgraceful one. There is a reason why people will say to the one who has been sodomized "you have lost your manhood." This is what homosexuality is all about it is wrong and Allah has prohibited it.
  10. He may not be a student of Ibn Nusayr, but he is still an Alawite and Alawites keep their religion a secret so only certain people know the truth, otherwsie everyone is to keep left out and ignorant. One such person who was in the "know" was Bashar's grandfather who begged the French to protect him from Muslims and Arabs as he wrote "they are savages." So if you want to point fingers at Sayyid Sadr lets look where the "heroic resistance" was, they were in Fallujah with American soldiers firing depleated uranium at Iraqi kids. While Sayyid Sadr was fighting the occupation in Basra and Baghdad where Badr and the Dawa Party had no problem fighting with the British and Americans against Sayyid Sadr. Now they do the same in Syria with Russian troops to Syrians under the banner of Bashar.
  11. His army is no longer existant his manpower comes from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon. As for the Alawites in his "army" they are the elite, the officers and descision makers. He is not worthy of anyone's support except those that wish to ride him and use him for personal gain like Russia.
  12. The truth here is that not too long ago Nouri Maliki was say Karbala should be the new Mekkah with little to no outrage, I think it is great that a Mosque is being respected for what it is a place of worship this isn't a matter of fanaticism or not and you need to look past political agendas and Erdogan's short comings to see the benefit that can come from this.
  13. the translation in this video is pretty accurate
  14. We should look at who he is a student of in terms of his religion, he is a follower of Ibn Nusayr a propagator of Ghulat ideals and his rule has led Syrians to killing one another whilst saying he will liberate Julan and Al-Quds whilst using his missiles, military might, and chemical weapons on Aleppo. He has sold his country and the wounds of this war will never heal.
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