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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. hmmm... so u have left too.. didnt needed to Unregister.. anyways..

  2. nikalna khuld se adam ka sunte aye the lekin bhaut be aabroo hokar tere kooche se hum nikle
  3. khayal ata hai reh reh ke laut jaane ka woh aur loog the jo kashtian jalate the *** juda hojayega woh jaanta hoon use rokoon bahana bhi nahi hai
  4. dude radio can go to hell along with the tv and the net..i dont give a...i can press and spin my own vinyls. is that serious enuff for ya ...lol
  5. i think its a zen adage " be here now" so yes to be there in the moment you have to have your eyes open, i am not a muslim but my method of salat is that of muslims ..i mean why reinvent the weel..this way of worhipping was programmed in me as a child so i make do with it...its much better to have your eyes open all the time even while doing sajida..i personally avoid the paryer mat which has anything but geometrical designs on it ( no pic of qaba etc)..it is quite trippy for me praying even tho i am focusing on the point of sajida..not even focusing there but focusing on infinite..and i see a
  6. Rawshni rofl...so now you are saying you did this cuz your werent sure if she was telling u the truth...and her agreeing with the idea of getting peoples reaction means that she wasnt sure about the "reality" that she was experiencing... lol well i have already read between the lines here....u are one smart cookie i must say. well i am being brutally honest too, this is what i am....but i alone bear the grunt of my arrogance...i have not gotten any help from anyone and neither will i accept it..all i want is the help from maula Ali..all i want is death...i just want to forget everything....i
  7. lol but ofcourse why would the store owner be in any rush ...the early bird discount is for the ones being served..he comes last to tally the books and close shop.
  8. awwwwww i get to see the cute side of you..i am lovin it..lol ok tell me this , if your friend is so content with her relationship why in the world did u advertise it on an open forum ? what was it that you were trying to achieve...u know how human minds work..they read..they process and they label..and pass judgements...are u in such a high position that you are testing people here to see if they pass judgements or not?...a saying by maula Ali comes to mind..he said if you want to hate someone - test them...( agar kisi se nafrat karni ho to usse aazma lo) talk is cheap sweet heart..show me
  9. how about you guys pool in resources and buy dastanib in bulk...it can be had for way way cheaper if bought directly...just run a search on one of the business portals...i just ran a search on google and this site came up http://www.huskerchem.com/contact/index.html yes the child deserves every help.....but there must be a lot of children like him...what makes this kid soo special..a momin..just cuz he has this name? or cuz his parents are organised enuff to have a website up ...i forgot its all in a name for muslims and shias...quite sad
  10. I dont think drwindow is ignorant at all and he has every right to be here, you are the ones who give him this right by trying to debate with the so called atheist or anyone who doesnt agree with your beliefs or mythology...you are the arrogant ones here..wanting so desperatly to change the world view of others by things that you yourself have no idea of..you hear things ..read them in books and go ahead and start debating and claiming it to be truth..most of the people here the so called shias have not experienced or confirmed any of the things they tend to preach or belive in ...you people j
  11. I came , I saw....dammit..there is nothing left to conquer badmata
  12. woah i love women they are never too sure of what they want and for how long they want it...i feel bad for ghalib now he is wasting his love away on this stupid woman who aint even sure for how long she wants him...being the nice guy i am i wanna save ghalib from the future heartache and rid him of this woman...so i must wait now for her to wait upon me. and BTW you can do without the salaam, neither am i your equal in humanity or your brother in faith :D
  13. a heart laden with sighs emptiness of being without you come let me breathe and let love escape this gloom this waiting this falling this silent calling let bloom my dreams fading to black your nightmares resonating a tune slice your blade thru my heart watch the glory of death paint the story in red in my blood let the colors commune whisper to those who desire to know of love of loss of hope "you dont die alone" I stand here with you
  14. Spriglief, this is an excellent piece, i couldnt help but comment.......you must have first hand account of her life for you to be writing her confession :P or are you also repeating her mistake..lol...the link to the "documentory" is also excellent...makes me want to watch it a few times...i hate what the process of movie making has become nowadays...some one collects necessary data from various sources...some one pieces them together in a script..well therse days even the scripts are joint effort...then all of it is left to at the mercy of director, the cameraman and blah blah blah..then com
  15. rago. mein dourne phirne ke hum nahin qayal jo aankeh he se na tapke to phir laho kya hai
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